Why The Relationships Changes During The ‘Holi Festivity’?

After all what is the exaltation in the colours of holi that changes the names of relationships on its arrival every year round? There is no two opinions regarding this fact that the festival of holi enhances the degree of friendship and love but there is no doubt in it too that in the impulse of holi, the dignity of relationships and definitions also get a deep drubbing. This article explains how and why this change takes place during the holiday eve.

Tulika pouring down her fullest of endearment and innuendo advanced towards Ankush, son of her maternal uncle saying,
"Bhaiya, I have to apply colours on you". Completing this sentence, Tulika pitched colour and gulal on the face of Ankush spreading her full hands all the time round bending on Ankush. Ankush too, on his turn, spread gulal on the cheecks of Tulika. No sooner had Ankush finished dabbing gul on Tulika, tulika pounced upon Ankush like a jungalee applying colours on the face and hands and God knows wheren't all playing holi with Ankush all the while blabbering, "I willn't now spare you".

As for saying, she was calling Ankush Bhaiyabut everyone around were watching Tulika was not behaving like a sister. The wife of Ankush was at a loss to see the activities of Tulika that how Tulika was giving vents to her hidden carnal desires in the name of playing holi.

There is no doubt the festival of holi increase the feeling of love and friendshipbut people often forget their limits of the relationships they have with the persons during the holi times or we might say the definition of relationship takes a back seat. It doesn't matter that the colours of holi of Delhi, shigmo of Goa, dhulandi of Haryana and the hola mahalla of Punjab are the one and same but the heart and mind of the peoples celebrating it get multi faceted and multi coloured. The relationships also become multi coloured like their multicoloured currents of emotions and feeling flowing in the insides of them within. Under such a scenario, when Tulika begins expressing her emotions of love to Ankush then it would certainly be called the effect of the holi festivity mood. There are several parts where it could be said thatthat the definition of holi during its times changes. But why does so happens?This is a point to ponder!

Effects of colours during the holi festival

The different colours could be ascribed with the different joys of life. This is not a mere word meaning but is very true that the feelings of mind change with the effects of colours. Only the black and white colours cannot bring joys to the life although these colours are indicative of light and darkness. But other colours create several different feelings to mind for example the red colours bring to fore the grace and style of a persona while the yellow colour exhibits the saintly nature. Similarly every colour brings about every shades of the human nature. And when all the colours mingle together then a mixed emotion pervades the mind. This is the reason during the Holi festivity; the true hidden colours of the person's dormant feelings come up on to the surface. This is the effects of the colours that the colours influence on peoples.

Effects of fun, frolicking and joviality

When the humans get some opportunity in the midst of the drudgery and the vexations of this hard life, everyone wants to steam off, relax and feel the joy of life by living the moments for even a very fleeting manner. The air of fun and merrymaking under such a situation is bound to hang.

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