How To Apply For Student VISA For Canada?

Canada offers one of the best education for students and so many Indian students want to study in Canada. This makes application procedure for student visa to Canada very important. This article tries to give detailed information on apply for student visa to Canada, where to apply for Canadian visa, and thus acts as step by step guide to student visa for Canada.

Canada is among the most developed countries in the world. Canada is one of the favourite destination for Indian tourists and Indian students for touring in Canada as well as studying in Canada can be a wonderful experience. Canada is equally well endowed with natural resources and industrial development both. Canada has to offer a plethora of educational courses to every student. One of the basic requirements for studying in Canada is getting a study-permit.

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What are pre-requisites for visa for studying in Canada?

  • Admission in Canadian institute: First and foremost thing before you apply for study permit in Canada you need to be admitted in recognized school/ college or university in Canada. You can choose the institute, whose tuition fee fit in your budget, has good reviews, rent for accommodation available around the institute and most importantly offers your choice of course. Once, you choose such institute apply online for it and apply for visa only after your admission is confirmed.

  • Health insurance: Health insurance which covers an individual adequately is must in Canada. But, government of Canada itself does not look after insuring for your health and rules and regulations vary according to province. So, it's better to check with your institute of study about the health insurance norms present in the region.

What is the eligibility for applying for visa to study in Canada?

There are few conditions which you need to satisfy before you can apply for visa to study in Canada:

  • You must have a clear criminal record and should not be convicted in any criminal case in your past. Of course, you need to submit a police certificate to prove your innocence! Canada is a peace loving country and does not want to jeopardize the law and order in the nation.

  • You must have valid documents confirming your admission in the school/college or university of Canada.

  • You must be able to provide strong proof for adequate financial support for your education fees, accommodation and living expenses.

  • Canadians believe in 'prevention is better than cure' and hence you must be able to prove that you have been immunized for different kinds of diseases from time to time. Also, you must be ready to undergo a medical test if required.

  • One of the most important step is to be able to prove the immigration officer that you do not intend to over-stay your visa permit and return back after your purpose of visit has been fulfilled.

How to apply for study visa to Canada?

The step by step guide for application to study permit in Canada can be summarised as follows:

  • Download and print application forms: Application for study permit requires you to fill quite a few number of forms. You even need to acquire a temporary resident visa in addition to study permit. Generally, you are required to fill and self-sign following forms:
    1. Application for study permit made outside of Canada.

    2. Application form for temporary resident visa.

    3. Family information form.

    4. Custodian Declaration form.
    Canada student application pack contains a package of all the listed forms above.

  • Gather required documents. Collect all the required documents to support your application. Being strong in your paper-work eases the path of securing study permit.

  • Find visa application submission centre near you home city.

  • Submit the visa application form and supporting documents.

  • Pay the correct visa processing fees:
  • Fees once paid will not be returned even in case of rejection of visa application.
  • Student visa application Interview: Visa issuing authorities want to see a confident individual before them, so just be honest before them and never boast about preparing to settle in Canada for a long duration. Collect your passport with Canadian visa and student permit few days after a successful interview.

What are the documents required for study permit and temporary visit to Canada?

A well prepared application should accompany following documents:

  1. Photographs: Photographs are required to exactly comply with specifications of Immigration officials. You need to have multiple copies of colour photographs clicked not more than 6 months ago. Each photograph must be at least 35mm by 45mm in size. No digital enhancement of photographs is allowed.

  2. Copy of letter of acceptance: You need to submit a standard letter of acceptance from the school or college you have been admitted to, as a proof.

  3. Valid Passport: An Indian passport, valid for at least 6 months after you finish your course, is a must document.

  4. Proof of financial support: You are required to submit (a)proof of fees you are supposed to pay at the applied institute,(b)a self-signed letter from the person funding your education or accommodation,(c)details of scholarship if you have claimed one,(d)bank statement of your sponsor,(e)salary and IT returns details of your sponsor and (f)details of education loan if availed.

(Ensure that all application forms and documents are properly dated and signed.)

Where to apply for student visa to Canada (in India)?

There has been significant surge in application for student visas to Canada from Indian students. Also, Canada is emerging as a beautiful natural tourist destination. This has prompted the officials to set up Canadian visa application centres in 9 major Indian cities.

How to face Canada student visa interview?

  • Firstly, remind yourselves that 'Honesty is the best policy' and be honest in answering all your questions. However, few questions about settling in Canada after studies need to be seen in little different light!

  • Be ready to answer about any question related to your economic support. Officials are interested in verifying whether you have enough financial resources to support your education as well as living expenses in Canada. Study thoroughly about the fee structure of the admitted institute and know details about scholarship or fee waiver (if any) being offered to you.

  • You must be able to express your genuine interest in the course and university you have applied for. Difference between the same course if offered in India. In short, you must sound eager to pursue the course you have been admitted to.

  • You might also be questioned about your past, college/ school you attended. If your background is illustrious do not feel shy to mention it.

  • All in all, optimistic attitude and self-confidence should take you through this interview.

Hope this article benefits the needy student. If you want to consider another option for studying oversees, Australia can be the best among it. My other article covers application procedure for student visa to Australia. Read our study abroad guide for Australia.

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