Tourism: A Tour To Maharashtra- Replete With Natural Beauty Spots

Famous as the economic capital of the Indian nation through the world over, Mumbai is also known as the magical city of filmdom. If you have to see every variety of gloss and glitter, visiting Mumbai would become quite imperative for you. The romance of this metro is certain to bind you in great magical spells. This article travels through the beauty spots worth viewing in Maharashtra.

Sea shores and the panoramic environs of terrains mingled together with the places of religious importance is the name of the state of Maharashtra. Wide and beautiful roads, every mode of conveyance of transport, a superb law and order system, the Maharashtra state area wise is the largest third state of India reigning supreme the hearts of the crores of Indian owing to its affluent culture and diverse life styles. Scattering in around 308,000 sq km sq foot of area, while on its southern flank spreads the Arabian seas; Daman to its north welcomes the tourists expanding its wide arms. Whereas to its north-west side is Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh while the borders of Karnataka surround this state from its south-western sides.

When the Marathi and Gujarati populated areas were divided in 1960, Maharashtra was born with Mumbai as its capital.

The magic of the Malshej ghat

Situated at a distance of 150 km away from the din and bustle of Mumbai life is the hilly area of Malshej which is popular for its natural beauty and amiability. The chief attraction of this place is the white and orange coloured flamingos which cross over from across far off countries and lodge themselves here. Perhaps due to this very reason, the number of guards is increased here during the month of November.

The tourists throng here from June to September and from November to February. The resort built in the midst of dense forests by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation lends the tourists the fullest of opportunity to be face to face with the natural beauty of this spot.

You can take the joy of the changing season here in a mere day. Malshej is not only the tourist's of attraction but the film shoots are also carried out here.

Harishchandra Garh

Due mainly to its attractive length during the Maratha rule, the Harishchandra Garh Fort was considered to be the largest fort of Deccan area. This fort of the height of 4671 feet has been built with the huge boulders of rocks. You could watch the beauty of this fort from The Malshej Valley and Konkan. The tourists are filled with thrills who come to see this fort for the first time round. The fort has been constructed in such a way that anyone standing at its top can take the joy of the natural beauty of this picturesque beauteous place.

Bhandardara-an area filled with happiness

Near the Sahyadri Mountain, Bhandardara has the entire speciality that a tourist place of importance must have. Sky kissing mountains, the flowing streams down the mountains, the river flowing, and the greenery spreading all around welcome the tourists invitingly spreading its arms. This place is at a distance of 185 km from Mumbai.

There are several spots worth viewable for the tourists from the 'Mayawi Wilson' to the Arthur Valley. There is an old saying which goes like this that in the Bhandardara Ghati, that the Saint Agastya had remained in hard meditation for almost a year without water and air upon which God had blessed him with transforming into the river Ganges.

Watching the 'Kalsubai peak' is quite a different experience unto itself. This peak is the highest among all the peaks of Maharashtra. It takes almost 3 hours to climb up to this 3000 high peak. It was from this very peak that the Marathas had defeated the army of its enemy.

Those who love mounting can reach the Ratnagarh fort within 2 hours. You can reach the gates of the fort through the ladder present there. Just 12 km away from the Bhandardara is located the 'Randha falls which the most favourite place of tourists where people throng in great number. For the tourists going over to Bhandardara, there is the guest house built by the MTDC along the edges of the valley for the stay of the tourists from where the beautiful scene of the valley could fully be enjoyed with the feels of the cool wind wafting all round. The joy of the beaty of Bhandardara could be gotten from the month of June to March.

Ganpatipule beach

A small city situated at the Kokan sea shores is known for being the birth place of the great freedom fighter Lomanya Gangadhat Tilak. The vast expanse of sea shore and the beautiful surrounding all around it lures tourists in great number. Mangarh is the birth place of the Marathi poet Keshavsut while the Burmese ruler was jailed in the Thebo Place Jail. There is the ashram of Swami Swarupanand while the beauty of the Taega For is worth watching. If you are a mango lover, don’t forget eating Alfonso Mango in Ratnagiri.

The story runs like this that in the 16nth century, a villager living in Ganpatipule after being fed up with the fights and quarrels of the village went into the jungle o Kerda and established the idol of Ganpati in the jungle and made a temple there. Even after 400 years since, the tourists and devotees throng this place in huge number.

As for that, the temperature is very hot here but the regular rainfall is also not less pleasant here. The temperature of this place reaches to 38 degree Celsius in the month of March while the joy of monsoon could well be enjoyed in the month of September. The season here is the most pleasant during the winters and the temperature slides down deep below down.

In the entire Konkan area, the festival of ‘Geri Ganpati’ and ‘Chaturthi’ are celebrated with great pomp and gusto. Besides, festive mood pervades during the ‘Padva’, Holi and Deepawali also. When you go visiting this place, do not forget carrying loose fitting clothes and if you are planning t visit the place during the winters, do not forget carrying along warm clothes.

Janjira Murud beach

Sometime famous as the capital of Janjira, Murud today is known for its natural beauty and olden forts where big trees of coconut and paan (betel leaf) are worth noticing. There is a very huge idol og God ‘Dattatreya’ unto which head is merged the heads of Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Surrounded by all its four sides by the seas, the Murud Jamjira Fort is said to have been invincible despite several attempts of attack by the English and the Portuguese army stretching for a period of 350 years long. The fort of Nawab and the JAnjira cave are worth seeing. At some from here is situated two beautiful sea beaches- Nnd Gaon and Kashid. Nnd Gon is known for its Ganpati Mandir.

The magic of ‘Panhala’

The ‘Panhala Mountain is situated At a distance of 20 km from Kolhapur. Situated at the height of 3177 metres above the sea level, this mountain has various specialities. The main attraction in the midst of green dancing crops to far and wide areas all around and the beautiful surroundings is the ‘Panhala Fort’. This fort is the greatest insignia of the times of Maharaj Shiva Ji. Besides the beauty of ‘Radhanagari Vihar’ and ’the Jyotiba Mountain’ is worth watching. Tourists throng this place from October to My months round.

There are three doors to enter the ‘Panhala Fort’. These three gates are the main tourist’s attraction. Besides the ‘Sajja Kothi’ too is worth watching. The temple of destroyer of enemies of ‘Mata ‘Amba Bai’ is also worth viewable. You can pay your reverence in ‘Panhala’ in the temples of ‘Sambha ji mandir’, ‘Someshwar Kund’, and ‘Nayakini’ Sajja’.

Vengurla Malvan- nature’s beauty in abundance here

In the south of Maharashtra, is present the ‘Vengurla coastal area’, you can watch the trees of coconut, cashew nut, kathal (jack fruit), and mangoes. Here the ‘Sateri Mndir’ and the ‘Rameshwar Mandir’ are worth watching. In the direction of southern- northern flanks of ‘Vengurla’, there is the massive Vengurla Rock’ present due to which the name of this beach has given the Barnut Island. The rocky areas of ‘Sindhu Durg’ and ‘Padmagarh’ are also worth watching. There are underground tunnel built for reaching these both areas. This place is also famous for the potteries made up of China clay and for food also.

This place is for those people who welcome risk of any kind. The number of hotels here are very fewer and far between. The environs of this place could be enjoyed by sitting around the bonfire.


This coastal area is filled with wide roads and dense forests which is rich in natural sceneries and surroundings. Kashid beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach of the Konkani belt. There are dense terrains on the one side of this coast while on its other side lie huge rocks. This place attracts tourist on droves for its whitish sand, blue rivers, Green Mountain and fields full of green crops.

Conclusion: You can get the reservation for any place in Maharashtra from here:-
MTDC Central Reservation Division, Opp. LIC Building, Madame Camma Road, Mumbai-400020, phone-22026713, 2202776222024627

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