Earn and learn with IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) without any investment

IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) is one of the fastest growing educational websites in India. ISC offers the best opportunity to those who are seeking for some part time monthly income without making an investment of single penny. I am also an active member of ISC and can proudly say that yes I am earning some monthly income along with the knowledge from ISC. Here below I am describing my whole journey of ISC and I am very much sure that you all will love it.

How I started my journey in IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)?

It was 20th of May 2011 when while I was searching some information regarding my syllabus on internet, I came across this beautiful educational site. Initially, I just gathered my required information from ISC which was given in one of the articles in the resource section and was about to close the tab. But, suddenly my eyes read the beautiful caption of ISC "Learn to earn, earn to learn". It was this eye catching caption which prompted me to explore this site more as I was interseted in some sort of part time online job. In the no matter of time I just joined the ISC as registration process of ISC is as simple as to climb on the tree for a monkey.

Caption of ISC

After becoming a registered member in ISC, I tried to explore the content of the ISC but was totally confused about the working of ISC. I was here to do some home base part time online job but was not sure from where to start and how to start in ISC? Soon, I made a misconception about the ISC that to make money here is a hard nut to crack. So like an annoyed child I decided to quit ISC. My initial journey of the ISC was this much only of about hardly one week.

My re-entry to the IndiaStudyChannel in the month of September

It was the last month of the September when god gave me another chance of joining ISC. As like my previous encounter, this time also I landed on ISC while googling something regarding my syllabus. And as like an annoyed child coming back in the lap of mother, I decided to re-join this wonderful family of ISC. But, this time I decided to focus more on the first and last words (Learn) of the caption of ISC rather than earn. And soon I realised that if you will focus on learning in the ISC then money will definitely come to you automatically.

So, after changing my goals in ISC, I clicked the forget password link of the log in page as I had to know that how to recover my lost password and username in ISC? The process of recovering the lost username and password was very simple. I was asked only to submit my email address through which I had joined the ISC. After submitting the same, I got my username and password in my mailbox. Now, I was also a happy and proud member of ISC who was determined enough to make a strong impact here.

My initial contributions in ISC

I started my journey through the forum section of ISC. Initially, I didn't know what to share and how to respond in the forum section? I remember my very first post in the forum section was deleted as it was totally out of track from education. The very first member which caught my eye in this site was K. Mohan Sir. He was so active in the forum section that I could see his response to mine every thread. The best thing I liked about him was his humble nature and honest expression of thoughts.

To be honest, I had made lots of mistakes in my earlier starting days of the ISC. Here I am giving you the list of mistakes which I made in the earlier days of my journey in ISC. I think every new comer in ISC must read this to learn and rectify those mistakes which a new member makes in ISC.

1. Initially, I thought that I will copy content from here and there in ISC and will make lots of money. But I was totally wrong as editors of ISC are smart enough and they have spy eye on the activity of each member. I learned this because my very first article in the ISC was rejected due to copied content. Soon I realised that I can't make fool of editors and decided to post original content in the ISC.

2. I thought that points are everything in the ISC and due to this reason I posted lots of irrelevant messages in forum section and within a period of 8 days I attained the gold level membership. But, after becoming the gold level member I asked myself that am I deserve to be at gold level? The answer which I got from myself is that if membership is all about points then yes you deserve it but if membership is all about knowledge then you are behind. So after becoming the gold level, I decided not to run behind points but to gather knowledge as much as I can.

3. Initially, ISC for me was limited to forum section only and I was happy to be an active member only here but soon I realised that ISC is a very vast site and had lot to explore. So, I shifted myself little from forum section to other sections also.

4. After becoming the active member, I thought that as soon I will complete the 5 out of 6 conditions in the ISC I will get the AdSense approval. But, here also I forgot that ISC has clearly mentioned that they don't have any role in the approval or disapproval of AdSense account. ISC can provide you the platform only to apply for the same.
From my knowledge of the AdSense now I have learnt that two things which play a crucial role in the approval of AdSense account are that you must be a member of more than six months and you must have enough content in your kitty before applying. So candidate must fulfil these two conditions along with other conditions to get an approved AdSense account through ISC.

My transition from a newbie to a matured member of IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)

After realising my mistakes, I decided to be a more responsible member of the IndiaStudyChannel. I started contributing more responsibly and with more knowledge worthy posts both in forum and resource section. I also tried my hands in the ask experts and jobs section but found myself of no use for those section so decided to stick back to forum and resource sections. My transition and hard work provided me the member of weak award and runner up award for a group discussion.
The real boost up to my performance came when I met Nidhi Gupta madam who is one of the esteemed member and editor of ISC and webmaster of Investmentpaths.com. She always guided me like an elder sister with true affection and care. It was she who introduced me to the wonderful network of other sister sites of ISC and told me the importance of same. At present I am working with three other sister sites of ISC i.e. Himachalspider.com, Investentpaths.com and Sportsvale.com. Now, I can happily say that I have learnt a lot from the ISC along with some pocket money. Till date I consider myself as a member who is more mature than a newbie but still has to travel a long path to be on the train of senior members.

What I have learned and earned from the IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)?

Frankly speaking till now I have travelled a wonderful journey in the ship of ISC along with some superb and intelligent members. I have learned a lot from the ISC and you yourself can assess my improvement by reading my first article and the recent article in the ISC. The difference in the two articles will definitely tell you the story of my learning through the IndiaStudyChannel (ISC).
Till date I have a total of around 60 articles in ISC and its sister sites and can proudly say that with each article my communication skill are improving tremendously. IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) has helped me to improve my knowledge of current affair and general knowledge. Now, even my friends are amazed with my improved G.K. and they all have started me calling ISC.
If I have to assess my progress in the ISC till date then I think that ISC has around 20 sections and I have contributed only in 4-5 sections of it so still there are lot left for me to explore.

My earning summary in the ISC- This is the best thing of ISC that along with learning, every individual has a fair chance of earning some pocket money from it. If I have to disclose my earnings summary through ISC and its sister sites then I will say that till date I am earning with an average of Rs. 700 per month after working on an average of one hour per day. Now, I can expect more boost to my earnings as I have an approved AdSense account. From this front, I want to thank IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) for providing me such a wonderful platform of learning and earning.

My words of advice to every newbie of IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)

Daily thousands of members join IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) but most of them just left the site in the absence of proper understanding of working of ISC. I too have done the same mistake earlier but it was my luck that I landed back to this wonderful educational portal of India. So, here I am giving some important points which must be kept in mind by every newbie so that he can work more efficiently.
1. Patience is the key to success here. If you are planning to earn thousands of rupees just from the beginning month then I must aware you that you are on the wrong train. Earnings from the ISC increase slowly-slowly and once you have approved AdSense account then your earnings can increase many folds if you can draw more traffic to your posts. Don't forget that ISC is not a money machine but it's the education portal of India whose main focus is to provide you knowledge along with some earnings.

2. Posting copied content is the biggest crime here. Most of the members in the greed of earning fast cash try to cheat the editors and post some copied content. But remember that copying just like in exams is considered as biggest crime here and member can have a ban from posting also.

3. Focus on quality instead of quantity. This point must be kept in mind by every newbie. No matter how much you are posting here, the only thing which will provide you the real recognition is the quality content. Posting just for the sake of getting points is of no use.

4. Have a motto in your mind that you have to learn here. I have seen that most of the new members of ISC consider forum section as an arena of fight. There is no point in putting your ego in front of you while participating in any sort of discussion. It will hamper your learning process only. So always try to be as humble as you can in your discussions and focus more on learning.
The time I was completing this article ISC had 504555 with an average registration of 261 new members per day. From this you can imagine that how huge is the ship of ISC and if each member of ISC start working with full responsibility then you can imagine where we all can take our IndiaStudyChannel (ISC).

Summary of my seven month long journey of IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)

The whole experience of ISC has been wonderful till date. At this moment, I would like to congratulate Mr Tony sir for creating and maintaining such a wonderful site. In the last seven months I have seen lots of active members of ISC and have learnt a lot from them. The best thing about the ISC is that it provides a freedom of expression to every member and there is no partiality between the seniors and juniors of ISC. Till now I have made lots of friends here and the best part is that all are of different age groups. The one more thing which I like about ISC is that you are recognised and respected from your knowledge and not from your age.

So in the last, I would like to thank IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) for bringing such a great transformation in me and providing me such a wonderful opportunity of earning online by working only one-two hours daily. I promise to be an active member of this wonderful family as long as my life goes.

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