Signature- Its Importance And Protection From Frauds

Signature is ones identity; we use it on almost all of our legal and correspondence documents. It is most important to take care of it from forgery. A person can become the victim of signature forgery. In this article, I have discussed the important of our signature and some measures to protect our signature from fraudulent activities, and get victimized. Also prevent the problem of mismatch of our own signature? This article refers the importance of signature and its protection from fraud.


This article refers about the importance of signature in our life, as it is our prime identity. We sign on various legal as well as correspondence documents and some other documents for performing some formalities. But Signing carelessly can harm us. One can easily become the victim of some deceivers or fraud persons, by their fraudulent activities. Once a person start trusting on any person blindly, he/she can easily get victimized by that person, whom we trust blindly, not only by that person but also by other criminals or fraudsters. Therefore it is better to take prevention than cure.


Every person has many responsibilities concerning to his/her personal as well as official field, we get involved in many legal activities for which we sign many documents as a proof or evidence. Even in our personal life we perform many activities in which we sign on various documents.
As we say that "if you believe in god, you must have to believe in evil too", if there are good persons around you, there may be bad persons too. Some time it gets hard to judge the person about their good or bad character, and you don't know when you get become the victim of those fraudsters.

Some Uses of the Signature

We write our signature on various documents related to the following fields, to provide our identity and to prove our ownership as well as to have an evidence or proof for future reference.

Banks- In the baking field we always give our identity by signing and other relevant documents and photos, but the most important one is our signature, which must be secured and confidential in order to prevent frauds. Some of the most frequent activities are signing cheques, and issuing payments/transfers to third party.

Property- Most of us have the ownership of properties, while buying or transferring the property we sign on its legal documents, deeds, and on other formalities. We must have to ensure some security measures while signing any documents.

Official documents- In our official life we usually sign many documents related to orders, acceptance, deeds, duties and responsibilities related to our office work or job.

Academics- At the time of admission or examination and other official formality of institutions we sign on many forms and documents from the starting day of admission to the last day of withdrawal of enrolment or pass-out. Even at the time of collecting our results, degrees, and convocations etc.

Documents related to our duties and responsibilities- In our life we all have some duties and responsibilities for our concerned relatives, parents, parties, clients, and other persons whom we deal, and get in contacted with each other. And at time of dealing we usually sign some documents.

And other formal and informal documents including correspondence documents- In spite of all of the above things we also sign many documents, papers and perform various activities for which we asked to write our signature.

Some of the measures to prevent signature forgery or frauds

  • Do not write your signature slowly : If a person writes his/her signature very slowly s/he might become the victim of some fraudulent activities by fraudsters. Once these cheaters get your signature through any source they can easily make copy of your signature by practicing some time, after getting idea of your writing or by watching you while you write your signature.

  • Do not write only first name or/in a very simple manner as your signature : Some of the less educated or rural people sign their signature in a very simple manner, they only write their first name (eg. Ramprasad Sharma – he writes only Ramprasad in a very simple manner, or in hindi).

  • Try to bring complexity in your signature: Many of us give our signature without any complexity in signature, we usually sign documents simply without taking care of its consequences if the documents misplaced or theft. In order to prevent some frauds up to an extent, try to include long strokes in your signature.

  • Become a skilled in writing your own signature: Your perfection will reflect more in safety of your signature, as much as you will become a skilled in writing your signature, it will be as much as difficult to copy that, and will be a hard task for cheaters.

  • More than one signature : If possible try to have more than one signature, one is for legal purpose and rest is for other purposes. Because if we use only one signature at everywhere, there will be more chances available to cheaters or fraudsters to get you signature easily.

  • Dispose unused/unnecessary papers : Properly disposal of unused or wrong filled documents on which you have signed is also helpful in order to prevent frauds, it is observed that in banks or other places when we fill a slip and sign it, later we find any mistake or errors, what we do is just leave that slip or put that in open dustbin, but it is wrong, until unless you are not ensured about the security and safety of that missed document of paper, which filled wrongly, we all must have to cut the signature and all other confidential details properly and then tear paper and put that into dustbin.

  • avoid unnecessary upload of signature on Internet : Try to avoid unnecessarily upload of signature image on the internet; give only at secured and confidential site/source. It can be misused by cyber fraudsters.
  • Use of pen: Always try to use only the same type of pen (either ball pen or gel pen) of same brand, it will help you to prevent the mismatch and to copy that by some expert trick.

Mismatch of your own signature

  1. If you get nervous while signing any documents, your signature might mismatch from your existing given signature to the source (Banks, courts, and other legal and formal authorities)

  2. Using different type of pen for signing any document, can give you trouble in the form of mismatching of your own signature. It's Because of the ink used in pen, and pressure of pen. Pressure of the pen differs in ball pen and gel pen.

  3. Proper place and body language while signing any document is also considered for mismatching of your signature. If you sign any document in a standee manner, it can be differ from the signature which you sign in seated manner. Similarly if you sign any document paper on the table, it may differ when you sign any document on other places like walls, and on any other surface which is not smooth and comfortable for writing.

  4. Speed of writing for signature: if your trend for writing your signature is slow, than there are chances of mismatching of your signature when you sign any document in hurry or speedy manner.

  5. Lack of concentration and some other reasons too can raise the problem of mismatch of your signature.

Conclusion/Advise :

If you get trapped or became the victim of signature forgery fraud, immediately contact/approach to the concerning authority, with all the relevant documents (having original and Xerox copies both) including your photographs, who know which document can be asked for the purpose of getting into the detailed enquiry. Also carry your past records of transactions and deals.


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