What Is Time Management? How It Can Be Managed For Better Life

Time management can be considered as a skill. Making a perfect decision on a right time will elevate you to the most successful guy. We spent very less time in a productive work or proper planning. Major part of our time goes on wasting either in gossiping or by doing useless work.

Time management is one of the most important key factors for one's success. By wisely utilizing the time we can achieve a lot more within a short span of time. We might have noticed that highly qualified men may have very least time management as compared to an illiterate men. So, qualification is not the criteria for time management. It all depends on how you are sincere and active towards your own job. Thirst and high aspiration definitely have a graph of elevation in one's life. Failure occurs only because of not utilizing the available time in a productive manner. Everyone live according to his thought. So, one who think higher and positive will lead a life of higher level and on the contrary one who think of low will lead a life of lower level.

Short term and long term goal for best time management.

First list all your goal and divide those goals into two groups one is long term goal and other one is short term goal. For short term goal you won't get enough time to reach the goal. The short term goal may include purchasing of household articles, arranging pooja celebration in the nearest temple, you can also add the day to day activities etc. The long term goal includes increasing your qualification in anticipation of your promotion, building house or purchasing flat, car, arranging marriage of your children, getting admission of your children in a reputed school, etc. Which needs lot of money and time to achieve the long term goal. Every goal should be time bound and try to achieve the goal within the specified time. All per-requisite should be taken care before achieving the goal. Planning is most essential and if one goal is achieved then try for the next one and so on. This type of positive attitude and time bound action will definitely fetch your goal nearer and easier. All goals should be attained under priority basis for example without increasing your qualification you cannot try for getting promotion. So, here in this example increasing qualification is the first priority than trying to get the promotion.

Time bound action for better time management

All your action and goals should be time bound. For a particular goal a time should be specified which is to be acquired within the particular time period. Dedication and aspiration to getting stuck with the target is very much needed in the time management. Here I would suggest the slogan of Vivekananda 'Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached'. This means that we should not stop till we reach the particular goal in life.

Reviewing the annual achievement :

At the end of the year one should review the whole process and assess what are the goals fulfilled and what are left unattained. If the achievement is less then find out the reason for which the particular goal was not fulfilled. Take all those unattained goals to the next year and try to fulfill the goals in priority basis. Time management has become one of the most important factor for achieving desired goals in a particular time period. Before going to bed just think of all the next day duties due to be undertaken. Just plan all possible way to accomplish the next day task effectively. By doing so your importance in your office will definitely increase to many folds. You can feel the change within a very short period. Your boss will have a faith on you and he or she will be glad to give you additional responsibility.

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