Which are the Popular Indoor plants

In this article, I would like to share the information regarding the most popular Indoor plants. Now days we people are living in most congested and tidy houses at where we have not particular space for growing plants. This article will furnish the information about the popular Indoor plants, which can be grown up in our homes.


Green plants the nature presented gifts for humankind. The main duty of plants is to clean the polluted air and supply oxygen to hum beings. A plant gives relief and shows home attract fully. Many of us always thinks to having little garden in front of our houses. However, it is an impossible wish for majority of people. As we all are living in concrete jungles, we even have not any pace to sit in front of our houses then how come there is place for planting trees. Therefore, people are showing interest to grow plants that are suitable for growing in the shade of home itself .Here below I would like to present the details of most populous Indoor plants.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen Plant lives in all kinds of situations. It is the most commonly appeared Indore plant in all houses. This plant has very big and attract-full leaves. Various types are available in this plant. It lives without any problem even with less sunshine.

Are-ca Palm

Are-ca Palm plant also called as Golden cane palm and butterfly palm. It grows easily in any kind of environment. NASA studies have revealed that this plant removes poisonous gases like Xylene and Toluene from air. It is easy to grow this plant. It discharges humidity along with oxygen and helps to keep the home cool.

Money plant
Money palnt the most favorable indoor plant, which grows easily even without any clay. Growing Money plant in offices is advisable because it removes the formaldehyde, which releases into the air at cigarette smoking places.

Chinese Money plant

Chinese Money plant grows beautifully with rounded leaves, which look like silver coating. There is no much sunshine is needed. However, in summer water we have to water r the plant regularly.

Snake plant

Snake plant contains sharpened leaves called as Mother –in-law tongue. Same as the tongue of mother-in-law, the leaves of this plant are also shares enough. Germans called it as Saint George-sword. People grow this plant in the part of the bedroom decoration. It differs from other plants as it releases carbon dioxide at during daytime and supplies oxygen at nighttime. Snake plant absorbs poisonous gases such as Nitrogen dioxide and Formaldehyde. There is no need of watering it daily. Sunshine is also not necessary for this plant. So it is called as the best Indoor plant.


Homalomena plant called as Emerald Gem, it also contains the leaves in the shape of heart. This plant has not the problem of germs. It controls even the availability of excessive water and without any water. It is easy to grow this plant as it grows in shade only.

Boston fern

Boston fern plant makes the Living room to look beautiful. We have to clean the dried branches and have to water the plant whenever necessary. It bears the lack of water compares to other fern species.
We can even grow this planting garden but only in shade areas.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm plant can be growing both in home and outside. At the end of stem of this plant, means at the upside of the plant leaves appears in bushy towards downwards which makes the plant attract full. This plant grows slowly. Much car needed in home growing plants compared to outside growing plants. Water, Sunshine, Clay and Urea has to apply according to the need.


By taking consideration into the above-mentioned points regarding the care of growing Indoor plants everyone can make their home greenly.

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