Some Selection Strategy Tips for CAT Allied B-Schools

If you wish to study in CAT allied schools on CAT based score, this is the right time to apply for admission lest the date to apply slips by and you miss the bus. If it happens so, you shall miss the golden chance even after obtaining better percentile in CAT. What type of is required for selecting a better B-School and seeking admission into it forms the subject matter of this present dissertation.

There is only one aim of students behind giving the examination of CAT- being admitted into any Indian Institute Management (IIM) School. But only a very few talents turn their dreams of being admitted into IIM Schools into reality. The rest of the students have the option of being admitted into the CAT Allied 150 B-Schools where the admission is granted upon the basis of the CAT Score. You can obtain the management degree on being admitted into CAT related B-School. This is possible only when you submit the application for admission into a B-School. If you miss the opportunity of submitting the application for admission into a reputed B-school, you shall be deprived of getting admission into a top notch B-School.

To single out a better institute for admission from amongst the motley crowd of these B-Schools, apart from seeking opinions of experts, there also is the need of personally going to the campus of the institutes to find the reality out regarding the school where the admission efforts are being attempted to.

The strategy of self measurement and taking decision

After appearing at the CAT, the students should evaluate themselves as to where do they stand. For this, they can peruse the websites of the entire IIM Institutes and understand the paraphernalia of their admission procedures. The admission processes of each IIM Institutes are different. Upon this information, decipher out the likely percentile of the given examination and then evaluate it to arrive at the conclusion whether the percentile is sufficient that would get you admitted into any of the institutes? If the answer is negative, then whether you want to obtain the management degree from any other management School? If yes, then apply for admission into any other B-School of some repute. If you wait for the Result of the CAT Examination and do not apply for admission into any other B-School, you shall remain divested of getting the admission into any top B-School no matter how higher up your score in the CAT is.

Selecting the B-School?

For the selection of CAT-Allied B-Schools, you will have to apply after conducting investigations only then will the admission be possible. Before taking admission into a B-School, the affiliation of the institute, its recognition, its management and, its rules and regulations will have to be found in advance which include meeting with the students already studying in the hostel campus. In stead of being taken in by advertisements, go personally investigate the matter and have first hand information because this is a question of your own career and your own life. Evaluate its quality of campus placement, take expert's advice!

Information regarding the recognition of the B-School

Know in advance before taking the admission in an institute whether it is recognised by the AICT or any university? If yes, then what is the nature of the affiliation and how far is it true to the tenets upon which the recognition to it has been granted? Ascertain for certain whether the institute is awarding degrees full time or distance learning degree. If you shall be forewarned with these vital clues, you shall be forearmed and would be saving yourself from duped later on.

Faculty of B-School is the spine

The faculty is the backbone of a B-School. If the faculty is good the future is golden. Therefore giving priority to the faculty, keep it in the first choice in the list of seniority. Also find out regarding the background of the teachers i.e. which institutes they have passed out from? Know this is vital from the career point of view. The institute and the standard of the visiting faculty play a very significant role. If the visiting faculty is from institutes like IIM, you are certain to get a new direction in that field. And who can access to all these vital clues except the students already enrolled in the institutions? Consult the seniors.

See the rank and know the placement of the B-School

Several companies gives priority for placements to the B-Schools upon the basis of its ranking, therefore, make it a point to glean over the past three years' of its rankings for which you can take helps from the career councillors and the business magazines. Besides, pay attention to the B-Schools of small cities where excessive efforts are made to invite 20-25 companies for placement purposes. Hence, it is vital to find out as to how many companies had visited the campus for placement, what was the score of the campus placements along with the packages etc. Be warned of the job companies who seek advance security deposit, lest the give you the job after receiving the security money and soon after kick you out of job on flimsy grounds.

Each points important for career sake

Before taking admission into the B-School, ask for the list of the candidates gotten jobs after the placement offers. If the institute is reluctant in showing, don't take admission. Pay attention to the below listed points:-
  • Refrain from feeling home sickness for a better institute,
  • Know the faculty attached with the School,
  • Be far away of from the giver of admission after a telephonic interview,
  • Know about the School management,
  • Give preference to your institute of choice,
  • Don't forget evaluating the School's previous examination results.

For admission into the CAT Related B-Schools, know first the course structure, industrial interface, alumni support, campus placement, ratio of PPO (pre placement offer), summer training, whether the internship is paid or unpaid. These points will help you out in your selection process for a B-School.


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