How Education Related To The Development Of Our Country

The education has a great important in our country. India was contributed ‘Gurukul’ system to the world. Education is an important factor for the overall development of a country. There are various prestigious institutions in our country for providing quality education. The talented and skilled brains should be utilized in our country itself. Certain problems are existing in our educational system. Education is always a strong power for the development and growth of our country.

Contribution of India to Education

India is large country with large human population. This high population of our country is not a problem; we can make use of our good talents for the development of our country. This can be achieved through education and hard work. One of the main issues in Indian society is education. Education is the most valuable wealth in the life of each person in the society. The education has a greater important in the present world. Every person in our society likes to get some respect from others. This respect will get to a person who is educated and has good social qualities. Every parent likes to provide good education to their child. There are so many educational institutions in our society, most of them provide good quality of education in all manner. The important thing is the performance of a student in academics in school or college.

India was also contributed to education by providing 'Gurukul' system that represents the strong relationship between the teacher and student. This system was always known for its high values. The other educational system doesn't have a culture of 'Gurukul' education that was originated in India. From the moment a baby is born, all interested people around that child start looking for his education and related things. This is the importance of education in our country. Our traditional education system reflects imparting of knowledge, values and various skills on a more personal level. The teachers of our country have always been accorded the highest degree of respect. We Indians have been taught to call the teacher, "guru". He guides us, show us the path. Guru is a wider concept of what is only for education and for the production of a conference. This tradition makes India stand out from other parts of system. The education system in India has a long way in development.

Education and its impact on the development of our country.

The education impacts on human development and economic growth. The education sustains the human values which contribute to everyone. Education is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that helps the growth and development of our country as well as the future course of the country's people. The increasing population in our country can bring lots of development in the coming years. This is because; the younger generation of our country is a source of knowledge. It is necessary for removing poverty from our country completely. The researches have shown that the life expectancy rises by as much as 2 years for every 1 per cent increase in literacy. The kothary commission says that,
"No nation can leave its security only to the police and the army, to a large extent national security depends upon the educa¬tion of citizens, their knowledge of affairs, their character and sense of discipline and their ability to participate effectively in security measure.''

Education in India brings a skilled and successful batch of youth, but in a regrettable number. Indian education system now follows a tougher and quality level education when compared to many developed countries. This shows that our country has a capacity to produce talented younger professionals for the needs of our country. There are many standard educational institutions are present in our country like. IIT, IIM, NIT etc. These colleges have ability to produce talented personalities for our country. Moreover there are many professional colleges have been started in last five years in India. These private and gov.t colleges have a great role in building up the economic and social wealth of our country. The development in educational field of our country for the last twenty years is outstanding. The main problem of our country is, our country fails to mushroom the brains. The Indian engineers have a great demand in the developed countries. The intelligent brains from many colleges are drained out of India. Some people feel job facilities are good in foreign countries. These countries pay very high amount of salary to talented younger minds. The government of India should try to change this tendency. We should prevent this brain drain and try to use the ideas to our country itself. This will help the country to become number one nation in the world.

Social Education In India.

There are various problems in the educational system in India. In India we are following a system where academics always remain a preference. This sometimes frustrates the students. India has a major hub of education since the starting of human civilization. We should improve the educational system in our country in a better way. We can make use of the knowledge for the better development of our country. Swami Vivekananda once remarked about the social education:
"So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor, who having been educated at their expense, pays not the heed to them. Our great natural sin is the neglect of the masses and that is the cause of our downfall. No amount of politics would be of any avail until the mas¬ses are well educated, well fed and well cared for."

From these words we can understand that the development of our country is allied to education. It's very important to sharpen the sensibility of people in our nation. We must educate all people of our society such that we can build up a strong nation. The important of education is endless in our society. Education is the strongest power which can use to develop our nation. The education is helpful for us to use our potential to maximum extend and also help us for creating an identity in the society.


Author: Swati Sharma16 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Development of society and a country can be possible only with education. Education plays an important role in the personal development of a person. The development of any country depends on its level of education. If we can educate today's children, build their character and make them valuable, the nation will surely stand to benefit.

Author: K Mohan22 Oct 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Surely, education can play a stellar role in the development of our country. India has been fortunate enough to have a more youth population who are yearning to have a good education and thereafter a good job. Education in the private sector has been expanding vertically and new opportunities are given to the candidates to choose and that would help the youth to obtain the best jobs in the industry. One thing is sure that the youth has the heavy responsibility of taking the country to new horizons.

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