How To Develop And Improve Your Personality?

In this Article, I am going to explain about how one can improve his/her personality. It's an art to attract people with your personality and impress them, but the important is to make such personality. If you want people to listen what you speak carefully, you need to work hard for such charming personality. Everybody can make his/her personality attractive by following some simple mannerisms' and charm people which are mentioned below.

In order to develop and improve your personality, try these:-

1. Be a good listener.
2. Listening to what others is a work of patience. A good speaker is the one who listens and understand other's opinion and then talks.
3. Speaking too much, telling how great you are, making pranks, all of these makes you a fool in front of others, hence think first, talk later.
4. Try to be yourself. Behave in front of world as you are from inside, like that you won't be a fake in front of others.
5. Don't push your opinions on others unnecessarily, give your opinion only when someone ask for it.
6. Identify good and bad qualities of your personality, increase the good ones' and reduce the bad ones'.
7. Be responsibile for your mistakes, don't blame it on others. Try to rectify your problems honestly. Do not repeat the mistake again.
8. Before you go to sleep, remember the behaviour of today and try to be better.
9. Last but not the least, define your own virtues, and follow them honesty.

In addition to above, to improve your personality you can even try to update your qualities to improve yourself:-

It's a common misinterpretation that once you learn something, or if you gain knowledge of something, that it will last or you will know that for lifetime. In reality, to improve your qualities you must look after them, you must update them. To update them, follow these tips:-
1. Always have a will to learn:-There is no bound of age to learn something. You can start learning something new at any age. You just need to have a will to learn something new.
2. Learn from Experiences:-There is no specifics from which you can learn, learning is a vast concept, you can learn from anyone, anything. You must learn from day to day experiences, the knowledge you learn is much more better than bookish knowledge.
3. Do not hesitate to ask questions:-Many a times, what people will think about you?, just because of this you hesitate to ask about what is important to you. Which may prove dangerous to you further. Hence do not hesitate to ask questions to GURU.
4. Keep a habit of reading and writing:-To keep your brain working read newspapers, books etc. regularly. As well as whatever seemed important to you while reading, write it down on a paper or a notebook, because of which you will be able to use the information in future.

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Author: Reena Upadhya30 Sep 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The tips provided by the author in this article helps an individual to improve personality. It is in our hands to shape our personality the way we want. All we have to do is keep working on ourselves and try to bring changes. One step at a time can also bring dramatic improvement.

Here are a few more tips that can bring improvement in our personality-
- Always wear a smile as it can create magic within and also around. We smile and the world smiles with us. When we greet others with a smile, it gives them a feeling of warmth which automatically attracts them. Also, it helps us look beautiful.
- Be ready to help others. No one likes a selfish nature. Thus, kindness is not just a trait but an important characteristic of a good personality. Step in and help people who need a helping hand.
- Enjoy life to the fullest. Personality development is not a serious job. Thus, one has to do all those activities which bring fun in life. Socialize, develop hobbies, laugh and make others laugh.
- Personality development is not just the development of important characteristics. It is overall development. Thus, one has to also take care of physical as well as mental health. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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