Importance of education and need to share the knowledge

Here in this article I have tried to give you detailed information about importance of education and why it is important to be educated? And what are the needs to be educated? I have also mentioned in detail about what is education in modern world? Is education important? The actual process of gaining education – observation; analyzing and preparation; education is for everyone and lastly education is to share your knowledge.

Importance of education and its needs:

Education have became the lifeline of this modern world and there is no doubt that even a common man knows the importance of education; if not for them but at least for the welfare of there children. But question which comes here is whether we truly know the proper meaning of education? It is really a very important question. So let us try to find the answer for the importance of education.

What is education according to this modern world?

Technology has really marked its progress in this world. And the progress can be seen all over the world. The same heights and progress can be seen in terms of education too. Education can be define as giving intellectual knowledge and morals to someone who wants to gain it; it can also be termed as giving knowledge or to teach. There is innumerable definition for education and each meaning and definition of education can be analysis in various manners.

But the main question to but forward is that whether our modern people of this modern world are able to understand to true meaning of education. To answer these questions we have to go little back in the past. At ancient times education was taken to be gift for some people; everybody was not able to get the opportunity of getting educated. Then came the time came where people regardless of their caste where given knowledge and were educated, this was the time where people knew the importance of knowledge as it was gain after a lot of struggle. But coming back to our modern world; we know that everyone are getting education and there are many institutions that are providing education for free. But do we have the value for it. I am extremely sorry to say that we don't have it.

The main purpose of me to spell the bitter truth is because now-a-days education has merely become an entrance exam to get jobs. It is like you complete you schooling then college and start earning as soon as possible. Lets us see why is it so?

Is education important at all?

YES, education is very important and will always be. Let us progress in jet speed or let us reached to the whole universe, but importance of education will always be there. Education is not about schooling and passing out your college. It is about gaining the knowledge about your surroundings and every possible thing you can think of. Merely passing out your studies and wishing to get a good, satisfying job is really not we should term as education it is much more than that for sure.

As I have mentioned earlier that education is knowledge. Learning is the first criteria which help you gain education that is to know something about. Only after you learn about it you will be able to grasp the knowledge and then at later stage of your life, let it be any stage or phase of your life, the knowledge which you have gained till then will be somehow useful for you. So it is always said that an educated person is the real person who can understand everything about this world without knowing the thing completely and I would term it as the real knowledge.

The actual process of gaining education or knowledge :

Let me get little technical about the actually process of gaining knowledge; it is something which is a very logic process but you should know how your brain functions for gaining a particular knowledge.

The following is the process of gaining knowledge or education :

Observation -

This is very initial process in gaining knowledge or getting educated for a particular subject. Man are really very good in observation and this is the only reason that they have learned so many process which were unknown to them when the world started and all thanks to the observation of human beings. The very first thing you do is observe and as soon as you start to observe a fact you automatically start analyzing the same fact; without your acknowledgment. It is all the magic of your small but powerful brain.

2. Analyzing - grasping the knowledge :

As I told you before that soon after observing you start to analysis about the subject. Analyzing is nothing but you start relating the present element of the matter to other matters with our somewhere related to the subject. It is like comparing two things, which are related to one another. By doing so you actually somewhere start to memorize the subject and it do get store to your brain system just like data stored in a computer. For this step you should be very curious; the simple formula is when you hear something very curiously then you are bound to fix that matter or talk deeply. The same process is followed to gain knowledge or education. But the memory is not permanent; then what are you supposed to do?

How to memorize? The actually process of gaining education - Preparation :

Even though listening curiously to knowledgeable stuff that doesn't mean that you will be able to memorize it permanently. The best to memorize is like you prepare for exams or for your practical exams. So it is very important to prepare to gain the ultimate education or knowledge. As it is said that practice makes a man perfect.

Education is for everyone :

Yes it is right, education is for everyone. It is not like that only people who are filled with hands full of money; can afford to go to schools and college and also who have a dream to get a job in an international company are eligible to gaining education or knowledge and can be called educated people.

There are many poor people who haven't gone to school or college, but they still have the knowledge of many things, which even many educated people don't know; but at my look even they are called educated in their own sense. But is there anything that we can do to educated people who really cannot afford to go to school and college? Do you still believe that just passing out from college means you are educated? Let us find the true meaning of

Education is to share your knowledge :

If you really want to understand the meaning of been educated and want to get the happiness of truly been educated then you should be able to share it with others; but how are you going to do it?

Yes there is a way; you can share you knowledge with others. You simply have to take some time with your schedule and that time should be utilized to teach others like some street children, uneducated adult or some old aged too. This way you are not only going sharing your knowledge with others; but you are actually expanding your zone of education that is your knowledge too. So there is nothing that you will lose, you will be the one who is spreading the knowledge to others. And it will be the real meaning of been an educated and this is what I wanted to tell you from the point I started this article. So it is very important to share your knowledge; and you can start it by organizing time and then taking tuition to the needy people who also want to gain knowledge and want to be called educated.

I hope by this article was of a help you to realize the true meaning of been educated and now you know that been educated or a knowledgeable person is by sharing the knowledge you have cherish till now and you will cherish it all your life.

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Author: K Mohan01 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I think the author has touched the finer points with this wonderful article which really captivated my imagination and views. I also feel that education is very important and that should not be too much over dose to a Individual. A respectable educational degree is enough to survive in this world and what is more important that we must be useful to others with our qualification. That means we must be ready to disseminate and share information with those who really need our advise and service. Otherwise what is the use of our studies when it is not useful to others.

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