A complete guide to AMCAT - the Employability test in India

This article deals with a detailed information on Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test - AMCAT - the employment eligibility test in India. And it would be very useful for the candidates would are interested in taking the test for a better placement of themselves in the corporate sector.

What is employability test?

Employability Test or employment eligibility test is a standardized testing process to identify the talent / skills of graduates of various streams who are provided an opportunity to prove their talent in the present competitive world. The test is conducted to assess the potential of the candidate through a standardized measure regardless of their rankings in the university. All the final year students / those who completed their final year and are in a look for a job or those who want to promote themselves in their related industry are eligible to take this test.


AMCAT - Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test - is India's first employability test that is recognized by over 50+ companies. It is a multi-dimensional computer based online test on aptitude, personality and skill of a candidate and is taken by the job-seekers for properly placing themselves in the corporate sector. This is a national level test which provides statistically-valid multi-dimensional skill assessment to judge the employment suitability of a large pool of candidates.

It is a standardized test to assess the aptitude of the candidate through Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (APMI) modules. AMCAT is the largest employability test in India and it is a nation-wide test which is at reach across 12 states and provides an opportunity to the job-seekers as well as the companies for placing the right candidate in the right place. It helps in connecting the candidates with the organizations

Benefits on taking the test

  • AMCAT Employability Test enables the candidates to get job into the core companies of the IT sector as well as the non-IT organizations.

  • The test highlights the candidate's skills to the companies and thus helps in short-listing the candidates and avoid further rounds for the job.

  • A good score in the test can open up multiple job opportunities for a candidate and thus enables the employee to succeed in the corporate sector.

  • It accurately measures the candidate's skills and ensures the most appropriate feedback to the candidate as well as the organization.

  • It provides the candidates with a detailed employability feedback and helps them in improving their skills which in turn increases their chances of getting a corporate job.

  • It helps the corporate sector in finding the right talent from across the country by its multi-dimensional score, detailed profile and graphical analysis / visualization.

  • It enables the employers to know the aptitude and domain knowledge of the prospective candidate and thus helps them in providing an opportunity to hire the best talent.

  • It helps the employers as well as candidates to assess the capabilities / skills of candidates.

  • It gives a national percentile ranking for the skills of the candidates in different dimensions.

  • It provides possible interview opportunities to the job-seekers with top companies.

  • It provides a comprehensive and personalized feedback on the areas of improvement and suggests books and resources to the candidates.

  • It gives a detailed analysis of the candidate's personality which helps them in self-assessment and them to know themselves better.

  • It provides a fair evaluation of the candidate and the company as well.

  • It removes the need of conducting separate tests by the companies in selecting prospective candidates.

  • The test is useful in placing the prospective candidate with the right employer.

  • It helps in bridging the gap between the employee and the employer.

How AMCAT functions?

AMCAT tests the skills and aptitudes of the jobseekers and makes the candidate suitable for several types of jobs available in the market. The test creates the most suitable job profile of a candidate which helps an organisation to recruit a prospective candidate with ease without further testing the candidate. Based on a number of criteria, AMCAT tests the suitability of the candidate for various job sectors.

Based on the test scores of AMCAT Employability Test, an increasing number of organizations hire employees and thus increases the job prospects of candidates. The test that is conducted every month opens avenues for candidates and a better choice for recruiters who look for the best in the field and provides the job seekers a platform to improve their chances of employability. The comprehensive online test judges the candidates in all the required fields and helps the employers in doing away with further assessment at the time of recruitment. Recently, the test has gained much popularity among job seekers as well as the employers as it is making the recruitment process much easier for both. Companies who are in look for individuals with specific profiles find it much easier to pick the right candidate as the candidate has already gone through a scrutiny through AMCAT.


  1. Graduate engineers / students of final year engineering.

  2. MBA graduates / pre-final / final students of MBA

  3. Arts and Science graduates / students in the final year of graduation

  4. Job-holder can take the test to improve their chances of getting a better placement.

  5. Minimum percentage of marks are not required for taking the test.

  6. The test can be taken any number of times by a candidate for a better score with a gap of three months between each test.

To register to appear for the test

Candidates are required to register themselves online for taking the test. The process of registration is online which is free of cost, the candidates need to register with the official website of AMCAT and thereby fill in all the required columns in the given form. Presently there is registration under three categories viz. AMCAT for engineers, AMCAT for graduates and AMCAT for MBA graduates. On completion of the registration process, the candidate is given a unique 16-digit AMCAT id which has be used for future correspondence / references.

After completing the process of registration the candidate needs to select a date for scheduling the online test and after scheduling the date, the payment of fee has to be made online.

Details of fee

Presently, the fees for AMCAT is 425 INR per candidate which can be paid online or a crossed demand draft can to sent to the following address:

The corporate office of the Aspiring Minds is at
323 Udyog Vihar, Phase 2
Gurgaon - 122016
Ph: 0124 – 414 8777
Fax: 0124 – 414 8027
Email: amcat@aspiringminds.in
Mobile: 9990777690
Website: https://www.myamcat.com/


Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt Ltd
# 84 Koramangala Industrial Layout
5th Block, 3rd Cross, Koramangala
(near Jyoti College)
Bangalore – 560095

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Pattern of the test

AMCAT is a three-hour computer-based adaptive test that is taken online by the candidates. The test comprises of Aptitude in (i)English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability and (ii)AMPI - Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory modules which is compulsory. There are three aspects of the test viz. aptitude, skill and personality.

It is an adaptive test which means it is adaptable and gets tougher or easier based on the candidate's answer to the previous question. If a candidate answers a question correctly, the next question becomes tougher and for a wrong answer the next question becomes easier. Such a computer based adaptive test enables to measure the exact ability of the candidate in the subject that is being tested. And the score of the candidate depends on the level of questions that were attempted correctly by the test-taker. To ensure a good score in the test, the candidate needs to be sincere in answering.

There will be an additional skill-specific module which is required for jobs in different sectors. These skill specific modules are in the fields of Computer Programming, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounts, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Services, etc. Candidates are required to choose the skill modules based on their education and/or interest.

Format of the test

There are two modules of the test. Module I is compulsory and it tests the aptitude and personality skills of the candidate while module II is optional and tests the knowledge of the candidate and the candidate has the option to choose depending on his / her capacity.

Module I (compulsory):
  1. English Comprehension to test the ability of the candidate to comprehend the written text and the ability to communicate through a written document.
  2. Quantitative ability and reasoning that comprises of two types of tests to assess the quantitative skills of the candidates.
    • Technical skills for jobs in engineering and analytical sector: There will be an assessment of basic numerical skills and advanced aspects on the probability and logarithm.

    • Non- technical which is an assessment on the basic numerical skills and its application in various situations of life. The test comprises of basic understanding of maths and algrebra like decimals, fractions, powers, HCF, LCM, solving equations, etc. And word problems, understanding of logarithms and exponents and permutation and combination and probability.

  3. Reasoning and Logical Ability to tests the ability on objective interpretation and analytical abilities like analogical reasoning, deductive logic, pattern recognition and the like.

  4. Personality test - AMPI - which measures the personality of the candidate like openness, flexibility and the like for an efficient work atmosphere.

Module II (Optional):
  1. Computer Programming Principles & Application to test the understanding on software programming of basic as well as advanced concepts. There are three parts of the test namely
    • Structure and constructs of Computer Programs

    • Data Storage Methods

    • Data search and sorting, Methods of array sorting and trade-off

  2. Electronics & Semiconductor: The test is to assess candidate's understanding of digital design, analog electronics, etc. It is suitable for those seeking job opportunities in electronics companies.

  3. Computer Fundaments to test the candidates basics on computers and this includes creating presentations and basic programs.

  4. IT infrastructure: To assess the basic knowledge on networking, hardware installation, Unix/ Linux and to know the candidate's suitability of performing in the IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance.

  5. Finance: To assess the candidate's basic finance and economic concepts.

Advantages on taking the test

  • Test takers are given a opportunity in selection of the companies.

  • Provides the test takers an equal opportunity irrespective of their performance in the colleges / universities and the reputation of the institutions.

  • It helps in widening the opportunities of the test takers.

  • Helps the candidate in self-assessment and enables them for self-improvement by providing a seven stroke feedback. Such a feedback is helpful to the candidates in the following ways:
    1. Lets them know their position / rank at the national level

    2. Makes them know their weakness in specific field

    3. Gives guidance for self-improvement

    4. Guides in managing time in a proper way

    5. Guides / counsels the candidate from career perspective in choosing a suitable organization.

    6. Provided with tips for a better score in specific modules.

    7. To know their own personal traits

On shortlisting the candidate's name by a company for further interviewing, Aspiring Minds informs the candidate through a mail / message. The AMCAT score of a candidate is valid for a period of three years. And within this period of time a candidate could be able to place himself / herself with a good organization with a fat pay package. Hence it is advisable to all the deserving candidates to take AMCAT Employability Test.

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Its really good for all the freshers like me to get a job in any desire company because this is the platform where you can appear for written exams of lot many companies at once and got through it.

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