The Hand Of God - How God Helps Us In His Own Unique Ways

'God works in mysterious ways' - Nothing is more true than this saying. Here is a real life account of an incident that happenned with me which made me believe that God indeed works in mysterious ways.

A strange thing happened last Thursday. I was feeling very down and low the whole day. I was stuck in a job that I didn't like and I couldn't quit as I needed the money. There were personal problems too which left me completely bogged down. On my way home from work that late evening, I suddenly remembered that it was Thursday. There was this temple, not too far from home, that I frequently went for prayers every Thursday. Due to long working hours, my visits to the temple had gradually decreased. But, amazingly, today I found myself walking on the road to the temple. Maybe it had something to do with the state of mind I was in.

There was an eclipse that day, so not many people were there at the temple. Anyway, after offering my prayers and circling the deity three times ( as we Hindus usually do ) I sat down for some time. A few minutes later, a pujari came by and asked all of us sitting to go back near the main entrance and sit there since they were to close and cordon off that particular area. So I went back and sat there. After some time, someone pats on my back. When I turned and looked back, I saw a small boy around 2-3 years of age smiling back at me. He had the most beautiful face, the most angelic face, soothing eyes and the most easy smile in the world. I didn't know who he was. I don't know why he came to me. He started talking to me like he knew me. But I was sure I didn't know this child.

I looked around for his mother who I thought should be nearby. But I didn't find anyone. By this time, the boy had comfortably settled beside me and was talking to me animatedly. Even I started talking to him. His name was Saurabh, he said. He had so much to ask, so much to say. I just kept looking at him, listening to him. After some time, he asked me if he could sit on my lap. ( He spoke Marathi ). I said yes and he immediately got onto my lap. He was so happy and he seemed so attached to me. Then suddenly, he turned around and looked at me and asked (in Marathi), "Aunty, why are you sad?". I was zapped ! I just stared at Saurabh, then quickly collected myself and replied that I wasn't sad. I said I was very happy that he sat on me and talked to me. He was satisfied with the answer. I didn't know what was happening and why this was happening. How could a 3-year old talk so deep and that too with a complete stranger?

When it was time for me to go, I told him I had to leave now. He got so dejected and depressed, he could have cried had it not been for his mother who had arrived by then. He insisted to his mom that even they leave. So Saurabh and I left the temple together. He held my hand tightly, he just didn't want to let go. His mother walked behind us just as surprised as I was. We went to the place where we had kept our footwear. Even there, he was not ready to let go of my hand. He insisted that I put his shoes for him. I did and then we all walked out of the temple. While walking, I complimented his mother on her son's very friendly nature. However, she said Saurabh had never displayed such friendliness or attachment for any stranger till date. He never ever spoke to new acquaintances and that she herself was surprised beyond words as to why was he so attached/attracted to me.

On the road where we had to part ways, he was so heartbroken and sad that I was leaving, he started to cry. Seeing him cry, I didn't have the heart to let him go. I wanted him to come with me. I carried him up, planted a kiss on his cheek and promised him that we would meet tomorrow. This somehow made him happy. I asked him to go with his mom as I had to go to my mom too. He agreed and said I should come to his place the next day. I agreed too. I put him down and watched him walk away with his mother. I stood there on the road for a long time and everytime Saurabh turned back to wave at me, I waved back. Until I could no longer see him.

Saurabh didn't know what he had given me that day. He talked to me when I was feeling so low. He helped me feel good again in his own special way, even if it was for some time. That day he was God to me. Since I met Saurabh in a temple, I'd always like to believe that it was God himself trying to tell me that don't worry, everything will be okay. Even if it sounds weird, I'd like to believe it.

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