Causes and symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

5 out of 100 school children among the world have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This article elaborately discusses this disorder including it's major symptoms, different kinds and causes include biological, psychological and social reasons. It also deals with the prescriptions to recogonize A.D.H.D. Read on to know everything about this Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The feature of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD

Mischief is common among children to a certain extent. It is part of their growth. When mischief began to breaks all the limits and restrictions, it transforms in to a disease. The personality disorder usually seen among children is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If it doesn't cure from the beginning itself, it may affect the success of life as a mental disorder. This condition is also known as Attention deficit disorder as well as Hyper kinetic disorder. The studies proves that 5% among 100 children have this personality disorder. It is more visible among school children in between 5 to 15 years old. The problems of A.D.H.D is reported more among boys than girls.20 of the A. D. H. D have defects in their studies. Dislexia is the main problem faced by them. 52% among them shows addiction and 75% among them are failed to maintain public relations. The possibility of having incidents is comparatively high among them than others. The symptoms of A.D.H.D can be seen from the initial stages itself.

The main symptoms of A.D.H.D

The symptoms of A.D.H.D can be divided in to three groups. They are carelessness, mischievousness and recklessness.

The symptoms of carelessness

The carelessness in studies prompts children to make mistakes frequently. The child is making mistakes not because of lack of knowledge but due to carelessness. The inability to tell something straight without looking anywhere and the inability to concentrate on some work or play for a long time is a part of it. Those transform one play to another without competing even one among them. They also cannot do something as per regulations. They can't fulfill anything according to their plan. They always show a tendency to elude from works which need concentration for a long time. They have the habit of losing instruments frequently which is used daily. The lack of memory and lack of concentration with a slight sound outside.

The symptoms of mischievousness

Those who shows discomfort may have this problem. The habit of walking here and there while classes are going on also concern as part of it. The habits of running fast, climbing trees, jumping through the windows etc are some other symptoms. Such children could not play and sit calm and quiet. They always used to make loud noises and used to talk continuously. They are usually overactive as well as over-talkative.

The symptoms of recklessness

Impatience is the main symptom of this. Those who have the habit of answering before the question stops may have this problems. Those who cannot wait even for a minute may suffer from this. The habit of interfering and interrupts others works and talks also a part of it. The habit of showing angry suddenly for silly matters, inability to wait even while road crossing also can be seen as symptoms of it.

Main types of A.D.H.D

A.D.H.D can be mainly divided in to three types. The first one among them shows more carelessness. The second type A.D.H.D have mischievousness and recklessness at its maximum. The third one shows all the three symptoms. This third type A.D.H.D is seen among majority of people.

A.D.H.D as a disease

A.D.H.D can be considered as a disease only if the personality disorders transformed to a condition which interrupts the social relations and works. If the personality disorder began to affect the child's relationship with friends, teachers, parents and other elders, it can call as a disease. If the child shows frequent personality disorder frequently for six months at least two places among house, school, playground and another social situations then it can be called as A.D.H.D.

Similar diseases like A.D.H.D

There are certain similar diseases which shows the symptoms similar to A.D.H.D. Such diseases often misinterpreted as A.D.H.D. There are some physical, psychological and social reasons behind it. Sudden death of a family member, affection of some diseases, family problems and other such circumstances cause to the misbehavior among students. This is not the real A.D.H.D. But the symptoms may be similar to that. Such symptoms are also visible in some kind of hysteria as well. Carelessness is the major symptom of kind of hysteria known as Absence seizure. The child's listen suddenly changes to somewhere for a short period while studying. But the student cannot recall where his mind was gone. Those who have a complex partial seizure also show symptoms similar to A.D.H.D. Those who have defects in studies also often misinterpreted as having A. D.H.D. Those childs who used for sexual abuse also shows some symptoms similar to A.D.H.D. Such tendancies are more among children who used for sexual harassment.

Sleeplessness also make problems similar to A.D.H.D. The mental problems among children such as anxieties, depression and mental pressure also shows similar symptoms. Problems of vision, hearing, autism and thyroid problems also show symptoms similar to A.D.H.D. The treatments of ADHD are usually began after conforming that whether the child has problems of A.D.H.D or not by concerning such similar diseases.

Causes of A. D. H. D

The medical science could not even find the exact reason of A.D.H.D. Researches are progressing in order to find out it. Some factors which causes A.D.H.D is discovered recently. They can be mainly divided into three types such as biological reasons, psychological reasons and social reasons.

Biological reasons for A.D.H.D

Recent studies proves that genetic reasons have impact in 75% cases of A.D.H.D. It may transmute hereditary from parents as well as other family members to children. The features of brain also cause to A.D.H.D. The defects of Corpus Callosum also leads to A.D.H.D. The small size of Ceribellum, thalamous and the shortage of chemical factors such as Dopomin, Seratonin and Norepinefrin also cause to A.D.H.D. The use of alcohols and smoking during pregnancy period by mother leads to A.D.H.D. Infections, complexities at the pregnancy period also leads to A.D.H.D. The injuries of head are other major reason for it. Some studies finds that some kind of pesticides such as organo phosphorous cause to A.D.H.D. Chemicals such as Sodium Bensoyate which use to add colour to food also adds the possibility of A.D.H.D.

Psychological reasons for A.D.H.D

Hyperactivity can be seen among children who are witnessed to quarrel between parents as a regret or resistance to it. Severe punishments of children and other family problems also makes hyperactivity among children. The possibility of A. D. H. D is comparatively higher in adopted children. Sexually abused children shows symptoms of A.D.H.D in a greater extent. Double Bind Communication and?Switch Board Communication in houses also leads to hyperactivity.

Social reasons of A.D.H.D

Friendship with those children who have criminal sense. Social or family set up in which quarrels and attacks are common. Over caring and over consciousness of children also effects children. Good care is the necessary thing the child needs to avoid this disease.

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