Grow Handy Herbs As Medicines In Your Garden

As more and more people take to alternative medicines, growing herbs in one's kitchen gardens makes sense. They not only look good but also come in handy when you need a palliative. This article gives a list of some common herbs that can be grown in one's garden.

As more and more people have started going herbal, herbs that can grow in kitchen gardens have started attracting attention. Growing herbs serve two purposes.

  • Add to the beauty of the garden

  • You have some handy medicines and palliatives

  • They do not demand much effort or attention and do not require too much space. So, they can be grown even in cramped apartments.

    Growing Nasturtium

    Nasturtium is often grown in garden and even balconies. This flower comes to bloom in February and March. Seeds can be sown in September-October. It needs moist well-drained soil al sunny semi-shaded location.

    Growing Daisy

    Daisy is a perennial species but is usually grown as a biennial in the hills and as an annual in the plains. Daisy is best grown in bed borders (edging). It grows well in window-boxes and pots. The herbs thrive best in a rich, moist and well-drained soil with a little shade. The seeds are sown in nursery-beds in September-October. The flowering takes place in February-March. In the hills, the seeds are sown in February and March, treating the herb as a biennial.

    Growing Hollyhock

    Hollyhock is treated as an annual in the plains, while it is a perennial in the hills. It needs a deep, rich and well-drained soil for successful cultivation. The seeds can be sown directly at the permanent sites. Seedlings are to be thinned out later. An ideal distance of 45-60 cms can be maintained between plants. The seeds are sown in September and October in the plains. After sowing, the plant takes about three to five months to flower.

    It can also he grown during rainy season, in regions having low rainfall. In areas where the climate is mild, it grows throughout the year. It is an ideal background plant or for growing in the open spaces in a shrubbery to fill the vacant areas or to serve as a screen. It can be grown in rows or groups. To get a colorful effect, it can also be planted in front of a green hedge.

    Growing Pot Marigold

    Marigold is grown in pots, windows-boxes or beds. The plants grow very well in a moist and well-drained soil. They need sunshine. The plants should be pinched back to make them bushy and thus made to produce more flowers. The seeds are generally sown in September- October or earlier in June-July in areas with low rainfall. The flowers appear well three months after sowing. Usually the seedlings are transplanted but sometimes seeds can also be sown directly in places where the plants need to flower.

    It is used in the background, as a screen or for growing along the hedge or garden wall. The seeds can be grown from January and February to June and the flowers are produced during the summer and rainy seasons. The seedlings are transplanted into beds after a month of sowing. But it can be sown at permanent sites where the plants are to flower. A well manured and rich soil and lots of sunshine work wonders for this plant.

    Growing Sunflower

    It is a tall stately annual, mostly erect with hairy stem. The flower heads vary in size from moderate up to 40 cm wide at some places. The showy terminal flowers are composed of yellow ray florets and purplish brown disc-florets. A native of North America, it is grown commercially in many parts of the world. Sunflower, the common name, and 'Helianthust' the generic name derived from the Greek words 'helios' meaning sun and 'anthos' meaning flower were supposedly given to this herb since it follows the sun by day, turning towards its direct rays. The flowers and leaves were used to treat malaria. In homeopathy a tincture taken from the seeds is used internally to relieve constipation and externally on cuts and bruises.

    The fatty oil expressed from the seeds contains glycerides of unsaturated linolenic and oleic acids and saturated palmitic and arachic acids. It is used in salves, plasters and liniments for rheumatic pain but more widely put to use in food items as a salad and margarine oil, in soaps and as a lubricant. Roasted seeds are edible, sometimes used as a substitute for coffee or ground into flour. The properties of dried flowerheads work as acarminative, anti-diarrheal and anti-inflammatory.

    Other useful herbs

    Other goodness-packed herbs such as fenugreek, celery parsley, dandelion, rhubarb, fennel, dill, coriander, aniseed, and not to forget one of the most versatile herb, Alfalfa can all he planted in your kitchen garden for their dual benefits.

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