Tips to build self-confidence

This article explains some good tips to build one’s self-confidence. No one is perfect in life. But we can learn to be perfect to some extent by following some basic tips of good living. One must develop one’s personality. Remove the inferiority complex from mind. Try to live in the present in stead of feeling sad about what has happened yesterday and worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. Live with your courage, beliefs and convictions. Always be optimistic and think positively.

Make an image of your personality in your mind.

To feel self-confident, first try to make an image of your personality. Self-confidence cannot be achieved overnight. It requires your persistent efforts and hard work in whatever you do. Always think optimistically that you are a good human being and there are people who will respect and love you. Try to make yourself worthy of that respect and love.

Never suffer of inferiority complex.

Take yourself out of inferiority complex if you have any. If there is anything which makes you feel ashamed of or unworthy of yourself, mark it out and try to get rid of it. Your inferiority complex will make you feel sad and disheartened. Never think that you are lesser than others in anyway. It is only your feeling that makes you think that you are inferior than others in some way or the other. In reality, the other person may not be even as good as you think of him or her,

Live in the present.

Remember the adage from our Rig Veda: "Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." So, don't worry about the past. The past has become a history. If you want to create a happy history, spend your today doing something good to the society. Tomorrow is yet to come and your today only is going to become tomorrow. So doing better today only will lead you to wonderful tomorrow. So, never think of bad, always think of doing something good to make others happy and be happy and self-confident yourself.

Live with your courage, conviction and beliefs.

Always remember that none of us perfect in everything. The path of life is full of turns and turbulences. Learn to tread on this difficult road of life with courage and conviction. Have belief in yourself and always say "I shall overcome" and never say "I can't do it, it is beyond my reach". Hope sustains hope. There are insecurities in everyone's life. But they can be only temporary. You can overcome them with your wisdom and hard work. There is no substitute for hard work.

Recognize your hidden talent and try to bring it out.

Recognise your talents and focus on them to develop more of them in you. If your are not good at studies, you must be good in something else, for example, art, drawing, acting, singing, playing, music etc. and so on. Don't consider your deficiency in one field as your failure when you are good in some other field of life. Take pride in what you are, and try to improve upon your capabilities. Give credit to yourself for whatever the success you have achieved in any field. Always freely express your feelings in speech, in writing or even by playing music if you know. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Try to improve the weak traits in your character to give you more strength and to feel more confident about you. Find out things which others are doing and excelling at, and you also want to learn. Spare no chance to learn and try your hand on those activities. Join forums and clubs to learn from others by sharing your thoughts and successes. You will always find some compatible friends of your nature who will be ever willing to help you in your efforts to become a self-confident person. Accept compliments from others gracefully with a polite thank you and a smile on your face.

Feel satisfied with what you have and be thankful to God.

Always be thankful to God for whatever the God has given to you. Be grateful to God for whatever the good luck He has bestowed on you and the wealth He has given to you. Always feel satisfied with what you have. Desires are endless. Try to control your unnecessary desires. Have an ambition in life and try to fulfil it with your persistent nature of doing work. Keep your goals short and aim one goal first according to the priorities set by you. The principle should be that when you are walking a long distance, never look at the last milestone but look at the next milestone. It will appear to you that your goals are achieved with less effort this way although in reality you have made the same effort. Always be at peace with your mind and never must you feel incomplete or unsatisfied. Your peace of mind will make you feel self-confident.

Always be optimistic

Hope sustains life. Always be optimistic and think that God does everything for the better, even if some misfortune happens in your life. The things will not remain the same all the time. There is a silver lining behind every cloud and there the daybreak after every dark night. Positive thinking only can bring more confidence in your life. Never allow your mind to feel pity on yourself. Let others also not make you feel inferior in any way. They will do so only if you let them. Do not put yourself down even if you have committed something wrong. Try to make amends. Always have a pride in accepting your mistakes gracefully. Believe in God and do the right. You will learn having belief and trust in yourself. Always speak positively about yourself and your successes to others. Never hide your strengths and qualities from others. Reveal these qualities to them through your speech, writing and actions. This will make your thoughts to get reinforces. This will give a lead your ideas to grow in a positive direction.

Live with your principles.

Everyone has some principles of living a good life. Adopt good principles of life like honesty, sincerity, integrity, punctuality, truthfulness, devotion to duty, respect for elders, love for the young ones, helping the old, sick and infirm etc. Stick to your principles even in the adverse of circumstances. It might be tough at times but always try to be the winner. The thought of having followed your principles in life will make you to feel self-confident always.

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Author: Joseph28 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Self confidence is something that make our mind to face any problems bravely and steadily. It is a believe that in ourself which always speak out that 'I can do it'. In this modern technology world there are too many problems that a person need to face day by day in the mid of that it is not easy for simple person to lead life without risk. So in this cases when tough decision came into us we need to think twice and decide whether it is good or not. Our self confidence will help us to decide the correct option. One more thing self confidence means we need to make a decision with complete sense and it doesn't mean that we need to jump into the trouble. It is totally based on the metal ability of a person. A person who practiced to face problems can take a decision at the bad times. So it is very important that we need to practice our mind according to it. We need to understand about the value of our life. With that we can increase our self confidence. Good article with good topic selection. Keep it up.

Author: dolly29 Nov 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

This is very good article on self confidence.Self confidence is vital for getting success in life. Every person in world have some talent but due to lack of self confidence many one of them can not recognise their hidden talent. So we must have self confidence, with self confidence we can face any situation.

Author: Pranita01 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

How do others assess your personality? Upon what do they base their judgement? Surely it is by the impact you make upon them. And that impact is the sum-total of various impressions of your personal identity or individuality. It means the whole person, including their social behavior, his inner awareness of self as a permanent organising force in his life.

Broadly speaking the aspects or facets of your personality which others see and are influenced by them are your voice and your speech, your behaviour, attitudes, experience and achievement. All these facets can be improved and developed only with the help of self confidence. The world is not interested in might-have-been's and have-beens. Keep on passing from one achievement to another.

This article has nicely projected the various tips for self confidence.

Author: K Mohan24 Oct 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is a good article which emphasis the need for maintaining self confidence in us even in the worst times of our life. Face is the index of mind. Never show your face to others in different way that you are sad. The confidence level must be the same as it were in good times. By showing our dull face, we given chance to others to take advantage of the weak situation and thus they try to surpass us. So never be dull or sad during trying times in life and that is why many people have achieved their success in greater degree by keeping themselves cool and sought after.

Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati17 May 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The article is very well written. The headings itself tell more about the content and its important when we talk about positive thinking and attitude to make or build up self confidence. One should always be contented is best heading I found here. Everything will follow it if we remain content with what we have and do not bother about what is not.

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