A review of the first full length Bollywood animation Hindi movie of India "Hanuman" (2005)

In this article I have reviewed a first full length animation movie 'Hanuman' produced and released in India in the year 2005. In this article I have provided various aspects of this animation movie, how this animation movie was created in India, the story baseline used for this movie, the reasons in detail which worked for the success of this animation movie in India, the morals provided by this movie to the viewers and the impact of this movie on cine industry.


Hanuman is one of the full length 100% animation movie produced and released in India by Sahara India, Percept pictures and Silvertoons together. Even though people, especially children are well versed with comic serials on TV screen as well as so many internationally released cartoon animated films by that time it is a great adventure for these companies to produce a movie based on a mythological hero of great Indian epic Ramayana. Hanuma is a well known mythological amazing and interesting character of this great epic was used in bringing out an altogether a very different and a special variety of animation movie which people received with great applause. This success provided a great impetus as well as paved a way for the production of animation movies in India. This will help the Producers to bring out the great personalities and hero's from the vivid as well as varied Indian culture into movies of animation form. This animation movie Hanuman was released on 21 st October, 2005 in Hindi through out India and after seeing its success it was latter dubbed into various other languages of India.

Story baseline of the animation movie Hanauman

The story base line for this movie was well knit around the well known mythological character Hanuma involving the great epic Ramayana in an expansive way. The movie starts with giving reason why Rama and Hanuman, the mythological hero's of the epic Ramyana were created on the earth. In this animation movie the character Hanuma himself narrates his story in a very interesting and absorbing way. Rama was the incarnation of God Vishnu and Hanuma was the 11 th incarnation of God Shiva were born on this earth to save earth from unruly activities of demons. Hanuman the hero of this movie was born to Anjani, an apsara of Devaloka and Kesari with the blessing of Vayu-Dev. Hanuman was blessed with supreme powers of intelligence and unattainable strength by Vayu-Dev. The movie starts with lovely cute Hanuman as a baby with his naughty and funny acts. At one time the cute hungry Hanuma tried to eat Sun thinking that it is a mango. Hanuma used to tease Muni's who used to pray God with devotion. At the childhood time of Hanuma, Devatas of Devalok blessed him with that there is no death for him on earth and nothing or no body else can bring any harm to him. Later Bala Hanuma met Bala Rama and both of them lived together for sometime. After this Hanuma went into forest to pray Rama and then with the advice of Shiva he met Sugreeva. Hanuma tried to settle the war between the brothers Sugreeva and Vali. At the same time Hanuma met Rama and Laxamana in the forest. Both of them at that time are searching for Sita, the wife of Rama as she was wrongfully abducted by Ravana, a powerful king of Lanka and a strong devotee of Shiva. They urged Hanuma to help in the search of Sita which Hanuma gracefully obeyed. Rama helped Sugreeva in winning the battle over Vali. With the help of Hanuma and Sugreeva, Rama is able to trace Ravana. Later Rama with help of Vanara sena has able win over the battle with the mighty king Ravana and freed his wife from his abduction. After the win in the battle Rama along with Sita, Laxamana and Hanuma reached Ayodhya. Rama was made the King of Ayodhya and he ruled the country in such a way that any people of any country never dreamed about such a king on earth. The movie ends when Hanuma shows his faith in Rama by tearing his chest to show the image of Rama in his heart.

Details of the production of the animation movie Hanuman

Producer: Manmohan Challa

Direction: V.G. Samanth, Milind, Ukey

Writer: Ukey

Music: Tapas Relia

Voice over: Mukesh Khanna

Cast: Sushmita Mukharjee, Mukesh Khanna

Editing: Hufeza Lokhandwala

Language: Hindi

Distribution: Hyderabad Innovatives

Release date: 21 st October 2005

What are the reasons for the great success of this animation movie 'Hanuman' in India?

There are so many reasons we can say for the great success of this full length animated feature film in India. Some of the points were discussed below.

1. Selection of the baseline story for this movie

Any movies success depends upon the story of the movie and especially it become so much important when an animation movie is created for the first time in India. The animation movie makers have intelligently selected the baseline story from the most popular epic among the people the 'Ramayana' and an amazing character with multidimensional outlook of Hanuman as the hero in their movie. The entire team who worked for this movie were able to succeed in their effort to project the well established Hanuman character to the imaginations of the mass people and common man of India. A great epic like Ramayana with listless beautiful characters which are sole representatives of the society of any of our generations provided a great chance for the makers of this movie to do their creative work to reach high scales in animation movie World.

2. Superb animation

As it is an animation movie, the animation and graphic visuals are the key for the success of this movie. It was a known fact from the news that the background animation work for this movie literally it took more than 2 years. More than 20,000 frames were drawn for the picturization of this movie. The hard work of the creators of this movie they put can be seen in every frame will leave the viewers to feel the liveliness and richness of animation. The beauty of animation can be felt and seen in scenes like cute baby Hanuman playing with nature, the song in which Hanuman was showing some funny acts, war between Sugreeva and Vali, Lankadahan of Hanuman, war between Rama and Ravan etc. The memories of these scenes cannot be erased from the minds of viewers of this movie even after so many years. The bright colors used in the animation work and the picturesque animation of the nature make the viewers of this movie really feel that they are amidst of the nature. The animation and visual effects of this movie are of very high quality one may not get bored to see the movie any number of times.

3. Excellent narration

The main asset of this movie is the gripping narration work of this movie. The story in this movie was narrated in a fascinating way keeping the main character of this movie Hanuman taking leading role. Four hundred different characters were used in this movie at appropriate situations without making loose ends to the narration of the story. One more interesting point about this movie is Hanuman himself narrates his story through out the movie. The narration of this movie so outstanding any number times we view this movie we never get bored.

4. Excellent voice over, melodious songs and great back ground music

One of the reason for the great success of this animation movie is the excellent voice over provided by Mukesh Khanna for the tittle role Hanuman of the movie which aptly suited to it and this brilliance continued till the end of the movie. The back ground music provided by Tapas Relia for the entire movie will haunt the minds of the viewers of this movie for a long time. The songs provided in this movie were simply superb, once we see and hear the songs automatically they come out of our mouth unknowingly. One of the song every one they like after seeing this movie is 'Akadam Bakadam' for its wonderful picturization, brilliant animation of cute baby Hanuman, rhythmic lyric and music of the song.

5. Excellent team work

Any movie whether it is animation or any other movie its success depends on not one department or the other department but depends upon the skills of the entire crew which works for the production of the movie and it is true even in the case of this animation movie. The entire crew who worked for this movie gelled into a single unit and brought out this movie without any flaws and raised the rating of this movie to the international standards.

What moral provides this movie to the viewers?

The lead role of this movie Hanuman was an immense form of Shakti or energy got through the blessings of Shiva. Hanuman was blessed with great power and energy that no body else got such a power on earth. But Hanuma never misused this energy except for the good of others is a great moral for the children as well as for the elders. Like the immense power Hanuma possess every individual will have such power or energy stored with in them. Like Hanuma how he brought out and utilized this energy for the good of others children also have to try to bring out such divine energy stored in them for the betterment of themselves as well as the society is another moral what we get through this movie.

What is the impact of this movie on viewers and cine industry in India?

Definitely this movie will have a lot of impact on Indian movie viewers as well as cine industry. Hanuman movie left a lot of impact on children as well as elders. Children were amused to see many many mythological hero's of Indian culture through animation movies. Elders will appreciate to see such high standard animation films that they never dream off. The success of this movie definitely give a royal way for many more movies of this nature to come before the viewers in future.


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this review has helped me alot in improving my general knowledge.I was very keen to know about this movie.

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Your review on Hanuman is quite very impressive as you have given almost all the details regarding the movie and each and every details are very appealing to me, that do mean i9t will be appealing to others who will go through your this review.

I have watched the movie and it is truly amazing and by creating this wonderful movie our Indian production have shown that India is also not behind on making marvelous animation movie. three cheers to Indian animation movie makers.

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