How to Save Sparrows, How to Save Our Environment

Sparrow is a lovely, beautyful and social bird found every where in our surroundings. Now a days the due to different reasons, numbers of sparrows are reducing day by day. In this article I am providing important information related to sparrows and important tips to save sparrows.

Sparrow is the most lovable, small and harmless bird. Sparrows can be seen any where in our surroundings. It is a social bird. You were able to see a sparrow around you whenever you want some years ago. But now a days you have to search a sparrow if you want to show your children. The population of sparrow is declining. According to a study there is 80% decline in the numbers of sparrow. Sparrow is an important part of our life. Since we have grown to adult by observing this small and beautiful bird. The fallen sparrow inspired Salim ali's carrier in ornithology. Now this small bird is decreasing day by day. Now we have to save this sparrow to save our environment. To aware the people 20th march is celebrated as world sparrow day every year.

Habitat and Food

Sparrows are generally associates with human beings. Sparrows are found in the places where human are densely populated. Sparrows eat food grains like wheat, oat etc and larvae of mosquitoes and insects.

Importance of Sparrow

The some major importance of sparrow are :

Ecological Balance : Every animal and plants in this world has its significance. The sparrow is a member of many food chain and food web. So as you know if you harm any food chain it will affect complete food web. So if you will not save sparrow it will disturb ecological balance.

Pollination in many plants: Sparrow helps in pollination in many plants. Pollination is a process by which the pollen grain of one flower reaches to stigma of other flower in sexual reproduction. So Sparrow helps in sexual reproduction in plants.

Reduce many diseases : Sparrow eats larvae of many insects and mosquitoes which causes many diseases like malaria, dengue etc. So sparrows protect us from many diseases which are life threatened.

Brings prosperity: Sparrows bring prosperity for us. We like to watch this small and lovable bird. Our children always want to observe this bird and always sing songs related to this bird to entertain themselves.

Reasons of declining

The numbers of sparrows are declining. Some important reasons of declining are as follows:

Loss of habitat : Due to modern technology old spacious buildings have been changed to the shapes where sparrow do not find their habitat. It is the most important reason of decline of population.

Lack of feed : The old Kirana shops have been converted in to malls or big bazaar. In this type of bazaar and malls all the items are found in packets. So sparrows do not find their food grains which were available in old Kinra Shops.

Electro Magnetic Radiation : The electro magnetic radiations released from our mobile phone is also a major cause of decline the numbers of sparrows.

Modern Agriculture : modern agriculture is also a important reason of decline the numbers of sparrows. In modern agriculture insecticide and pesticides are widely used which adversely affect the birds directly and indirectly. When sparrows eat this types of fruits this affects in the formation of egg's shell. The numbers of insects decrease due to insecticides whose larvae are food of sparrows.

Pollution : Pollution is the most important reasons of declining the numbers of sparrows. Different types of pollution like water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc adversely affect sparrows.

Loss of tree cover : The deforestation is also a reason of decline of sparrows population. We are constructing modern buildings, malls, big bazaar, industries etc by destroying forest and plants.

Urbanization and Unplanned development : Urbanization and unplanned development are also the most important causes of decline of sparrows population.

Tips to save sparrows

Apparatus to save sparrow

It is our duty to save this small, lovable, beautiful and harmless bird for environment and for ourselves. Don't do bigger things. Only by doing smaller things you can give your support to save this bird and to save our environment. Some important tips to save sparrows:

  • Arrangement should be made for the availability of food grains and water for sparrows.
  • Try to minimize pollution as much as possible.
  • Minimize the use of your cell phone. If possible, use anti radiation cover to protect yourselves and to protect environment.
  • Wisely use insecticides and pesticides. Over use of these substances are harmful in many ways.
  • Use high quality of fuel in your vehicle and maintain you vehicle to minimize the pollution.
  • You can use a simple apparatus shown in figure to provide food and water for the sparrows. These apparatus were distributed by Burhani foundation India last year on World Sparrow Day (20th March) all over the world to inspired the people to save sparrows.

So if you want to save environment please save sparrows.

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