Best Ways To Make Your Hobby As Your Career

This article deals with different aspects of your life while choosing a hobby. In this post you will get definition of hobby; how to select a good hobby; hobby relationship with age; different factors affecting hobbies; my personal hobby and full explanation why I selected that particular field of interest as my hobby.

What is called a Hobby?

A Hobby is nothing but an activity in which we are having lots of interest and wants to keep that work continuously till it will make you succeed in your life. Everyone is having different interest on which they wants to make their career, sometimes selected hobbies are just a one time fun activity but they plays no role in making you career. So if you wanted to make a hobby of yours then you will have to think first how this hobby change your entire life.

How to select a good hobby?

Hobbies are of different types like Good hobbies or Bad. To know which one is good or bad you need to ask your elders or friends on which you are having faith. If you wanted to make something your hobby then you should select that hobby on the points listed below.
  1. Deep Interest: If you wants to focus only in one thing or in a particular hobby then you should be having a deep interest in that selected hobby. If you wanted to become an actor then you should give your hardwork as well as your diligence towards that selected Bollywood industry. Everyone is having different interests on which they wants to make their career and they choose their hobbies in such a way so that their entire life get privilege and they will achieve heights in their career.

  2. Passion: If you are Passionate about a particular field then you should make that field as your hobby. If you love to read new technology books then you can get benefit from it by launching a small coaching classes based on the latest trends in technology. You can also utilize this technical knowledge in any type of interview you will face in your whole life.

  3. Job Oriented Hobby : Hobby should be selected in such a way that it will help you to achieve your main objective of getting a job. If you are in school and wants to become a Doctor then you can select biology and make it your passion so that this hobby will surely help you in reading big books of M.B.B.S Doctors. If we take a very trending example about Sachin Tendulkar, he started his career at the age of 15. His Father Ramesh Tendulkar motivated him for cricket by looking his deep interest in that field and now we know about Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. So Job oriented hobby helps to achieve our.

  4. Self satisfaction: Self satisfaction should be there after selecting a particular field of interest. If you selected your interest with your hobby then it should not be changeable means if you are having a hobby about writing article and after a month you changed it to playing cricket. Your hobby should be able to satisfied your expectations so it should be rigid.

  5. Parental expectations: You should select your hobby after consulting it to your parents as they provide you their experience of life. You should not select your hobby alone otherwise you can't even judge your selected hobby is leading or misleading. So always share your thoughts and hobbies with your family members.

How hobby gradually changes with the age

Age plays an very interesting role in selecting a hobby. According to me hobby is something like the changing factor of time. At the age of 5-6, a small kid always love to draw pictures of dogs, candles and sceneries means at the age of 5-6 children hobbies are only drawing and coloring pictures. Children love to color pages and they enjoy making airplanes, water boats and other creative items from papers. I was also having the same habit of making airplanes when I was around 14. I also uploaded some of my hobby work in YouTube.

After few years these coloring pictures hobby starts changing to playing cricket, football or even basketball which is a very crazy sport in European countries. So hobby keeps on changing with the time.

After achieving the age of maturity means 19-20 years old guy can make a rigid hobby which can guide his career. So hobbies only become stable at the age of maturity.

Different factors affects the hobby

  1. Influence: If you selected a hobby of becoming a singer and you met with a guy who told you that you are really dazing, you can easy become an actor and get fame among different actors. Due to that small conversation you start thinking to change you career. That guy diverted you mind and your mind becomes unstable. To stop this conflicting ideas keep focusing on your main objective with rigid hobby.

  2. Family Background: Family plays an important role in your life. Suppose you selected your painting hobby as your profession. But due to poor family background you selected 9am to 5 pm job and left your painting hobby. This gradually happened in a rural families and that's the reason why responsibilities overcome your hobbies.

  3. Unstable career: If you selected something which will make your life unstable in long run. It will be better to leave that hobby as soon as you can. If your selected hobby is singing and you won't get much appreciation from the friends so it will be better to change this singing hobby to your interest.

My Hobby My Passion
My Hobby is to become an owner of my personal website similar to TFG (ThoughtsFromGeeks). I started my online career in 2011 July from the website owned by Mr. Tony John. I started using that website for earning a part time income to support my family. From my personal experience I can say ISC provides the best platform for making an online business for the beginners.

After 2-3 months later my Google Adsense account also approved by the Google and I started earning some bucks on daily basis. After earning some decent amount of money from Adsense I started thinking am I able to make a popular website. In the initial stage I was not aware of making a website but I started researching on Google. After 1 month of research I came to a conclusion that making a website includes two things.
1. Domain name (
2. Webhost ( For online data storage of my content)

The minimum cost of .com was Rs 500/- and hosting plans were really too high for me at that time. I postponed that plan for 1 month. I read somewhere about, where I can use it as a free hosting plan then without wasting a single fraction of second I registered on Blogger provides me best tools and very attractive gadget collection to make my blog similar to a website.

I started making articles for my blog, but after writing unique articles I was not getting traffic so I left the work for over 3 weeks. Then I started reading articles under various spider sites, and in the ThoughtsFromGeeks I read about the progress of that site without the help of the existing websites like ISC and other popular sites. I wondered how websites designed by Tony sir always starts getting good traffic within few months. I also read an interview of website owner, I am not be able to remember the name of that popular website, but it was the most popular website in India.

I thought the owner of spider technology i.e. Mr. Tony John is also a very popular personality with over 100+ websites. So I decided to take the interview of Tony John (Owner of spider technology). I sent him a friend request from Gtalk and make him agreed for the interview. I raised some question which can also help me in my online career and he explained me everything with an ease. I told him to give some golden motivating lines for struggling bloggers or webmasters. After getting a tremendous interview I post it in my blog with a snap of Mr. Tony.

He told me that there is no shortcut for getting success online but there is only one rule which can make you king of the online world i.e. never give-up and keep on trying, success will surely follow you.

Again I started making good contents for my website with good SEO skills. After writing few more articles I got my first organic visitor from the keywords “ Navy SSR sample paper” from Google and now after writing over 17 quality article I am able to get 100 visitors per day. This is just the starting now writing for my blog is my passion and make it touch the heights is my dream.

Now my passion changed to my hobby i.e. writing articles on trending topics to make my blog on top of other blogs.

My hobby apart from making my first successful website

I belong to a middle class family and they not even know the power of online business. I tried many times to convince them to do that but all time failed. Now I am also trying to get enrolled in Bank for better comfortable life. Now I am taking coaching from the very famous institute of my city to get successfully enrolled in the bank.

Now my hobby changed to my parents dream but I am not be able to leave my blog. I used to update my blog in the night times and one day I will surely make it a website and that it will be very famous.

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