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Gardening As A Hobby Makes Environment Beautiful And Eco Friendly

This article describes the meaning of hobby and tells us how a hobby is different from a profession. A detailed account is given dealing with the reason for selecting gardening as a hobby by the author. The importance of gardening as hobby is explained in an exhaustive manner. The author narrates how a small empty place in front of his living room on third floor of the building is turned into a lush green terrace garden. In the end, the author advises the readers to take up gardening as a hobby.

Full view of my terrace gardenFlowering plants in terrace garden

What is a hobby? How is hobby different from a profession

When we meet some one, we quite often would like to know the person's hobby. This shows that we are very much interested to know about the people's hobbies. The question may be of general nature or it may be of specific nature. We might ask the question specifically if we want to take up some hobby ourselves. A hobby is a leisure time activity which one undertakes to pass one' s time in a most useful manner instead of idling away the leisure the god has provided. The hobby is taken as a means of recreation and self-satisfaction and not for earning income from it. In this way, it is different from profession, which is taken up to earn income. Thus, gardening is a hobby for a person who undertakes the activity merely for pleasure and utilizes his leisure hours. Gardening becomes profession when you grow fruits, flowers and vegetables to sell them in the market and earn income from them. A hobby may make you lose money in its pursuit instead of earning money as in the case of a profession. You might have to spend a lot of money and do a laborious work when pursuing a hobby like gardening. You need to buy seeds and plants. You have to procure the required soil and the pots in which you want to grow the plants. You need to buy manure, pesticides and insecticides for healthy growth of your plants. You must compulsorily spend on the water bills to water your plants. You may have to spend to cover your plants to save them from the hot sun or extreme cold. A person having gardening as a hobby has to procure gardening implements to lay and maintain the garden. As such, a person desiring to have gardening as hobby must plan and think whether he or she can afford gardening as a hobby. The gardening to be adopted as a hobby also calls for a certain open space in front of the home or terrace where the hobbyist has to lay the garden. Therefore the hobbies differ from person to person taking into consideration what all is required by a hobbyist to pursue the hobby of his or her liking. There are many common hobbies like reading, stamp collecting, coin collecting, photography, kite flying, gardening etc. that a person can undertake .
Bonsai plantsBonsai and other plants in terrace garden

Why I selected gardening as a hobby

I selected gardening as a hobby because I had intentionally left an open space in front of my living room on the third floor to turn into a beautiful terrace gardening. I liked plants especially the ornamental plants and the flowering plants to make the area in front of my room look very attractive and beautiful. I am a lover of nature. By laying the garden in front of my living rooms, I wanted to live among nature. It was my desire to look at the fresh plants whenever I open my door in the morning. The god was grateful to me that I got a building in such a location that was facing east, which is very important in laying the garden. The early morning sunshine makes the plants look very attractive and beautiful as they bathe in the morning sunlight. Another important thing, which helped in this respect, was the availability of plenty of underground water, which I had to make available for watering the plants by laying water pipes around the garden. Another important fact, which attracted me towards gardening as a hobby, was that I could get some leafy vegetables of daily use like the coriander, mint, spinach etc. The tomatoes that are needed in every cooking recipe were very important to me and I made it a point to grow them regularly in my garden. Gardening is an eco friendly hobby. The hobby of gardening is the most environmental friendly. It not only pleases the hobbyist but is also a source of making the environment clean and beautiful. Gardening as a hobby provides you the opportunity of exercising your body when you engage yourself in watering the plants and looking after them in many other ways.
Ribbed gourds in terrace gardenMy pet parrot on jasmine climber

How did I grow my terrace garden from an empty space into place full of lush green plants

I made a beginning by first buying earthen pots, which help the plant soil to keep cool. I bought a trolley of red soil and also a few bags of cow-dung manure. I took the help of my servant to mix the red soil and manure and fill up the pots by making a hole at the bottom of the pots for the water to drain out. Some pebbles and sand was placed at the bottom of the pots and then they were filled with the mixture of red soil and cow-dung manure. The waste of hens from a poultry farm can be used in place of cow-dung. The waste of horses, if available, is also very good for the purpose. I bought the small plants from the nursery and planted them in the pots. The care was taken to water the plants quite often in the beginning. Once the plants start growing up, they should be checked up to see they are not infected by any disease caused by pests or insects. If necessary, the plants have to be sprayed with the necessary insecticides or pesticides. Any sort of wild growth of grass etc has to be removed from the pots from time to time. Gradually, the empty space in front of my living room turned into a beautiful terrace garden. Afterwards, I depended very less on nursery to buy new plants. The offshoots and baby plants growing up from older plants in my garden only provided for to grow additional plants from time to time. I grew various types of plants. They consisted of crotons, ferns, flowering and vegetable plants. I made provisions for growing creepers as well as climbers. Another specialty, I added to my terrace garden was bonsai plants. I bought stones from the market and took the help of a gardener to grow bonsai plants. I have banyan plants with aerial roots as bonsai. There are peepal bonsai plants too. Some fruit plants like guavas and cheekus are also planted as bonsai plants. Thought these plants bear only a few of the fruits, but they are very sweet and delicious to eat. I have a fig plant too. Birds of different kinds visit my terrace garden. My pet parrot enjoys staying in the garden for most of the time. You can see my parrot climbing a jasmine plant in my garden. It is so natural and pleasant to live in front of this terrace garden. I always thank God for this gift to me. The pleasure I derive from gardening as a hobby is incomparable to any other pleasure. I have also made some partitions on the roof of the floor by putting the waterproofing and spreading the plastic sheets to grow plants directly on the roof as it can be seen in the attached images. I mostly grow vegetables in these beds on the roof and they grow very well. I have tried several types of vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, ladyfingers, fenugreek leaves, coriander, mint, chilies and even onions. All these grow very well. The climber vegetable plants like bottle gourds, rib gourds and bitter gourds also grow without any trouble in the terrace garden. A tulasi plant can always be grown which serves as a medicinal plant for ailments like cough. The pleasure you get sitting in the garden in the mornings and evenings cannot be described in words. It takes all tiredness out of you and makes you to feel fresh. You get a fresh air to breathe. The fragrance you get from the plants is enticing. The visitors to my place feel so happy that they like to visit it again and again. They are surprised to see this rare wonder on the roof of a house. In a nutshell, I can describe my garden as a paradise on earth.


My advice to the lovers of plants is to take gardening as a hobby, if they can afford the cost and have leisure enough to look after their garden. They can really enjoy the fruit of their labour in a very short period of time. Moreover, this is all the yearlong hobby that will keep you always engaged. If you are a student, it will be an ideal place to sit inside the garden and study. Whenever, you require flowers for certain occasions or functions, it is handy to get it from your garden. Even if you cannot have a big garden like the one I have, you can grow plants even in your balconies or whatever the little space is available in your house. Gardening is the most enjoyable thing that you can do in your home. The happiness you will get when you see the flowers of your garden bloom will make your whole day enjoyable. You ought to have a lot of patience and have to do hard work in the beginning to make your garden spread from small plants to full-grown healthy plants. Wish you happy gardening.
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