Start Swimming – A Hobby With Amazing Health Benefits

In this article I have described all the amazing benefits of swimming. So make swimming your hobby and get into pool to enjoy lifelong health benefits. This article also helps you in starting your hobby of swimming and some important tips on swimming.

Swimming – The best hobby to have

Swimming is considered as the perfect hobby to have because of its innumerable benefits physically as well as mentally. The most important benefit of swimming is that it is almost completely injury free. Because we are immersed in water, our body weight is drastically reduced and the impact on the bone joints and knee joints is very minimal compared to other land exercises. As a result, swimming provides an alternative to all the heavy duty exercises which make you feel tired and exhausted. Also, any person having minor injuries can enjoy swimming. Also age is no factor for swimming. Any person of any age can enjoy swimming as swimming will not indulge you in a heavy duty work out. Instead, it offers a calm and enjoyable exercise which can be enjoyed and carried out by a child as well as an old man. Swimming as a hobby has many benefits and I have discussed these benefits in the subsequent paragraphs. But the most important factor before starting swimming is that you must stick to it and never stop your hobby of swimming. If you do not make your hobby a habit, it will just become some activity you started and ended without getting to reap the benefits.

Swimming offers best cardio vascular exercise without much effort

A simple physics rule states that when your body is submerged in water, it becomes lighter. In fact, as much as 90% of your weight is reduced and that is the reason why you float in water. This is called buoyancy. The reason I am mentioning this is that when you are in water, you need not indulge in heavy work out. Even a simple exercise like bending and touching your feet inside water is equivalent to a cardio vascular exercise of running 10 steps. So whatever little exercise one performs in water is almost 9 times more effective that the same exercise done on land.

More importantly, you will not feel the tiredness or exhaustiveness that you might feel on land. Swimming gives you the perfect mix of fun and exercise. All those suffering from cardio vascular diseases like heart problems, diabetes and joint pains suffer them because of being overweight or improper lifestyle. Swimming offers the perfect alternative of heavy exercise recommended for all such people. The reason being- in water, your joints and muscles are not under heavy stress making your heart beat normally. Even while performing swimming, your entire body is under physical exercise but the effect is not very severe on the body – especially your heart. So, if you overweight, old or suffering from any heart problems and are not willing to indulge in gymnasium or other exercises, get up and start swimming. All your health problems will reduce and you will start feeling energetic and lively!

Swimming improves muscle strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility

Having fun while exercising is another name for swimming. And while having fun, if your muscles are going to become strong, your stamina is going to increase, your endurance and flexibility are going to improve considerably, what more can one expect? When we swim, we propel our entire body against water. When we run or jog, we are resisiting air. But water being 10 times more dense than air, we are using a resistive force while swimming ten times more than what we do while running or jogging. The result is that our muscles gain strength with every stroke of swimming. Our muscles not only become strong, but also develop a tone and become flexible. Similarly, our joints and bones become much more flexible with renewed strength in the bones. This improved flexibility will help reduce all the long term bone and joint related pains which normally one suffers by sitting at home or at office for long hours. Since while swimming, one stretches his entire body, the whole body becomes much more flexible and strong. Another important physical benefits of swimming is improved endurance or stamina. As our breathing is under control while swimming, we are forced to propel to extend our physical limits while swimming. Naturally, our stamina and endurance improves with daily routine of swimming. Even if one adds just one lap every day to his routine, his stamina increases considerably after a few months of regular swimming. You will no longer start huffing and puffing when you run a few rounds or climb up a few stairs and you will remain fit and healthy if you start swimming as your hobby.

Swimming regulates your breathing improving your immune system

The most important factor about swimming is your breathing gets regularised. You are forced to inhale and exhale in a pattern as one cannot breathe under water. This breathing pattern slowly helps you achieve extended benefits. Some of these benefits are keeping your heart healthy, keeping you energised, removing your fatigue, keeping all the minor health issues aside and improving your immune system. Thus, if you adopt swimming as a hobby, you will no longer be worried about catching a cold here and there, or some infection which will make you unwell and sick. The breathing control helps provide sufficient oxygen to your brain pumping new energy into your body and it will make you much more active in your daily activities. All the medidation techniques which are directed at breathing are performed by a simple lap of swimming where you have to inhale and exhale oxygen based on a regular pattern. Hence, all the benefits of the meditative techniques are extended to swimming because we follow the same principle in swimming. If your breathing is constant, you can live longer than many people. This is a proven fact by research.

How to start swimming as a hobby?

After understanding all the benefits of swimming, you would have definitely made up your mind to start swimming. But, many questions might come to your mind. The most common would be 'I cannot swim, Im afraid of water, how can I start?' Do not worry if you can swim or not. Get help of a trainer and just go for it. Nobody learnt swimming when they came in this world. Slowly over time, everyone learns to swim. Do not let your age, fear or any other factor stop you from starting this hobby of swimming. Just go for it and be persistent. Once you start swimming, do not stop till you master swimming. Make it a habit and you will see wonders within a few months. You will start feeling much more lively, active and energetic. Swimming will help you immensely and you will live a lot longer than many if you adopt this healthy hobby of swimming.


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There is no iota of doubt that swimming is the best exercise and those who are having free time daily can go for this wonderful exercise as it offers good health upkeep and also gives exercise for our cordio vascular movements. And those who practice the swimming has learned the many secrecy of life. Good swimming postures and techniques would certainly increase our muscle stamina because during the swimming the whole body reacts with the water and thus we feel the lightness of body while mobile inside the water. Many of us who know the swimming also built up the body stamina which is very much important for us to maintain a good health and the stamina would make us improve the immunity also. And those who have the fear of cold water, would not mind it in future if the swimming was done regularly. We also learn the endurance and flexibility in real life, thanks to the good efforts being made through various swimming exercises under the watchful eyes of the experienced persons.

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