Hobbies : An Essential part of Life

This article is about hobbies. This article includes definition, create an hobby, various popular hobbies and strange hobbies. One must have his own unique hobby. Hobbies are something which give you from anger or sadness and they also keep you busy.


Hobbies are something which can get you relief from all kind of mental tensions in which even medicines fails. Many of us make some new year resolutions like to write a diary entry and after sometimes it becomes an Hobby. This happens with most of us but how many of us continue to make it as our Habit. Generally these hobbies are good until and unless it does not effect someone else. There are many hobbies which which give you and others pleasure but in some rare cases your hobbies might be dangerous to others. In this article I am going to tell you everything about hobbies. Remember that hobbies are essential part of someone life. You must read "How to develop an Hobby?" section. Strange hobbies is must read part of my Article.

What is an Hobby ?

According to English dictionary Hobby means leisure-time activity pursued for pleasure. It originated from the name Robin. The hobby means something which can get you out of bad temper, something which can make you smile, something which can keep you busy, something which can make your day and something which is helpful to you. You can add as many something as you like after you develop an hobby. I do have an hobby which was recently developed i.e to browse ISC.

About my Hobby-

I have many hobbies. Some were developed in childhood and some were developed in Teenage. The hobby which I have been practicing since last 3 Years is to Find ways to Earn money? I was successful sometimes while in other times I was scammed. It was really inspiring to read autobiographies of Successful Earners of online Business. Even though my family members insisted me to study but I took nearly 2-3 hours daily for this purpose. This is when a practice becomes Hobby. You must too have the same enthusiasm as me to develop of hobby. Also I really like to write articles in free time.

Different kinds of Hobby ?

Infinite activities can be hobbies. Every small activity like eating a chocolate everyday can be considered as Hobby. An hobby is a activity which you perform daily/weekly. The following is the list of most common Hobbies-

1.) Writing a diary entry or article.
2.) Planting or Gardening everyday.
3.) Helping a poor or needy.
4.) Going for shopping.
5.) Saving money.
6.) Learning something new.
7.) Browsing internet.
8.) Having green vegetables as part of food we eat.
9.) Going to a Jym or doing morning exercise.
10.) Praying to God.
and Many More.

How to develop a new hobby?

Hobby is something which is not self-imposed but it comes from within oneself. It might be somewhat difficult and boring when you start. It might sound boring to do similar activity again and again. But you start enjoying it once it becomes an habit. Remember one thing that never create an hobby which disturbs/harms anybody. Also keep in mind that always choose a hobby which suits you best, don't try to take it as an challenge which you must complete.

Steps to follow while making a new hobby-

1.) Take one day off from everything meaning everything.

2.) From morning itself you start doing every sort of activity which you like to do it (this is for people who are confused among different activities).

3.) Make a time-table of all the activities. Now make a table and mark first column as "Hobby name", second column as "Time Taken to Complete" and third most important column is "How much I enjoyed it" and Most important column is "Is it Helpful".

4.) Now fill the complete table with the true data. Don't write false details as it is going to be your loss.

Analysis of table or What make as an Hobby-

5.) Select an activity which fits in everything i.e it is enjoyable, it takes less time, anyone will not be affected by it and is helpful to you.

How to make it a Habit/Hobby-

6.) After you choose just try to do the activity in a fixed time interval and on a fixed time of day. Be it be your playtime, free time, or your sleeping time.

7.) If it feels boring just try to relax for some days and then resume.

8.) If you feel comfortable then you have developed a new Hobby. If not than go back to the 5th step and choose a different activity.

Some Strange Hobbies -

You might be amazed that some people had/have so strange hobbies that you might fright or laugh. Some of the hobbies are listed below -

1.) Appearing in the background on TV.

2.) Tattooing vehicles.

3.) Playing dead.

4.) Searching for dry stones inside river.

5.) Also an ancient women had developed an habit to drink blood of Women to become beautiful.

Now, I feel that you might have developed some idea about hobbies. Remember to follow all the steps with full enthusiasm as this is going to help you in future.
Wishing Best of Luck for your Hobby!

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Author: Rajani (Raji)19 Mar 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Good article, but too short. Point out things are easy to understand. Good

Author: Veena Sharma20 Mar 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Your article on hobby is really very good and I was literally surprised to see some of the strange hobbies that you have mentioned in the ending. But also I am impressed by all the points on how to develop a hobby.

Keep on writing like this and seriously good research on the topic.

Author: Reena Upadhya26 Sep 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Every person should have a hobby as it not only keeps us busy but brings joy to our lives. It adds some meaning to our lives by enriching it. Whenever we are having some time out and have nothing to do, we can utilize that time in learning a new skill for enriching our lives. There are lots of reasons for us to develop at least one hobby.

Here are some of its benefits-
- Hobbies help us relax and thus keep away stress and depression. We take our mind off from everyday tension and busy ourselves in improving our newfound interest.
- Hobbies do not keep our life dull. Our personality becomes interesting. When we spend more time in developing our skill, we sharpen our talent. We can also share our talent with others and help them learn.
- It boosts our confidence and encourages us to set goals and accomplish them by putting in our best efforts.
- It enhances knowledge. When we spend time learning new skills, we acquire new knowledge. Thus, hobby enriches our skills and knowledge.

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