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Research: A Never Ending Process!

Search for the knowledge is a never ending process. There is always a scope for betterment in technology. This article explains about how the great scientists started the revolution in technology and also emphasize on the term “Research”.

Research can be defined as the search for knowledge. "It is a diligent and systematic investigation into a subject in order to discover the fact" meaning of which a dictionary gives. It relates itself with all possible things on earth. Advancement and development in the technology is a never ending process. Every research ends with a scope for future development. Nobody can surely tell that this is the end and we should stop. Studying the characteristics and experimenting on newly invented device makes you to end up with many drawbacks and every drawback shows a way for new research.

Thomas Alva Edison was a great scientist who invented the first practically used electric light bulb. But are we using the same bulbs in the present day? Over the years, now these bulbs are replaced by the CFL bulbs. Researches are still going on for the invention of low energy consuming devices. Ex: Latest researches have invented 5W capacity bulb emitting light equal to 40W light bulb.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone. "Mr. Watson—Come here—I want to see you" were the words uttered by Bell when he succeeded in his experiment. This wired device was the beginning for a new generation to communicate. But man did not stop himself there. He wanted some more. He tried to improve the basic telephone. These improvements made telephone reach successfully to every home.

John L. Baird was the first who succeeded in demonstrating an operational television. But today these basic television models are replaced by latest LED, LCD and plasma TVs. 3D TVs are also in the market but you need to wear glasses to feel the scattered image effect.

Charles Babbage, a mathematician, who is considered to be father of computing, invented the first computer. Basic computer was used to perform only mathematical operations. It had very less memory and also had many drawbacks. Technology and researches have made computer a versatile device. Now it is possible to store data in a computer memory irrespective of type of the data. It is not restricted only for mathematical computations. There are innumerable applications for a computer. If a TV card is affixed, it can be treated as a television. It can also be used as a music player, a gaming device and even as a video call device with World Wide Web applications. "World is for a computer and computer is for the world". Now world has made its move with laptops and notebooks.

Marconi has his great contribution for wireless telegraph. In olden days, this was used as a communication media. This technology was used to transfer information from one point to another which is physically not connected. World is now completely dependent on wireless technology. Satellites revolving in a space manage all wireless communications. Ex: Mobile phones. Basic mobile phones were made only for communications. But now mobile phones have become versatile devices. With their unique applications they are more popular amongst the young generation. Wireless applications like GPRS, GPS, and Wi-Fi etc can be very well utilized in these devices. 3G mobile phones have introduced face to face conversation between the speakers. I-phone is the latest technology that made possible to use mobile phone like a computer too.

Contribution made by these scientists was a foundation for new technology. Steve Jobs who made revolution in personal computer, Bill Gates who is well known for Microsoft, Tim Berners-Lee who is the inventor of World Wide Web like many other people worked hard to introduce latest technologies and brought revolution in them.

There is no doubt every research has a hope of new revolution and giving a better life to mankind. Though every research is not 100% successful, but it is perfect in its own way. It is absolutely true that there is no research which ends perfectly, but one can definitely try to make their research perfect. "Research is a never ending process!"

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