How to overcome examination fear : Reasons and solutions

Students are the strength and future of the country. They can work wonders under proper guidance of the teachers and mentors. In this article I have tried to highlight the reasons why many students suffer from examination fear. Self-discipline in life helps to overcome examination fear. Read and follow the tips and get successful in life.

Things that a student should not do before examination

  • He should not take undue examination stress and tension. Stress and strain only result in undue waste of energy.

  • He should not be careless with his studies, as it will not help him to complete his studies and score good marks in examination.

  • He should not irritate the teachers or professors prior to the examinations as they may scold him and he may loose confidence.

  • He should not study for long continuous hours, 24 hours should not be spent on studies, it may result in mental stress and fatigue.

  • He should not spend excessive time on televisions, computers or games. These may make him regret later in life.

  • He should avoid the company of talkative students who are not serious about studies. Birds of a feather flock together

  • He should not make plans to cheat, he should remember hard work seldom goes unrewarded.

  • Parents should not pressurise the children too much. It only makes the students get stressed and nervous to cope with the expectations of their parents.

  • He should not study till late at nights. It will spoil his health.

  • He should not eat oily food to avoid stomach upsets prior to and during examination period.

  • He should not wake up late in the morning. It is wise to utilize morning hours for study purpose.

  • He should not go to watch movies or spend long hours with girlfriends or friends, it is foolish to do such things before examinations.

  • He should not be careless while walking on road. He should be careful when outdoors. Absence from the examination due to mishaps will only result in wastage of a year or so.

Things that a student should do before examinations.

  • A student should stay alert while still working hard, he should keep himself hydrated and well fed.

  • A student should trust and believe in himself. Self confidence leads towards success.

  • He should study well, plan regular routine to be able to cover all the syllabus much ahead of time.

  • A student should be able to do time management well. This way he will get appropriate time to eat, entertain himself or play games.

  • A student should give attention to his studies and listen to all the instructions given to them by the teachers or the invigilators.

  • He should interact with the students and teachers to remove his doubts about the study matter. Group discussions are helpful for learning difficult topics.

  • A student should try to make the impression of a good student on the teachers, this will help him achieve good results
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  • Memorizing and revising before the examination is key to success, every student should do it before examinations.

  • He should try to free his brain from all unnecessary things that may make him careless.

  • A student should avoid spending too much time in the extra curricular activities of his interest. He can do it after examinations.

  • A student should give some time to God and meditation. This will help him increase his concentration power.

  • A student should always take the blessings and best wishes from the elders of the family. This will help him in all the way to get successful.

Things that should be done to overcome examination fear

  • Hardwork - Hardwork never fails, it is hard work that gets rewarded in the long run.

  • Meditation - Meditation helps a student to increase his power of concentration. It also uplifts a student spiritually.

  • Memorising and revising - Memorising and revising the study matter on a routine basis helps a student to attempt the questions with ease and accuracy.

  • Type of study done - There are various ways to prepare for examinations. The following are the types of studies that help a student get successful:

    a. Extensive study- The students should study all the chapters much ahead of examination.

    b. Intensive study- The students should study the important chapters and notes thoroughly before examination.

    c. Solving practice papers - The sample practice papers should be solved.

    d. Solving questions of the previous examinations - All the questions of the previous years examinations should be worked out and studied well.

  • Syllabus - Percentage of syllabus prepared thoroughly matters for the performance of a student in the examination. A student who has prepared well, will not have examination fear.

  • Family peace - Family peace and love prevailing in the family helps a student score well. All the members should contribute towards making their family happy and peaceful.

  • Health - Students health matters, a student who is healthy can perform better than a student who is in ill health, he gets exhausted soon. Healthy students are less nervous.

  • Previous results - The previous results and performances matters. A student who has always performed well is more confident. Students should try to perform well in class tests. Slowly the fear of examination will disappear.

  • Discipline - Discipline and type of control followed in life is very important determinant for warding off the examination anxiety. An indisciplined student fears examinations as he knows he spend more time on irrelevant matters. The time he lost haunts him and increases his anxiety.

  • Anxiety - Students should not get too anxious about their results, they should make sure that they attempt all the questions well. Too much anxiety for future is not good, it adds to restlessness.

  • Sentiment - Sentiments have their own role. Death of a dear one may affect a student , he may get nervous or fearful. Students should try to become more matured.

  • Illness of a dear one - Illness of a dear one may cause hindrance in studies. It may result in undue stress and nervousness. Students should learn to be more practical in life. This will help them stay comfortable during examinations.

  • Lack of confidence - When preparations are not up to mark, a student lacks confidence and his examination fear increases. Every student should try to get confident with the examination matter. He should take the help of the teachers and parents if needed.
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  • Peace of mind and cheerfulness - If a student is light hearted and cool, he studies with utmost care and steadiness. His performance can be appreciated. Examination fear is also under control. A student should be cheerful and happy.

  • Fear of not getting good marks - This is an important factor which results in fear. A student should think of giving his best performance rather than thinking about marks that he might get.

  • Inadequate study and preparation for examinations - A student experiences examination fear if he has not studied well. He knows he will not be able to attempt the questions nicely. A student should be sincere and honest with himself.

  • Pressure of guardians or parents for scoring high marks - The guardians should not pester the children for scoring good marks, the students become apprehensive about this. It only adds to nervousness and fear. Instead guardians should see that their child is dressed up comfortably. They will help him this way.

  • Excessive examination tensions - This is another cause of fear. Excessive tensions should not be taken. Tensions never help they only waste a students energy which can be used in a better way. Students should try to smile or drink sips of water to keep the tension under control.

  • Fear of failure - Fear of failure indicates that a student is not confident. This fear can be removed by encouraging the student, telling him that he can perform well. Motivation and encouragement are powerful, it can help students.

  • Pressure of competition - These days the children are faced with a sense of competition that makes them scared. Students should be taught to face healthy competition, this will remove the fear inside them and help them get tougher and struggle to achieve life's real
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  • Fear of being teased by others, (peers)- Everyone wants a comfortable life. When a student feels he will be teased, fear enters in him and makes him uncomfortable. The students should learn to absorb sweet and sour experiences of their life with ease. Thus a well groomed personality comes out. Such a personality is successful and makes family members feel proud of him.


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