Spiritual Pollution- An Overview

Spirituality is a huge mystery, Which is disclosed to all but many can’t understand what it means. Fundamentally, India is a nation of eternal spiritual values. Greece, China, Egypt. And Rome (before Christ) follows the Scot Still India is richer in alternate philosophies. Here in the article I deal with the overview of spiritual pollution and its impact

Spiritual Pollution- an overview

India is a unique country which attains independence through "Ahimsa" (non violence). Ahimsa is mainly rooted in Spirituality. Ahimsa was the only weapon by which India attained independence. From this single example itself we can realize India's uncomparable devotion towards spirituality.

Even though, years of evolution changed the situation in india too. Through this long march of time, spiritual values too got polluted. If markets get polluted, there are ways to clean it, but spirituality doesn't easily yield to cleanse. Every religion has got polluted in the course of its evolution process. Misinterpretation and Misrepresentation is the cause of pollution in religion. Selfish men interpret religion for their own selfish claim. Every birth is virtuous. The act to attain Immorality is due to selfishness and it is hazardous to others in many manner. This spiritual pollution is a common trend in every religion.

Spiritual pollution's Impact On Religions

The far majority Muslims of today are misinterpreting the Khuran principle. They are considering Khuran tu be like a pick and mix selection. if one wants peace, can find peaceable verses in Koran. If one wants war, can find peaceable verses in Koran. So it depends on who chooses and for what purposes. The mantra Islam is peace' has become irrelevant. Islam was considered to be peace 1400 years ago, but not now. Now it would be truer to say Islam is war', when 'Jihad' is a driving principle.

Hinduism is not an exemption. Hinduism is crowded by priests. These priests consider themselves as the sole mediator between God and devotee. Priests should be selfless mediators of all mighty God. Selfish gains are not at all meant for them. But it is contrary to practice for them. Priesthood is just a veil to justify their selfishness. Now a days they knew the life of wealth, luxury and enjoyments. Spirituality of such people are highly polluted. In a sense they are real criminals, not priests. We have enough instances of misusing spirituality, santhosh madhavan and himaval badrananda Swami. Such people are prone to any sort of criminality including sexual harassment and pedophiles. The wonder is that people in general believing them.

And again Christians are not exempted. The field of education is a perfect example for their greed. To them education is not a service. Present turmoil in the field of education is a perfect example for spiritual pollution, religious or otherwise. Power and wealth are their motivating driving. They need these power to hide their criminal instinct before the society. They made sister Abhaya a martyr. It is a pity that no religious leaders ever raised a finger against these social evils.

Intolerance- a factor of spiritual pollution?

Intolerance is another factor for pollution intolerance towards other religion. They are in hurry to prove that their faith is supreme. We have many victims of intolerance. Recently in 2006 in Afghanistan. a man named Abdul Rahman was sentenced to death. Then a question arise in everyone's mind that what crime he did? Did he steal anything, kill anyone. hurt anybody? No. all he did was he converted him elf into Christianity. The action of Abdul Rahman was not liking to the Government of Afghanistan. So the Government punished him severely. Remember it happened not in the days of Taliban but in the days of So-called liberated Afghanistan. But Abdul Rahman finally escaped execution only on a plea of insanity. The famous writer Khalid Hossieni's two books called - "The Kite Runner" and "a thousand splendid Sons" reveal the injustice in Afghanistan by these fraudulent 'spiritualists.'
Even though it is a fact that spirituality has some dangerous limitations. But scope of its virtue is deeper and wider. The problem is misusing spirituality. India is a secular state and has the fundamental right-right to religion-which assure the protection of each citizen irrespective of religious practices.
Still, despite all these changes, India is a land of eternal values. In olden days we called sages not priests but seers.


Indian idea of religion is a matter of experience and not of creed. Intolerance is always aligned to Indian culture. India expounded this feeling of unity and sympathy from her Vedic seers in one of their greatest prononments. "Ekam Sat; Vipra Bahudha Vadanti. Truth is one' sages call it by various names." Swami Vivekananda called it as the magnacarta of religion. In Gita Krishna says that Though whatever paths men come to me, I receive them through those very paths; all eventually come to me only."


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