Renewable Energy Resources

There are two types of energy resources in the world, that are renewable as well as non renewable resources. Through this article I have listed some of the renewable resources for producing electricity.

In earth there are two types of energy resources, they are renewable energy resources and non renewable energy resources. The renewable energy resources can be renewed even after our use or it will be available even after our use. In case of non renewable resource it will not produce again after our use. That is even when we use without limit the nonrenewable resource; our next generation may not get this kind of energy. So it is better to use renewable resource for our purpose than depend on nonrenewable resources. The uncontrolled use of non renewable resources may lead to extinction of it.
Some of the non renewable resources are listed below:

Solar energy

Solar energy is the type of energy which will obtain from the light of the sun. The light of the sun we get every day, it will not extinct even after our use. From the age of ancestors we have used the solar energy in various methods. Today we use solar energy panel for the collection of solar energy. From the ancestor age the plants and trees accepts the energy from sun to the process of photosynthesis and this will we use as the fossil fuels in the modern world. There are two method of making electricity from solar energy. The first one is make concentration of light on a point using the large lens or mirrors and use the heat get through this process to build electricity. The second one is make an arrangement of so many solar panels and make electricity through this process. The Mojave Desert in California is the largest current production plant using solar energy that is up to 354 mega watts.

Wind power energy

The wind is another type of resources of in the category nonrenewable energy resources. The electricity is made by the wind power by using so many wind turbines, and use the power of rotation of the wind turbines and this is connected to the generator. 2.5% of the total electricity produced in the world is produced by the use of wind power energy. The places where the wind obtains the large amount choose for placing the wind turbines. The Roscoe wind farm situated in America is the largest wind power station in the world. And there is produced electricity up to 752 mega watts.

Wave power energy

The wind that travels along the surface of the sea is the cause of the waves in the sea. When they use the energy from the wind and flows to the forward path obtains large amount of energy power. The movement due to the power of the waves is flows through the pipes with strong power. Due to the power of water or air and thus turbines are rotated. By this generators are activated and thus create the electricity. This also another method of electricity produces using renewable energy resources.

Hydro electricity energy

Hydro electricity is generated by the renewable resource that is water. Here we use the power of water. The electricity produced using hydro electricity power is known hydro electricity. Here we use the gravitational force that is due to the falling or flowing water and thus to rotate the turbines to make the electricity through the hydro power. The water is reach to turbine through the pen stock pipe. From the generator the electricity is distributed to the various places through the metal lines. The Three Gorges Dam situated in China is the largest hydro electricity power plant in the world. This will produce the electricity up to 22500 mega watts.

Geo thermal energy

Geo thermal energy is the other resources that under the category renewable resources. In the inside of the earth are fulfilled with the heat. In geothermal energy the water is to make steam using this heat present inside the earth. The power of steam is used to rotate the turbine and thus to activate the generator. Here through the pipes water is send to the inside of the earth and after make the water as stem using the heat inside the earth and this will bring back to the earth and for rotating the turbines.

Tidal power

Tidal power is another type of energy resources under the category renewable resources. Here we use the power of tidal to produce electricity. The cause of tidal is the placing of sun and moon according to the place of the earth through this water in the surface of sea rise. It is the one of the best method to produce electricity from non renewable resources. But the cost and production rate are large and also the scarcity of appropriated place, we are unable to use this feature. The turbine rotates when the rise and falls of the tidal. So that electricity produced by both rise and fall of the tidal. The Sihwa Lake tidal power plant in South Korea is the largest power plant using the tidal power.

Bio mass

Bio mass is another type of resource under the category renewable resources. Here we use biological material from living or recently living organisms. Bio mass can be used as a direct energy sources, or it can be converted into bio fuel.


Renewable and nonrenewable energy resources are two types of energy resources. Non renewable energy sources will extinct after our use, but the renewable energy sources will not extinct. So make a control of non renewable resources and thus make available this resource for the future generation.

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Author: Swati Sharma20 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

It is a positive sign that the use of renewable energy has increased significantly in recent years. Many of these sources were already in use even before petroleum was found. The most widely used energy source in the world today is fossil fuels. However, since renewable energy species can be obtained directly from natural sources, these energy sources are inexhaustible. Solar energy and wind energy in particular are among the most endless sources of energy.

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