How To Get Things Done On Time

The following article is about doing the best you can for yourself by completing any task on time. It talks about getting things done on time so that you lead a happy life and a life of contentment. Procrastinating and postponing tasks can lead one's life to completely fall apart.

Importance of time

Time is money. Once time is lost it can never be brought back. One should utilize his time properly and optimally. Time is very important. Everyone knows this but how many of them really care. A lot of us try to care of time available and make the best of time available but we tend to give in to other irrational pleasures and fear. Some do not seem to have the will to do the important things first instead of dilly-dallying.

Take an example of an ambitious person who just retired from a Government job. He always wanted to have a confectionery company of his own. With all his money from his savings and provident find, he invested in a company to produce toffees and chocolates. It all looked promising until the entrepreneur got into a laid back attitude to finally let the fear of failure step in. He stopped frequenting to the company he had built and spent a lot of time doing nothing at all. Gradually, his employees too started to skip work causing the clients to ebb away almost leading to bankruptcy. His family was shattered. Before anyone realized what had happened he was on the verge of committing suicide. Many of us have read about people committing suicide with their family after failing in life and one of the reasons is not being able to get thing done on time.

If the entrepreneur had let his fears show and worked on overcoming his fears then he would have saved his company and life from falling apart. He seemed too lazy, scared and unfamiliar with business dealings and environment. He would have been able to deal with his difficulties only if he visited his office and not spent time elsewhere.

Tips to get things done of on time

A lot of us also have the habit of delaying things unnecessarily. The habit of putting things off for later is injurious to our health as well as life and well being. Some students have the innate habit of delaying the start of any assignment or project. In the end they would be getting up all night to complete the project on the last day. Some adults too are similar at work. They wait for the due date to pay their bills. Some even delay in asking out for a date resulting in other person going out with someone else. Here are some tips to get things done on time or before the deadline.

Face difficulties

A lot of strugglers assume that all the people who are successful in their respective fields never had to struggle which is wrong. Doubt, fear of failure, lack of resources, cut-throat competition, frustration and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles have always been a part of dreamers and doers. Success is sweetest when difficulties are immense. Difficulties and trepidation are a part of any success story. However, a successful and a brave man does not hide behind the closed doors when difficulties arise. He just faces difficulties up front and never turns back. He knows that the time of difficulties is the right time to persevere and put in more endeavor. Hiding behind the walls to avoid difficulties will cause more problems to pile up and pressurize you. One must know when to act and how.

Cost-benefit analysis

We cannot do everything and every task simultaneously. Some tasks have to be left for later, however, one must know which tasks to perform first and which tasks to put off for future. It is imperative for one to weigh the pros and cons of every task comparing their importance and then working on the task that has more advantages and importance instantly. The best way would be to make a list of things that need to be done and decide on the importance based on the goals he has set for himself.

The best example would be of a student who wants to get 80% in his examinations. One is sure that if he spends a lot of time chatting with friends, net surfing, going out to movies and watching television instead of studying then his goal will definitely become unreachable. If he makes a list of things he does and weighs their importance based on his academic goal then he will realize that the best thing for him to do is study everyday and lessen other activities.

Don't wait for the right moment

A lot of us want to achieve glory in one day not concentrating on small things that lead to glory little by little. How can one person reach from one rung in a ladder to another without moving his legs one step at a time. We all need to know and understand that life is a lot more than what it looks like. if you think that life is sad you will be sad and if you think that life is happy then you will definitely be happy. Some of us tend to delay everything in our life, be it marriage, having kids, re-structuring our room, etc. to wait for the right moment and that right moment never comes until the last day on earth. A building is not made of one unit but every brick laid with cement is what makes a building beautiful and strong. Every step and every moment counts. There will never be the right moment, the right moment is here and now.

Turn negative thoughts into positive

There was a man who loved a woman more than any man could. His love was truly reciprocated or it seemed so. A couple of years into the courtship and the woman suddenly left him for another for no reason at all. The man whose life seemed perfect with a great job and a beautiful girlfriend felt his life being torn to pieces. While the woman settled perfectly in to her new life, the man could handle it no longer. He took to drinking and broke all contacts with friends and colleagues. He thought, life could not have been more cruel to him. He knew that he could no longer love another and drink till death until he realized that his friends were not visiting him anymore and that he had lost his job. he wondered when and how he had come to this. His present state was one of the scenes from movies where life suddenly stops. He knew that he had never bargained for this. He had been accusing his ex-girlfriend for his condition when it was his own doing that caused his life to ruin. he then gradually quit drinking to make sure that he got his life back on track. He surprisingly knew that he could love again and starting working. He had channelized all his negative feelings towards positive thinking and had been re-born. Fretting and negativity can lead to nothing but a wasted life.

Reward yourself

People do not have to know what you did or how you got things done on time. If you were able to finish any professional work or any household chore which you had been avoiding, don't forget to compliment and reward yourself. Reward yourself with a walk to a museum or even a trek. A good movie at the theater is great too. Getting the desired marks at the examinations is a good reason for a treat.

Getting things dome on time without having to sacrifice your family life and leisure is what one should aim for. Getting things done on time is tough and very stressful for people who do not know what needs to be done first and very easy for those who know what is best for them. Having clear-cut values and routine can help you get more time for yourself and spend time doing what you love.


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To get things done on time, it is essential to prepare a to-do list in the morning. Stick to it throughout the day. Prioritize the tasks. Certain tasks need to be completed urgently whereas others can wait. Thus, the to-do list that we prepare should be based on priority. This list will solve the majority of our problems. If we strictly follow it, none of our tasks will remain pending.

Lesser the distractions better will be the work done. We easily get distracted by our mobile phones, gadgets, television, etc. Also, sometimes our friends and family distract us. We need to keep one thing in mind that we need to separate personal time from professional time. When we are working, we need to shut down everything that can distract us. The better the concentration, the more effectively we will be able to finish our work within the given time. When we are done with our work, we can enjoy our me-time or personal time.

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