Motivation And Its Nature

Motivation can be used in both positive and the negative aspect which depends upon the nature of the human being. The optimistic will use in the positive approach and the pessimistic will use in the negative approach. So, it will depend upon the character of each individual.


Motivation is very important for each and every one in this world. Motivation is also important in all aspects with respect to the organization. Many authors have written a lot about motivation and its importance in this world. Motivation is the concept which has to be understood by everyone and why it is very important for all of us.

Nature of motivation

The following are the different nature of motivation
  • Motivation depends upon character
  • Individual unaware of their motivation
  • Change in motivation
  • Differently expressed motivation
  • Motivation is difficult

    Motivation depends upon character

    Motivation depends upon individual with respect to their character and nature. Everyone will have different goals and will be motivated in different aspects to reach their goal. Let us take this by an example. Let us consider an organization has given a job of selling the organization's product to three sales persons. Depending upon their character, the motivation differs with each other. If we enquire with the first sales person about his job, he will reply that he is working for his salary. This depends upon his character that just for salary, he is working in that organization. Then the second person will say that he was motivated by the product and willing to sell that product in the market. This motivation is directed toward the aspiration of that product. The final sales person will be motivated by the job. He may have a desire to work as a sales person and his motivation is related to the job satisfaction. So, this is just an example to describe that each and every one is motivated in different ways to get their goal achieved.

    Individual unaware of their motivation

    This is totally different from the first concept. In this concept, the individual's are unaware of their motivation. These kinds of people will have their life in a routine manner without any inspiration or goal. They will just spend the day as they like and mainly concentrate only for shelter, food and cloth, the basic essentials of the life. Other than this, they won't be motivated by any other aspect. Simply they will spend the life by going to the job, earning some amount and spend that amount accordingly to their needs (Basic needs, Safety needs and social needs). This they won't be able to estimate their motivation factor which will make their goal to be achieved.

    Change in motivation

    In this nature of motivation concept, the motivation changes as and when the goal has been targeted. For example, let us consider a person is joining in a well established and renowned organization as a contractor (temporary employee). Now his motivation is to get a permanent role in that organization. So, he work hard and try to prove his ability that he is worth to be a permanent employee of that organization. After seeing his hard work, the organization makes him as a permanent employee. So, now his motivation to become a permanent employee has been fulfilled. Again his motivation changes to another aspect of getting the career growth in his job profile like from employee to supervisor, manger, senior manager and so on. So, the motivation changes accordingly to the situation as and when the goal has been achieved. This will be mainly insisted with the short term goal which can be achieved over a short period of time.

    Differently expressed motivation

    This concept also depends upon the ability of the person. So, it differs with person to person. A person with optimistic character will express his motivation in a positive manner and have a strong belief that he can able to achieve his goal in an optimistic way. But this is not with the case of the pessimistic character. They will always find the negative shade and try to convince them that they cannot able to achieve the goal and if at all they achieve the goal, they have to struggle a lot to get that done. So, this mainly depends upon how the person looks the situation which has been set aside before him.

    Motivation is difficult

    It is difficult to predict the character of the individuals and their motivations. We can't able to predict how the human will behave for a particular motivational change. Suppose in an organization if the policy of working late hours has been changed and restricted that the work should not continue more than 7 PM in the evening. This policy change will be accepted by the women employee but this will have the major impact with the men employee. Because, male employee will continue their work till 9 PM and will have the benefit of the overtime charges. Sudden change in the policy will have the impact in their overtime claims and also affect them financially. So, it is difficult to motivate all with the same motivational aspects.

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