Artificial Satellites: Its Various Types And Functions

We all know that when the movements on earth and space have to be tracked upon or the information of weather has to be forecasted, all of these important works depend on the satellites. For all these purposes, the necessary equipments are fitted but the most vital factor above all is the launching of the satellite on the exact required distance from earth into space. Let’s know regarding the wonder world of these artificial satellites through this dissertation.

The satellites are launched for numerous multiple purposes such as to discover the wealth hidden below earth or beneath the mountain bottom. We are dependent on satellites for sending messages to the ships sailing on the deep sea waters. Whether the advance information regarding the seas typhoon is to be elicited round or the transmitting the mobile signals is to be accomplished, all these vital functions are carried out through the artificial satellites.

We all know all the aerial masses rotating around the sun are known as planets and all the masses rotating around these stars are known as satellites. Moon is the satellite of our earth. Every star/planet has some satellites of its own. These satellites, due to their force at their epicentre revolve in a fixed circular orbit. You shall be surprised to know that the speed of these satellites depends upon their height in respect of the planets in stead of their weights. The satellite would be having as much of its revolving time as much its distance from its planets would be.

The moon is situated at a distance of 3 lacks 84 thousand km away from earth completes its rotation in 29 days. Whereas, an artificial satellite located near the earth completes about 10 to 20 rotations in one day. Not only this, if the spent up energy in launching these satellite is set aside, it can service us for years together without fuel.

What is an artificial satellite?

If we send a mass at some kilometre of distance from earth to skyward, and lend unto it a horizontal momentum of 8 km per second, this mass will begin revolving round the earth's orbit in a fixed circular path. Such mass is called a satellite.

Why the satellite move at a certain height?

The satellites keep falling down towards the nucleus of earth but due to its curvature, remain parched up at its original place rotating around its fixed orbital path where it was sent up. The force of the earth's epicentre has a vital role to play in tying it up.

Types of artificial satellites on the basis of its usability

  1. Communication satellites:Radio, television and other signals are sent in the midst of different centres on earth located at thousands of km through the artificial communication satellites. The communication satellites complete rotation in 24 hours along with the earth. Thus the communication satellites from any certain given place from the earth part remain active to connect any signal with the radio or the television.
  2. Scientific satellite: From the scientific satellites, sun energy, the changes obtaining in the ozone layer during the sun set, the atmospherics around Mars,Venus and Jupiter are known. Its other most popular functions are in television, Radio, weather, global positioning system, phone and internet services etc. The satellite technology is also used in military for coordinating communications and accurate mapping through the pictures provided by these satellites.
  3. Weather satellites:
    Terrestrial satellites are used o study the atmospheric conditions. Parched at the extreme heights fro the earth, these weather satellites are capable to collect data regarding the weather across clouds and beyond it. These satellites furnish advance information of weather and save the humankind from calamities caused fro erratic weather.
    We can know the weather of any place any time of anywhere within the globe from the weather satellite. The weather satellites are used by the meteorologist to gather information regarding a number of things such as radiation measurement fro the surface of the earth. The fishermen know the temperature of the sea from the data provided by the weather satellite which is vital for fishing. Satellites monitor snow during winters, ice field's movements in the Antarctica, depth of ocean, warns of volcanic eruptions, etc. Weather satellites are of two types-geostationary orbit and polar orbit.
  4. Remote sensing satellites:
    This type of satellite can measure, observe and photograph massive land areas from space monitoring animal movement, pointing miner deposits below earth's surface, keeping a watch over the agricultural crops or the forests from being damaged and oceanic study.
  5. Mary Sat:
    Mary Sat performs the task of guiding directions to the sailors in a sea charting courses into the deep sea waters through the radio messages by keeping them well connected with their HQ.
  6. Names of some other satellites:
    The names of some other satellites are space exploration satellites, search and rescue satellites, atmospheric studies satellite, astronomy satellite, navigational satellite, reconnaissance satellite, remote sensing satellite and space exploration satellite.

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