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Quantum Computing - All you want to know about

Quantum computing will be the next revolution in the information technology. Quantum computer will become a support for super computers in future. This article introduces quantum computing in detail including it's definition, operating style, future. It also discusses the challenges of quantum computing. Read on.

An introduction to Quantum Computing

The development of technology from vacuum tubes and transistors opens the doorway of the decrease in size. The technology which reached at nanotechnology so far will create another revolution in the world of computers. Quantum mechanics, the most valuable theory of physics will play a key role in this revolution. The matters show a specific nature in its atomic level which may consider as unusual in normal conditions. The quantum particles are acts accord to the quantum law of mechanics. Quantum mechanics will be the major supporting factor for the transition towards the smallest super computers from the huge first generation computers. Classical algorithm will transmitted to quantum parallelism by raising the question that whether traditional silicon based micro processor age will going to an end.

Definition of Quantum computer

Quantum computers are those computers which process on the basis of certain specialities atoms and their nucleus. Such computers can calculate in higher speed than oradinary silicon based processors. The idea of quantum computer was first put forward by the brilliant Richard Fainman in the late 1970's. Ordinary computers operate on the basis of bits (0,1),digits of binary system. Digits and alphabets of modem is produced with different arrangement of bits. Bits are operate on the basis of classic physical laws. In short, a switch has only two conditions namely switch on or switch off. Matters also is in that same condition. Sometimes they may exist in somewhere otherwise not. Though the whole situation will change in quantum computers. Quantum computers operates on the basis of qubits otherwise known as quantum bits. It will effectively make use of the speciality known as super position in quantum physics. The condition on which can exist two different levels at the same time. That means it may switch own or switch off at the same time. Matter may exist there or not.

Operation of quantum computers

Quantum bits or qubits can not only exist in two different levels such as 0 to 1 as traditional computer bits but also exist in both levels in contrast to classical bits at the same time. For example we can examine the register of three classical bits. This register represents a number in between 0 to 7 at a time. If the register of quantum bits are in that place it represents the numbers between 0 to 7 at the same time. A processor which is using qubits operates different actions at the same time and also find solutions within seconds by coordinating different operations. This process is known as quantum parallelism. It is because of this quantum parallelism developed countries spend enough money for the research of quantum computers. Home departments and Defence council also have special interests in the development of quantum computing.

Future computer technology

Quantum computers are inevitable for the future world of rapid and rash. Atoms change its energy level in a higher speed than any other super processor exist at present have. Quantum computer depends up on such speed and trust. Quantum computers can easily overcome the difficulties for sending and de-coding secret messages. Every users are aware that internet system was not at all safe at present. Though quantum computers can put an end to the tresspass of hackers. Through quantom computers broad data bases in search within seconds.

Challenges of quantum computing

Quantum computing is at its beginning stages. Academic researches are in progress all over the world. Scientists and technicians hopes that research can be developed into practical level soon without delay. The state of silicon chips at present will be replaced by quantum computer in future as in the replacement of vacuum tubes by transistor. The limitations of current technology are the major break in the production. Quantum computers will make revolutionary changes in internet facilities, de-coding of the messages and also in broad data bases. It may become more useful for high tech institutions which have broad data bases. Though it is assume that quantum computing couldn't make much changes in the field of personal computing.

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