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Here in this article I have given all the possible information regarding AMCAT test. What is actually AMCAT? I have also given the complete information of the test format of AMCAT test and also I have given a link of article on how to apply foe AMCAT test. I hope this article will provide you with the information regarding AMCAT.

AMCAT- employability test

What is AMCAT?

AMCAT is India's first and only one employment test. The full form of AMCAT is Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test. There are other tests also like Employment test in India by AIMA- MAST(employability test) and Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
This test has many more division with in itself. It is mainly conducted for engineers; students of MBA and students of who have graduated in arts and science. So there are many sub- divisions to this test also, depending on the skills of the candidates, who want to give the test for an appropriate job in a reputed company.

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is mainly conducted on two bases and that is Aptitude test and domain knowledge of the candidate who have applied for AMCAT. This test is developed by Alumni from IIT, Delhi and NIT, Boston, USA.

Aspiring minds platform have developed a computerized program, where students can check their skills from their account itself, and it basically give the candidate detail information on which skills, he or she needs to work on, so that the person have a high Chance of getting hired by good reputed company.

Test format of AMCAT:

AMCAT test is basically conducted on three aspects and that is the aptitude, skills and personality. The test format of AMCAT is divided into two modules, first one is compulsory modules, which test your aptitude and personality skills and the other one is optional modules, which test your knowledge skills. In optional modules, you have option of choosing 1 or more then 1 module, depending on your capacity and the time given.

Below is the detailed description of both the modules sub-division test format of the test:

1. Compulsory modules-

Compulsory modules consists of your aptitude skill and personality.

a. English Comprehension:-

English comprehension test is included in this test to check how much you know English language. It basically tests your grammar, the way you use English language, writing skills in the English language.

b. Quantitative Ability:

Quantitative ability test is taken to test your ability in mathematics and your accuracy in it. It basically tests your critical and analytical thinking. The question can range from simple numerical maths to graphical level of maths. It also based on categorization, graph and table reading ability. To excel in this you should be very good at mathematics, for this you have to practice math's skills allot, before the exam. Try to solve all the questions of maths online, this will be very beneficial for you to fetch marks in AMCAT.

c. Reasoning and Logical Ability:

Reasoning and logical ability test is included in this program to test your ability of how to think logically about the given matters and how much are you capable of reasoning it. This test is highly demand by the recruiters of the company, so that is becomes easy for them to hire the appropriate candidate. This test skills will help you to understand about the thinking process of your brain and how well you organize and it and solve the situation. It brings your ability of team work and decision making ability.

d. Personality:

Personality of the candidate is a very important factor in a company and for its business, only because of this reason, a special attention is given on personality test section. Here, basically the personality of the candidate is taken into account. How well the person is able to show his positive point, how well he is able to talk and how well he is able to show his confidence. This section is divided into two test-

i. Written test:

In this written test, you have to write about your personality and describe about your nature and how you are eligible to work for the company.

ii. Interviews and group discussion:

This is the section, where you have to face the panel for your interview. It is like a real interview and some time it also takes a form of group discussion of many candidates together to see the original personality of the candidate. Above given compulsory modules are totally based on the aptitude of a candidate, but when it comes to optional modules, it is surely based on the knowledge, that is the skills of the candidate.

2. Optional module:

In optional modules, there is a choice, you can choose 1 or more, but at least one is compulsory. You can choose, according to the knowledge you are excellent in. Optional module is divided into 3 sections. The follow are the three sections:

a. Computer Programming Principles and Application:

Computer programming principals are the principal to read, write, troubleshooting, debugging and maintaining of a computer program. The principal includes the fine work of an engineer. This section is included to test the knowledge of the candidate on computer programs and how efficiently he used it that is the application of the computer programs.

b. Electronics and semiconductor:

Semiconductor is the modern day electronics products like TV., telephone, computer and other device of communications. The skills required to operate such electronics are also consider in AMCAT, to ensure its application to the candidate. It is basically the skills which require using their semiconductors are tested in this section. The complete knowledge of electronics and semiconductors become essentially important to the candidate to excel in this section.

c. Computer Fundamentals:

As the name suggest, it is the foundation of a computer. This section is undertaken to test the skill of the candidate on how much he know the basic used of the computer like, Microsoft office, its basic programs and others. In short to say, you should know to access the computer in basic level. This section is also keep up high demands in many companies, as it is very basic knowledge of computer. You should excel in this field, which is of great demand now-a-days.

These are the Division and the sub-division of the test format of AMCAT. I hope this was a help to you.
Please visit how to apply for AMCAT for a complete information on application procedure on AMCAT.

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