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Interview preparation - Tools, Trumpcards and Techniques

Interviews always keeps every one on the tip of the needle - be it fresher or old hands. You tense for atleast 30 hours to deliver a 30 minutes interview. A small attempt to re-design the interview period into 3 phases, the various techniques to be used to get well equipped in each phase (with some experience of my own) and succeed interviews is given in the following resource.

Interviews - The thought itself bombards your head and mind with multitude of feelings : be it fear, inhibitions, anxieties, butterflies and a lot. The last door for entrance to the horizon of success. You cleared written, reasoning, GD's and other barriers to reach here and now its fully and only you left in the arena, the weapons being your caliber. Many says that Interviews are nothing and it completely depends upon your luck and timing in that 30-45 mins. It is true, but to some extent. Above all you are the master and creator of your luck. Everyone have caliber but like a sleeping cat in a dark room. It is your responsibility to switch on the light, wake up the cat and make it move on.

Every one might have read so many articles and related documents on how to prepare interviews. Just a small attempt from my side to addon to that. Let us divide this whole episode of Interview into 3 parts Viz. Pre- Interview, Interview and Post-Interview. Here are some of the tips listed below enabling you to be the most fittest person in each level / period.

1) Pre-Interview

Never ever take any Interview for granted - It is a difficult exercise and requires your cent person preparation and hard work. I have seen, in many interviews, candidates coming in casual, deliver casual and got ridden in the same casual manner. Contact your language professors to get some tips, read articles on facing interviews, act yourself to be an interviewee and an interviewer. Some times you will get some words/ techniques through this methods, which will automatically becomes your trump card later.

Be an SME (Subject Matter Expert) : Collect as many articles on the Subject matters particularly the recent developments in that area, famous personals, any recent laws/acts etc. This will automatically enhance your confidence. Always try to be a master in simple topics. Because normally all the interviewers catch you in simple but unexplainable topics. For example, an MBA student prepares everything in and around about Business and managerial aspects and the first question they face will be "What is Business?", Those who work in banks and financial institutions will be asked "What is Finance?" etc. All these sounds to be simple, but quite difficult to explain.

Determination : Out of 1000 seats available for the position, think that other people are fighting for 999 seats and the remaining 1 seat is already reserved for you. Always fill that positive energy in your mind that this is for me, me and me only.

Sleep Tightly : Many candidates unnecessarily worries about interviews much before it is going to happen. I am not saying Worries and Inhibitions are bad, a little bit of butterflies in your stomach is always good for you to deliver good. But too much of anything is always bad. Try to have a good and nice sleep the day before interview.

2) Interview

Positive Thoughts :Wake up with positive thinking and say to yourself."This is going to be the best memorable day in my life"

Grooming : There is a Proverb in Malayalam, "Even on your death bed you should be well and neatly dressed." This is very true.A well dressed person is always impressive. Try to wear light colored dress than opting for dark and shining ones. Light colored full sleeve shirt and dark pants for men and light colored fully covering dresses for ladies. Comb your hair neatly and avoid using too much of oil. Carry a tie with you. Based on the circumstance, if all are wearing, you can also wear.

A single folder in your hand: Carry a single folder in your hand. Ensure it contains all your documents, educational certificates, experience letter etc. Rather than putting each of these in separate files in the folder, arrange it in order and keep it out side the files in folder. This helps in avoiding chaos in the room in taking certificates if interviewer demands it. Always carry a copy of latest resume with you.

Maintain a smiling face. I have seen so many dull and anxious faces which itself is a negative indicator that, I am unfit for this. Try to avoid discussion with other candidates, if possible. They are no one but your competitors. They may puzzle you with topics you don't know, may act smart to pull your confidence down. Better be with yourself.

Go to comfort station before the interview. Ensure washing your face before getting into the room. Take my words, it gives you freshness and adds confidence. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breath and then enter the room.Now its time for you to sell yourself.

Greet every one with a warm handshake with a welcome note. Don't hesitate to offer your hand to ladies.

Posture : Sit steady with heads up and hands on your lap above the folder. Don't put your hands on the table. Smile always - it eases the toughness. Maintain eye contact.

Deliver: Always remember that interviewers test your situation tackling abilities more, than just subject topics. They will ask subject topics but normally keep it to the minimum. Never ever cross the boundaries of any subject beyond the line, it may come against you. Keep your explanation small and crisp. There is no problem in saying "No", if you really don't know the matter rather than just blabbering. Normally interviewer himself will explain it, listen with keen interest and thank him for enhancing your knowledge.

Your Trump card: As I earlier said, they always test on how you overcome the short term problematic situations they create, be ready with your bullets to shoot. You can use vague but meaningful sentences in such situations. For example, In one of my interviews in banks, I have been asked the basic difference you found between a bank and an investment bank, as I had experience in both. Here they are not looking for your technical explanations. My answer was like this : According to me an Investment bank is like a tea vending machine where you press the button you get a tea ready with all the mixtures in right proportion. Where as in Banks, You make the tea yourself with right amount of tea dust, sugar and other ingredients. So even if the machine is off, you drink your tea. They were dazzled. This sentence is quite vague but it explains everything.Avoid using too much phrases.

Stability : Be stable in what ever answer you are giving. Don't shake. For example, Interviewers ask your preference of posting place. Normally every one jump with the answer anywhere in the world. The next statement will be, we have a position vacant in your home town and as you are freely mobile, we may give it some others who really need it. Now this is another situation they are creating. Please stick to your first answer orelse you could have honestly given your place of preference in the first time itself.

End with a positive note: Always end with a positive note. Don't beg or bargain them. Don't even try for that. Walk out with a smile and confidence on your face.

3) Post - Interview

All the you can do is over. Nothing heals your tension than a good prayer.

Call your Parents/ Friends and share the experience. It releases the burden in you and you will be light heartened.

Note down the new learning which you got., any mistakes which you have done. This helps in your next preparation also. Always remember life is full of interviews and puzzles. It will never end with one.

With all this ,You are already selected for the interview. Now let others fight for the remaining positions. As swami Vivekanada said " Conquer the Minds". You will climb the ladder of the success where you will be the uncrowned king.

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