Working online and earning from home at Indiastudychannel (ISC) - My personal experience with ISC.

Here in this article I have given detail of Indiastudychannel and my unforgettable experience at ISC. I have actually spell out my heart in parts which includes registration at Indiastudychannel(ISC); journey from bronze to gold membership; after joining ISC I won plenty of awards and prizes; my very first payment from ISC; my contribution to the various section of ISC - my addiction to ISC; my future have been decided because of Indiastudychannel; all from my heart to Indiastudychannel.

  • My unforgettable experience at ISC and still it is the best

  • ISC

    I can never forget ISC in my life time because this is the very first sources of income that I have come across which is so genuine and also my life's first payment which I have received is by Indiastudychannel and I still get so happy when I feel that my passion of writing can actually pay me a handsome cash and that also at the comfort of my home. It have been the best experience and it will always be my first choice and to show my respect to ISC I am giving out all my love to ISC in the form of this article; enjoy the passion

    1. Registration at Indiastudychannel (ISC) - First meet with my passion- ISC :

    I still can't forget the moment I came across Indiastudychannel in short ISC and that was like around January 2011. I was search for a genuine online work at home in Google and that was the time I saw the first look of ISC; but as I was new and didn't knew whether it is a genuine site or not; so to check whether ISC is genuine or not I checked for the review and I was not able to find even one review; which said that this site is not genuine; and that moment I decided to register for this site and even did that; but it was my bad luck that I totally forgot about the side as I was preparing for TYBA boards.
    But destiny had kept some great surprises for me and once again I came in front of my passion and that is ISC on November and after that there was no looking back and I simply started contributing here; it was a slow start but read on to know that is really surprising for me also.

    2. Journey from bronze to gold membership - Hi I won member of the week award - 5th to 11th December :

    I had always been hearing that you learn from your mistake; but I experienced it in Indiastudychannel for the first time. As I was not a good writer so editors and even some experienced member help me out with my English and made me realized that you actually can learn from your mistake and I did. And I can write lengthy articles which is kind of perfect and I do get appreciation for it. My journey from bronze to gold membership was very fast and that was within one month. And the best thing that happened to me was when I got recognized by the webmaster and I got "Member of the week award - 5th to 11th December" which was like within 2 weeks I got active here.
    This award made me realize that your contribution do counts and it boosted me with confidence which is still getting higher and higher. After getting this precise award I simply decided that now I have got my job which fit me perfectly as I am a housewife. So after that I began my journey of innumerable awards and gift prizes; do you want to know how many awards I got within two months? Then come and read on further to know the secret of winning so many awards.

    3. After joining ISC I won plenty of awards and prizes within two months :

    You know what; still now also whenever I checkout my awards list; which I do daily, I still get happy and at the same time surprised too. Oh! You don't believe me then simply go this my awards and prize list and believe yourself and even you will be surprised to know that I was one of the lucky getting so many awards. I have got runner up awards in various sections like resources contest; group discussion; spot a change; extra cash bonus. And I have also got special wizard award in expert section of December; and the best thing that I came across is revenue share program which you get from the side itself if you are at top twenty and I was the one to get it.
    And you know what I have also got into the list of winner in two resources contest and this privilege I can share it with my winning sister too. Some of my winning articles are given below

    1. Alternative to flixya- Indiastudychannel website

    2. Shaktimaan- The real Indian hero

    3. Unique Christmas and New Year gift ideas for men of all age

    4. How to prepare for practical exams for SSC and HSC? (physics; chemistry and biology)

    5. Tangled- review of the animation movie(2011)

    And the best feeling I get when I see my list of awards and winning article is that I am a good writer and I would give all the credits to this site were knowledge is everything and surly I will be thankful to ISC for my growth in a very unique way. After I achieved gold membership I got a golden opportunity to open an account in Google ad sense account and Kontera revenue share account; so it is like having multiple earning options only with one source and that is my inspirational site Indiastudychannel (ISC). And here I thing so you can you the best ad line "Take one and get three for free". So now it is the time to actually see my happiest moment in Indiastudychannel and I am sure you will also be able to feel my happiness through my rest of the article also.

    4. My very first payment from ISC - My passion of writing actually pay me :

    I was really very excited to get my very first payment from ISC; and I still remember that I was really not able to sleep on 31st of December only because the payments was going to get announced in the next day that is 1st of January 2012. And now you can imagine how I must have felt to see my name in the payment section on the very first day of the year and that also my life's first payment. And because of this reason Indiastudychannel will always be very special to me and I will be saying all my life; with no doubt. My first payment was of rupees 1300; but for me it was not about the amount of the money I was going to get. It was more about the feeling of getting my first payments because of keeping my passion of writing alive in me through ISC site and also at the very comfort of your home.
    It seems to be little unbelievable; but trust me friends it is for real and I would really suggest you to register at Indiastudychannel and start your journey of passion of writing; unspoken confidence and receiving love and support from the seniors members of ISC; which do make you feel a very special member of this educational family. And trust me I had been the most pampered member of the family and seriously I do love the feeling of getting advice when I am wrong; getting appreciation when I have done something good and the support which I get to keep on working hard and be strong as always.

    5. My contribution to the various section of ISC - my addiction to ISC :

    From the day I start getting active to this site; I really never thought once also to think to take a break from ISC. And that was because it is so much fun to be here totally active and contributing as much as you can. My best time in the whole day is when I share my knowledge with others with the help of so many section provided to us in Indiastudychannel. And if I am not online then I will be writing an interesting article to submit it in the resources section in the next day. So overall I am damn busy in ISC and that never make me tried at all. Actually it make me more active for the other day and I always look forward to see what new will be posted in the forum section for which I can talk about and share my knowledge with others.
    I have being mostly active in many of the sections; but my favorite section are forum; ask expert; polls and resources. My most of the points comes from these sections and for cash credits I will be happy to name resources section that is my passionate writings and all the awards and prizes that I keep on getting almost every week from the seniors and I am very thankful to them to encourage me in a very special way.

    6. My future have been decided because of Indiastudychannel - My dreams became reality of my life :

    I am sure right now you might be thinking that how come a site which is paying you for your article writing skill can actually change your future or at least give a way to new begin? And this is quite very normal for a reader to think like this; but for now what I am going to tell you is actually a very deep dark secret of my life from the moment I knew I wanted to do it; but some or the other way I never got time for it and it just remain as a unspoken dreams; which even I forgot about it after some years. But as it is said that destiny has written everything for you and may be this is the reason I was faced again by my secret unspoken dream. Now it is the time to spell out my secret dreams to you and that is to publish a book by my name. Yes! I feel so proud right now to even say that; and now I can say that proudly because I know I can.
    And thanks to ISC because of which I am able to hold tons and tons of confidence in me and because of the confidence that yes I can actually write article; which are liked by readers have made my dreams into my passion which I am going to fulfill within this coming two years. As I am a housewife, so I gave up all my dreams and before coming across ISC; I was really not aware of my passion and that passion of writing on whichever topic I like. I am glad that I met my passionate guru and that is none other than Indiastudychannel, the educational site itself and the hardworking members of the site which includes Webmasters; editors and each and every member of my special and unique family of this great learning site - Indiastudychannel site.

  • All from my heart to Indiastudychannel - Thank you for being there

  • India study channel

    I think I need to finish my article; otherwise you will also fall in love with my passionate guru; and I am sure you would have already did. I have being one of the luckless one to get to know my passion through ISC and the best thing that I love about ISC is that you can actually write about any damn topic you want to write. It is like spelling out your mind on whichever topic you want to. So tell me where you will be get this much privilege of spelling out each and every drop from your imagination and also getting paid for it. Simply want to thank you for everything that I have got from ISC and I will always nourish it all my life and I will be there with you forever and ever. I hope you were able to feel my ultimate respect for Indiastudychannel that is ISC; and I am sure you must have been because I have simply kept my heart in front of you and spell each and everything I always want to say to you and ISC.

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    Author: Dr Apurva Tamhane24 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    Congratulations veena on writing such a wonderful article on your personal experience with ISC. Thank you for your inspirational words.

    Author: Pravat Kumar Das22 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

    I want to share my experience of ISC journey.
    One of my friend earning money from adsense ( some extra money not his regular income source).
    so I thought to apply through my personal blog ( I write down good content but get rejected 3 times.
    Then one of my friend suggest me to join ISC where I can get double benefits, some cash credit for my resources as well as from same resource I can get adsense benefit.
    I won member of the week award for active participation in forums and resource section.
    That increase my willing to work more and more here.
    After completing all eligibility criteria I got my adsense approval through ISC
    Then again I focus on earning section of ISC.
    I found that resource and ask expert section is the most traffic visitor pages of the site.
    So I concentrate on those section.
    Although with in a year I have not reached at $ 100 USD ( minimum payment threshold) but I have improved in my adsernse earning since last 3 month.
    I learn and earn from same place.
    Also I have seen one of our member because of active participation he got a job as freelancer and with a good package.

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