How to choose a hobby that suits your personality?

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on how to choose a hobby that suits your personality. You will also get details about the hobby ideas for kids, hobby ideas for teens, hobby ideas for men, hobby ideas for women, hobby ideas for the retired ones. Moreover, this article also explains how certain hobbies like the hobby for remote control toys, bird watching, writing for blogs/sites, playing chess etc could help one to enhance one's knowledge and creativity.

So you are a starter, aren't you?

So here you are to find out how to choose a hobby naturally that suits your personality! To find a suitable hobby for yourself, first you need to understand what a hobby means. Literally, hobby can defined as an interesting and engaging activity that you do in your leisure to gain some ultimate pleasure. Moreover, it even prevents you from getting bore and makes it sure that you use the best possible use of your leisure time. To begin with, you need to ask yourself the question regarding which hobby to choose so that it gives you an immense pleasure in your free available time. This is crucial because you would not like to burden yourself by choosing a hobby in which you do not find any interest. Hence, you need to analyze, understand your interest and finally choose one which appeals to you and suits your interest. Who knows, that the hobby you choose today might be your passion and profession tomorrow. In this world, where work is more than worship blessed are the ones who have a profession which is also a part of their hobby. Now, let us take our first step towards finding a positive hobby for yourself. You need to consider some crucial points which might help you to choose a positive hobby for yourself.

Take the help of your seniors

First, you need to take a look around yourself to find some seniors who would help you to choose an ideal hobby for yourself. Your seniors include your father, mother, grand pa, grand ma, uncle , aunt, etc. They are the right person to help you out in this. When you will discuss with them you will find they also had a hobby once in their lifetime. You will be even glad to find out that some of them continuing with their hobby. But those who had left it in the long past could help you by donating their collections to you. What more you want now? They have provided you a great platform, boost and enthusiasm to start with. Now it's your turn to give it a go.

Your hobby should not be an expensive one

Secondly, while choosing a suitable hobby for yourself you need to make it sure that your hobby should not be an expensive one. To tell you the truth, an ideal hobby should be one which suits your pocket and you could maintain it in the long run. Hobbies like collecting stamps and coins, painting, reading, scrap book making, volunteering for local organizations etc does not cost you much, do they? They just add to your creativity and passion and brushes out your inner talent.

Choose a hobby that suits you

Next, you need to choose a hobby that suits your taste and personality. There are numerous real life instances where a hobby chosen by someone became his/ her profession and a means of livelihood in the later life. For instance, your hobby of painting, playing games like cricket could be your profession tomorrow. You just need to take the bold decision of choosing the right one for yourself according to your mood, taste and flair.

Choose a hobby that fits your leisure time

You need to choose a hobby according to the time you could spend on it regularly. If you choose a hobby that demands too much time from your side and you fail to do so then the result could be a devastating one. Hence, consider about the time you could devote to it without hampering the other activities of your regular life. You need to keep certain things in mind like after devoting a certain amount of time to your family members, friends and on other activities how much time you finally left with. An ideal hobby should be one which meets your time deadline.

Choose an ideal place for your hobby

If you are going to choose an indoor hobby, make sure to find a suitable place for your hobby. Here, you can keep the raw materials, items, tools required for your hobby safely. Besides, it will also help you to be at your own comfort where you can concentrate, think, innovate and research independently.

Hobby ideas for different age groups

By now, I think you have understood what a hobby is and what are the things to keep in mind while choosing a suitable hobby for yourself. Since these things are crystal clear to you, I will move one step ahead and explain you how hobbies differ among different age groups and genders. It will definitely help you to choose one according to your age and gender. Hobbies are very much related with one's mental aspects, thoughts and ideas. A hobby that may seem very attractive to a child, might not suit a teenager. While a hobby of a teenager might not seem as appealing to a middle aged man, woman or a retired person etc. I am not going to make things complicated for you here for sure. Hence, I am coming up with some invigorating hobby ideas for kids, teenagers, men, women and the retired which will help you to pick out the most ideal one for yourself.

Hobby ideas for kids

Hobbies of the young minds should be as such which would help in the growth and expansion of their minds. Besides, it should also help to build their creativity and bring in an enthusiasm among them to carry on with it in their future lives. Therefore, some of the hobbies which a youngster should take up or should be encouraged by the elders to take are as given below. An ideal hobby for a kid should be one which would help them to enhance their creativity and enjoy it to the full at the same time.

Story books collection

Kids love to be in a land of fantasy and dreams. Their innocent minds are the warehouses of different kinds of ideas, thoughts and emotions. They love to wonder and fly like a feather bird over the sky. Starting a hobby of story book collection would be a very welcome idea for them. Moreover, who knows, that this small hobby could develop them morally into a big talent of philosophy and literature in the future. Yes, they too could be a John Milton, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Rabindra Nath Tagore etc.

Coin collections

Coin collection is another hobby which should be given due importance among children. This hobby incorporates in them the habit of saving from the very beginning of their lives. Moreover, it will also provide them the necessary information about the history and culture of a particular era. This hobby will give them a chance to learn about different kings, queens and different materials that were used as currency in different period of time in history. May be that this hobby of theirs will shape them up morally for a future historian. They might develop keen love for the subject at an early stages of their lives.

Scrap book making

Making and maintaining scrap book is a very good hobby for the young wise geeks. While doing so they learn the art of cutting, sticking and giving shapes to their thoughts. They can preserve things in the form of albums in their library. Moreover, this also prepares them mentally to accomplish a given task and the amount of joy one gets after completing it. In this way they learn to give shape and wings to their imaginations.

Remote control toys

Toys are favorite among children and they hardly need anyone as long as they are busy and involved with them. It also provides them with necessary physical exercise too. With remote control toys like remote control motorbikes, aero planes and motorcars they get necessary expose to technologies at a very early stage of their lives. This kind of toy collection could be started as a hobby among the kids as these will help their mind to think, reason and find solutions for things.

Hobby ideas for teens

Teenage is the age that is filled with enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. At this stage, the life of a teenager colorizes with romance and thrill. Therefore, it is a perfect time for a teenager to give a dimension to their emotions, thoughts and flair by starting a hobby which could reflect their personality. Some of the hobby ideas for teens are mentioned below which might suit them to express themselves in the right way.

Library of music

By nature teens are the great lovers of music. If you belong with one of those teens whose heart beats with the rhythm and melody of music do not hesitate to take it as your hobby. What you can do is that you can form a library of music and musicians either online or offline. You can also group and categorize songs according to different genre, singers, etc. Your collection will surely represent the kind of person you are and about your flare to others in a silent but effective way.

Body building

Teens are taken as the symbol of power and represent the strength of a nation. It would be a good idea if they take something as body building as a hobby. It is a constructive hobby, as you know the fact, that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Hence, teens could add up muscles in their effort to remain attractive, fit and fine.

Bird watching

If you belong with one of those teens who is an ardent lover of mother nature and have a soft corner for it in your heart then this hobby could worth it. You can start hobbies like bird watching which would bring you more enthusiasm and mental peace. You can even join some clubs where you will find many like minded people like you who would love to discuss and share their ideas with you about the same.

Writing for blogs/sites

As a growing youth, you have your own ideas, philosophy and thoughts about life, things and proceedings. Just give a fig of thought for a portal where you can express your thoughts, ideas, your views and reviews independently with others. You will never be alone and you are going to be heard and read throughout the world. Just make writing your hobby and join an online site or portal to explain and express yourself independently to others.

Hobby ideas for men

Men are very much involved with duties and burdens of regular life. For those men whose regular works involve physical exertion, quite hobbies like reading, drawing and painting are suitable. But for those whose regular works involves a lot of mental exertion, hobbies like swimming, riding and other outdoor sports would be more than helpful. Generally, men could have the following hobbies which are as mentioned below:

Adopting a pet

When you adopt a pet you spend some quality time with it. It also provides you with recreation and peace to your inner soul. The best part is that you get involved with it in a way that you never feel alone. Besides, the way you care, communicate and share your love with each other brings a change in your mood and you rewind yourself for the remaining part of the day without feeling the pinch of depression, anxiety etc. This hobby is very common and you might have come across people around you with this hobby.


Photography is another great hobby for men who want to preserve their special moments for forever. This hobby is totally an art. No matter where you go, you can click on things that interest you. Perhaps this hobby could be fruitful because you can earn some passive income from it in the future. There are many online sites today which pays you when you post your own images in those sites. Hence, this hobby could bring in some cash for you while you are continuing with your hobby of photography.

Play chess

Playing chess is an indoor hobby for men. Men have been playing chess and it is considered as the game of the intelligent. It helps you to be a complete man. It helps you to reason, think, analyze etc which increases your power of problem solving. This game prepares you in a way that you can even solve real life problems of your lives with it by thinking and analyzing properly. If no one is there to accompany you, never mind, you can play it alone in your leisure time.

Hobby ideas for women

Women too can cultivate the habit of hobby which would help them in a big way. It is better than watching televisions, sleeping or just getting bored or gossiping out. Let us consider some of the hobbies which would be suitable for women.


Cooking is a very good hobby which suits women. To start with you can try out different items and taste out how well you cook. If you are a novice in cooking it does not matter. You can go through the television shows based on cooking and try them out in your leisure. You can even do a short cooking course and then master the art. If you consider yourself as a great cook then you can even take part in competitions held from time to time to add to your joy. It is a hobby for those who enjoy cooking delicious and tasty dishes.


Knitting is another great hobby and creative work. A woman could create great master pieces of handy work with it. It also helps to pass out the time very quickly. This hobby also saves some cash for the house hold as they rely on wearing home knitted woolen garments during the winter.


In the Indian culture a woman is very much related with dancing. Dancing is also very healthy activity as it keeps one physically fit. There are different kinds of regional dances which are very famous and could well be started as a hobby. Besides, if you are a good dancer, you can teach some students and thereby earn some income out of it. So as long as you are enjoying your hobby and earning, it does not matter to you.

Hobby ideas for the retired

After having led a busy life, most people find it very difficult to pass time after retirement. It is never too late at this stage to start a hobby. If you could take the initiative to start an interesting hobby then you will not feel bored or left behind. Sometimes, leisure activities could be so interesting that you enjoy your retirement and love to be a part of it.


You can make exercise as your hobby. It helps you to stay fit physically which you desperately need at this stage of your life. It will also prevent you from thinking negatively. Through regular exercise you will be able to keep yourself engaged and full of energy.


You will definitely enjoy reading after your retirement. Why? Because you never had the time before to develop this habit. Now, that you have got the opportunity, make the best possible use of it. You should remember the fact that books are our best friends and hence you could develop the habit of reading. You will soon find that there are unlimited pleasures to be found between the pages of books.

Be a member of voluntary local organizations

By being a member of voluntary social organizations, you will be able to live a life for others and thereby earn a mental peace and satisfaction. You can take part in activities like planting saplings in the society, solving the grief of the underprivileged and unheard by being in a group and working collectively. These organizations also held cultural programs which include songs, mimicry and short plays in which you can take part or enjoy it by being an onlooker.

Conclusion on choosing a hobby

It is very essential for you to have some hobby or the other. The hobby started from your early days could be developed over the years and you can even reap benefits from it in the future. The only thing that is required in this regard is a positive frame of mind and a positive start from your side. The best way to use your leisure time profitably is to cultivate and pursue some hobby which you like the most. Definitely, the choice of a suitable hobby would depend your regular work and upon your level of interest.

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That's a very nice post of yours. I agree with you that everybody should have some hobby or the other to keep himself occupied. It doesn't matter how small or childish a hobby can be, as long as it keeps you interested and eager is what you need. So collect stamps, listen to music, cook, learn how to play rummy or chess, do whatever you want but do have a hobby.

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