Importance Of Water And Its Availability

In this article, I will explain the scope of water on the earth's surface and availability of water in India. The water for domestic use has been polluting or drying up. So need of water preservation and protection for future generation is stressed upon.

Scope of water on the earth's surface

The assurance of supply of water for drinking and irrigation in changing environment and for future obligations becoming a big debate among world leaders especially when summer approaching.There is a major problem before this summit that the supply of drinking water continuously seems to be a day dream. There is no coincidence between growing population and availability of water on the earth's surface, besides that the use of water in irrigation sector increasing.

The water availability on the earth's surface is 138.6 crore cubic meters, out of that the quantity of water 97.3 percent situated in the form oceans or seas with salt coated which is not directly use for drinking or for any domestic purpose and 2.7 percent in the form of snow rock layers under the earth at polar regions. Finally there is only one percent available to use for domestic things either for drinking or irrigation.

According to UNO a man needs 1700 cubic meters per year, If it is below above figure there rises pressure for water. When it has been degraded 1000 or below 1000cubic meters there will be a sign of water wars forecasting due to severe scarcity water.

A reliable survey estimated 48 countries with 280 crore population by 2025th. year and 54 countries with 400 crore population by 2050th. year will certainly face water scarcity problem, If necessary steps will not be taken now. China, India, Pakistan and nine other countries will not be spared from this threat.

Availability of water in India

In India every year 1,86,900 crore cubic meters water gathered on the earth,s surface in the form of rain.Average consumption of water in India is 5,177 cubic meters per year in 1951 year then our population is 36.1 crore.Gradually the population had been raised 121 crore by 2011th. year. Now the availability of water at an average is fall down to 1545 cubic meters.

If the population is 150 crore by 2025 year and 164 crore by 2050 year the average consumption water is getting down to 1246 cubic meter and 1140 cubic meters respectively. It is an indication of beginning of water struggle If situation is not improved.

Relation with china

China population is 22 percent of world population and its water share is 8 percent in the world wide water source. India population is 17 percent of world population and its water share is only 4 percent.

Water need for India

The ratio of rural and urban population is 60:40. A survey strongly stressed its need and this population raised to 82 crore 2050. It says 200 liters additionally need for urban population and 100 liters for rural. It requires 6000 crore cubic meters for urban and 3000 crore cubic meters for rural totally required water 9000 crore cubic meters by the year 2050.
Presently the availability water is 4200 crore cubic meters for house hold purpose. It would be added another 4800 crore cubic meters for the same purpose due to only for growing population totally need 9000 crore cubic meters by the 2050. Now the availability of water is 70,200 crore cubic meters for both drinking and irrigation.

So we have to introduce modern agriculture methods in irrigation. It is the time to learn water management methods which is to reduce waste water in irrigation sector. The farmers also should initiate and aim to to save water in using agriculture.

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