AMCAT Employment Eligibility Tests in India

This an article where you can get information about the Aspiring Minds AMCAT test which is best employment eligibility test in India. In this article you will know the benefits and advantage of taking the AMCAT test. Also you will know the syllabubs and fees for the AMCAT test. So read the article and know about AMCAT test. I'm sure there is a surprise for you waiting when you finish reading this article.

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test(AMCAT) from Aspiring Mind is the test for employment which is recognized by many companies in the India. AMCAT helps many students to get job based on their qualifications and area of interest. The companies select the candidates based on the score which they take in AMCAT. So on taking this one test will highlight your skills to several different companies in the country.

AMCAT is a 3 hour interactive test which is online tests taken on computer. The computers itself will presents questions automatically based on your ability of taking and answering the test that is the level of the test decreases as the number of questions answered correctly decreases, and vice versa. This allows the assessment engine to measure the exact ability level of a student in various modules.

What is AMCAT:

Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is a test which is conducted by Aspiring Minds which is known as a flagship in job oriented assessment for students. AMCAT has been delivered across the nation and many students take the test every month and get job from it. AMCAT has turned many unemployed students to get job in their field.

Why to take the examination:

AMCAT from Aspiring Mind's has got nationwide recognition from all categories of companies like BFSI, consulting, technology, BPO, KPO and research. These companies based on the AMCAT score will select 100s of candidates every month for various open opening with them.

AMCAT is called as a statistical assessment platform for students as it provides the accurate skill measurements for each student who takes up the test. The companies use this measurement for evaluating students and short listing them for further rounds with the companies which are listed in their clientele. The students are hired based on this score which they get in AMCAT.

Details of AMCAT:

AMCAT - Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test
AMCAT is the test which is same as in the manner of GRE and GMAT where your next question will be based on your previous question answer. This deployed format of Assessment Test is done to show you a way to get jobs. The AMCAT gives you a in the diagnostic report based on your knowledge and skill assessments with feedback. This will help you to get placements with their clientele of Aspiring Minds.

The preliminary program of Aspiring Mind's AMCAT:

  • Conduction of AMCAT:
    The AMCAT test is a 2.5 hour test which automatically adapts itself to your responses just like GRE and GMAT test. So in general AMCAT can be said as a standardized test which becomes hard for the smart student and easy for the non-smart student. This will give you the accurate assessment scores based on your capability of answering. Each and every student gets different set questions, so that you can't just answer by seeing others. The AMCAT test, basically test your skills on aptitude covering English, Logical and Quantitative. They also test your knowledge on your subjects like Financial Services, Computer Basics, Personality Development , Civil Engineering, Computer Algorithms and Programming, Electronics and Semiconductor which are structured according to degree like Btech/ MCA/ BBA/ BCA/ MBA/PGDM.

  • AMCAT Scores and Results:
    The AMCAT score is Nation-wide percentile which will be available to you instantaneously. But since your score is national-wide percentile, the Aspiring Mind authorities will re-check your scores manually and deliver your AMCAT result by 7 days. Every students will get a personalized score sheet which provides you a detailed scores with percentiles and some additionally textual feedback on strengths, weaknesses of you where you need to improve yourself. So from this you can deliberately improve yourself in the areas and be prepared for the interview.

  • In-House Mock Employability Test:
    Aspiring Minds allows you to retake the AMCAT test again after 5 months. This will be re-testing for you to improve your score from the last test. This opportunity will make you expertise in meeting the company needs and will be helpful during when the companies shortlist the candidates for interviews. Also there will be no extra fees collected for re-test conducted.

  • Interview Calls and Portal:
    All students who take up the AMCAT test will be put into their exclusive job portal where their client companies directly shortlist the students based on their AMCAT scores and profile. Each and every student will get interview calls from their partner companies throughout the semester and in future as well based on their percentile. This AMCAT score is valid for 3 years, where you can be sure that you will get a job before that.

Fees for AMCAT

The AMCAT is not a free test. You have to pay some fee for taking up this test as like other exams like eLitmus Employability Test. To know about the Fees and payment options please check below. But this AMCAT test fee is very less when compared to other employability.

The Fees for taking up AMCAT Test is Rs.425 only.

The AMCAT fee which you pay is inclusive of:

  • 1 Assessment

  • 2 Reassessment which can be taken after 5 months.

  • Campus Report for your college.

  • Hard & Soft Copy of the Feedback report of your test score.

  • AMCAT scores are continuously valid for 3 years.

  • Aspiring Minds will share your latest AMCAT scores with the corporates listed with them.

  • The single AMCAT exam will serve the purpose of qualifying the eligibility for all the companies listed with them, the major ones being Mphasis, HCL Technologies, HCL COMMET , SONATA Software, Igate, Ericsson, etc. Here is the full Clientele List of Aspiring Mind's where you have an option of getting job through AMCAT.

Benefits for taking up this AMCAT:

Benefits for Colleges:
Aspiring Mind will improve your college placement record by giving the student an employability opportunity by their AMCAT test.

Every college will be under visibility for companies and it will get fame among them. By this your college may get into a long-term relationship with those companies.

All colleges will get a detailed feedback report regarding skills of their students. So from this the college authorities can improve the students standard for future employability.

Benefits for Students:
Aspiring Minds will give you an easy way to access jobs from mass-recruiting companies which are in their clientele list. Also most companies do not visit your college campus, but yet if you want to be placed in that company Aspiring Mind will help you to get job in that company through your score in AMCAT test

2.Increased job chances:
On taking your AMCAT test you will be under the multi-dimensional test which uncovers your strengths and enhances you to get job chances.

3.Core-technology Jobs:
If you are looking a job in your core industry, then surely AMCAT test gives you an opportunity for getting jobs with high pay in your core technology companies.

4.Mock Test:
You will get the real-world experience when you give take up this AMCAT employment tests.

Each and every student will get a personalized and detailed feedback focusing on where they have to improve themselves in areas they need to improve with good suggestions of books and materials.

6.Opportunity to perform better:
So based on this feedback, students who got less percentile can improve themselves with their suggestions in the specific ares where they are low and then take up the re-test.

Who can take the AMCAT?

AMCAT test which is conducted by Aspiring Mind is currently offered only for engineering and MBA students. And also Aspiring Mind authorities said that soon this AMCAT test will be available for Arts and Science graduates. This AMCAT test can be taken by anyone who is in pre-final or final year or even fresher with 0-2 years of experience.

Criteria to take the AMCAT?

There are no standard criteria for taking up this AMCAT test except you should to be student in a degree program or passed a degree program. Apart from this there are no other criteria to take up this AMCAT test. There are no marks and eligibility to write this test as it is not based on your marks which you scored in degree.

Expiry date and Validity for AMCAT Score:

Yes, this AMCAT test has an expiry date like a SAT or a GRE/GMAT. The score which you got in AMCAT is valid only for 3 years. And it is sure that you will get a job before the end of 3 years. Suppose if you have not got placed, well, again you can take up the test and extent your validity.

Places to take this AMCAT test:

A student can give up test in all places which are listed in their schedules centers and office. They also conduct AMCAT test in your college if they satisfy their needs. So check out this Scheduled center and book your slot for your bright future.

Are there any sample papers for the AMCAT?

Yes, there are sample papers for AMCAT test. Once you register for free on their website for taking up the test, then you will get some sample model question papers for you to prepare on it.

What are the qualifying or passing marks for AMCAT?

As said above there are no qualifying marks for taking up this AMCAR test. The only thing is you have to be a student of any degree program or completed it. The companies have their own criteria in which they select you based on your AMCAT score and degree marks. Aspiring Minds will not interfere in selecting the candidates with the companies. They just post your score and details in their portal and companies will select based on their needs. Even if you don't have good marks in your degree, you may get a chance for a job if you have performed well in AMCAT test.

Is AMCAT also useful for non-IT/CS engineering branch students?

This AMCAT test is only for engineering and MBA students. So in this they do not have any difference among the stream which you have chosen. So whether you are from IT or Non-IT everyone who has taken up AMCAT test and with good score will have a chance for getting job. Everyone has the opportunity and all you need to study well and get good score. Most IT companies just look for the student's caliber and they just take up Non-IT student if they perform well. Even if a Non-IT student does not perform well in Computer Programming module but have shown a good performance in aptitude will get a fair chance to get shortlisted by companies for further interview process.

How will a company contact you?

If the companies short list your name for further interview process, then the Aspiring Minds will inform you through a mail and a message to your mobile number.Whenever a company shortlists you, you will get an email through Aspiring Minds informing you about the same. So it is advised that you regularly check your email, otherwise you could miss an opportunity.

How should you prepare for AMCAT?

In AMCAT smart works pays you than hard work. So stop preparing for days and night sitting with books and studying. Instead do some smart preparations just knowing the basic concept and formula will be enough. This AMCAT is just like a mirror which reflects your intelligence to companies and it is just jest of all which you have learnt all these years. So just two days before your AMCAT test you need to brush up with all technical skills. You can simply just study with the help of sample papers which will be given to you after you register in in the website, so that you will get a rough idea about the model in which questions will be answered.

If your AMCAT score is not good, then what to do?

There is nothing to worry if your AMCAT is bad. Since Aspiring Minds give you a detailed feedback with suggestions like in which subject you are week and some tips to improve in it. So if your score is less, do follow the suggestions and help given my Aspiring Mind and then you can retake the test again after 3 months. Also only your latest score will be shown to the companies during short listing.

Advantage of taking AMCAT Test:

Aspiring Mind's AMCAT test is the best employment test in India which helps students to get job in the core IT companies. This is only test which has been recognized by many companies both the IT and Non-IT field. This AMCAT test highlights your skills to the companies and they will short list you for the further rounds for the job.

Modules in the AMCAT Test:

Aspiring Mind's AMCAT test is a computer adaptive test which will be a online test with lots of test modules which assess your knowledge in all fields and reflects it to the company. There are many modules in the test and each student needs to prepare and select based on his profile of education. The Computer

Adaptive Modules of AMCAT are,
English and Comprehension:
AMCAT test mainly focus on testing your English skills. They test your ability in English by framing questions from various internationally standardized resources. They can easily judge you based on your performance in the written test and also how well you communicate with them in the written documents.

Logical Ability:
Logical Ability tests your interpretation skill and also analyzes your assumptions for each argument and statement. This assesses your capacity level on how you interpret things and act to it. This is an important test which is more critical for your success in the industry.

Quantitative Skills (Non-Technical):
AMCAT also has Quantitative Ability which is Non-Technical to checks how well you can quantitatively understand things and how you infer to the real world situations given to you. It assesses your familiarity with basic numbers, algebra and application of these concepts associated with the real-world situations like profit-loss, interest-returns, speed-time, etc.

Quantitative Skills (Technical):
AMCAT checks your Quantitative Ability in Technical field also. This test is based on your analytic skill which is needed for engineering related jobs. They mostly tests on the advanced concepts such as permutation-combination, probability, and logarithm along with the basic numerical skills.

Financial Services:
AMCAT Financial Services is the test which assesses your understanding of the financial markets and products. This is only for the MBA students and not for Engineering. The questions will be from the basics of equity, bonds, mutual funds, accounting and basic economics concepts and also debt products including loans and credit cards.

Computer Programming Principles and Algorithms:
Computer Programming Principles and Algorithms evaluate your skill for the software industry related jobs. It just finds how suitable you are for the jobs in software jobs in MNC's. This test assesses your knowledge in the application of basic constructs of programming and also in advanced concepts of algorithm analysis, data structures and Object Oriented Programming. The CPPA is language-independent test.

Computer Literacy:
Computer Literacy test of AMCAT assesses whether you know the basic things on how to use the computer for day-to-day tasks like making presentations, word processing, spreadsheets (excel), email, internet, etc.

Electronics and Semiconductor:
The Electronics and Semiconductor test is for Core industry for the students from Electrical and Electronic background. This test assesses your suitability in the areas like Embedded Systems, SOC, VLSI design, etc. They also test in your understanding from non-linear circuits, analog electronics and digital design.

IT Infrastructure:
IT Infrastructure test of AMCAT assesses your suitability for performing in the IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance role. This test covers the basics of networking, hardware installation, windows server basics, unix/linux basics, and internet setup & email.

Syllabus and Patterns for AMCAT:

English Comprehension:
1. Synonyms/Antonyms/Word Meaning (Vocabloury)
2. Complete the Sentence (Grammar)
3. Spot error/Correct sentence (Grammar/sentence construction)
4. Sentence Ordering (Comprehension skills)
5. Questions based on passage (Comprehension skills)

Quantitative Ability:
1. Basic Math Understanding and Algrebra: Decimals, fractions, powers, HCF, LCM, Solving equations, etc.
2. Word Problems
3. Understanding of Logarithms and exponents
4. Permutation and Combination, Probability

Reasoning and Logical Ability:
1. Analogical Reasoning: Analogy and Classification questions
2. Deductive Logic: Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Assumption, Data-sufficiency type, Syllogisms, etc.
3. Pattern Recognition: Coding and Decoding Questions, Alphabet Test
4. Composition of Complex relations: Blood Relation, Direction Understanding, Logical Word Sequence
5. Reasoning Puzzles, Theme Detection

Computer Programming Principles and Application:
As said above this test is language independent. They do not have any questions from a particular programming language. This test assesses your programming and algorithm development skills of the candidates. They are categorized into three parts.
1. Structure and constructs of Computer Programs:

  • Programming flow, Procedures, Functions and Arguments, Methods

  • Data-types, how data is stored in computers, input/outpu, manipulation, methods of referencing and assessing data (including pointers).

  • Iteration, decision-making, recursions

  • Algorithm Complexity: Space and time Complexity, Asymptotic Notation

  • Compilation, Linking and Execution; debugging, kinds of errors.

2. Data-structures and Basics Algorithms:

  • Data Storage Methods: Linked lists, Arrays, Queues, Stacks, Trees, Heaps, Hash tables, graphs; Stress on which data structure to use for a given application

  • Data retrieval, Insertion of new data, merging of data from two data structures

  • Data search and sorting, Methods of array sorting and trade-off

3. Object Oriented Programming Concepts:

  • Classes, objects and methods

  • Data Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance

  • Polymorphism, Overloading, Abstraction

Computer Fundamentals:
1. Basic Hardware Usage, Maintenance and Organisation
2. Operating System Usage
3. Basic Software and Internet

Some of the key benefits of taking AMCAT:

  • Interview opportunities with top companies

  • A national wide percentile ranking of your skills in all dimensions which you wrote.

  • A Comprehensive and Personalized seven-stroke feedback on areas of improvement and suggested of books and resources based on your test result.

  • A detailed analysis of your personality, which helps to know yourself better and where you stand among others.

How to pay Fees for AMCAT

Aspiring Mind's, AMCAT test has Rs.425 as registration fees which you have to pay before you take up the test. So, you have to schedule your test as that you pay your fees before that date or else you will not be allowed to take up the AMCAT Test.

Aspiring Minds gives you two ways of payment option for the AMCAT test.
1. Online Payment through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking
2. Demand Draft

So other than this payment option they do not accept any other things. Aspiring Minds strictly do not accept cash or cheque for the fess payment. You have to pay either through Online using Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking or through Demand Draft only. So if you paying through DD, check that it reaches them before the date of your test.

How to Pay fees using Demand Draft:
You can pay using Demand Draft by following the steps given below,
1. Log on to with your Username & Password
2. Click on Schedule a Test
3. Select the appropriate City, Center, Date & Slot
4. Click on Proceed.
5. Select the payment option (Demand Draft).
6. Enter your personal details & then click on Generate Pay slip.
7. Send us the Pay Slip & the Demand Draft (Please enter your name & Order ID on the back side of the Demand Draft)
8. You will get a mail after we receive the demand draft. Subsequently, one test will be credited in your account.
9. Now, you can schedule the test & pay by using the "Use the Test Credit" option.

Exclusive offer for members of Indian Study Channel:

Indian Study Channel is the best website which provides all information for students for education. It has all details about schools, colleges, question papers and many things which will help a students to grow better in his life. Indian Study Channel has many students both from school and colleges of various streams who are registered to it and also daily many students come to know about this education portal and been registering in it. So now Indian Study Channel has been joined in hands with Aspiring Minds to provide some offers to take up this AMCAT Test. They have planned to prepare and register the students for the AMCAT Test at a discounted rate than the outside fees for normal students. This offer is only for the Indian Study Channel members. For further information about this offer please check to Aspiring Mind's exclusive offer for Indian Study Channel members.

Contact Address for Aspiring Minds

Corporate Head Quarters:
323 Udyog Vihar, Phase 2
Gurgaon, Haryana 122016
Voice (Board): 0124 – 414 8777
Fax: 0124 – 414 8027
Email :

Bangalore Office Address:
Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt Ltd
# 84 Koramangala Industrial Layout
5th Block, 3rd Cross,Koramangala
Bangalore – 560095

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