Procedure & Benefits of Sarvangasana

Here I have provided information on the posture Sarvangasana. How to do Sarvangasana? The Benefits of this Asana? This is useful for the whole body as its name shows. Sarwangasana means the asan for the whole body. So Let us know how to practice this asana.


Sarvangasan is known a very important asan in Chikitsa Karma.
Sarvangasana and Sirsana are considered, figuratively and actually, the heart and head of asana practice. As its name indicates- all body part pose- sarvangasana is beneficial to all parts of the body, including internal organs. According to Yoga Diseases are caused by some the kosas getting displace downwards from their positions, and daily practice of sarvangasana helps to move the organs in the opposite direction and get them back to their original position.

Procedure of Sarvangasan

  • Lie flat with the back touching the ground and limbs out stretched, and the palm touching the sides as low down as possible.
  • Then raise up the legs slowly and steadily, the toes pointing forward.
  • Now raise the whole body up.
  • The body weight resting on the neck and head with the hand supporting the waist
  • You can do the same thing with the palm supporting the ground.
    sarvangasana procedure

    Advantage of Sarvangasan

  • This asan energizes the body and improves the blood flow to all parts of the body.
  • It also cures kidney problems and eliminates muscle pain.
  • This asan diverts the flow of blood into the thyroid gland and helps in curing problems realted to it.
  • It helps in improving functioning of resipratory system, digestive system and excretory system.
  • This asan also provides continuous blood flow to all the roots of spinal column.
  • It helps in curing diseas of the genitals and the anus.
  • This asan also helps in eliminating pain in the heels and the legs
  • It stimulates functioning of the nose and the ears.
  • It is very much beneficial in dibetes.

    Limitations of Sarvangasan

  • Those person suffering from spondylitis and other neck problem should not try this asan.

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