Importance Of Water In Our Body

Water constitutes about 60% percent of the body fluids. It is a very essential part of the human body. There are many positive aspects of drinking a lot of water, as the health experts say. Here is an article which shows the importance of drinking adequate amount of water and how it helps to improve your health.

Almost everywhere, people think that water is treated as panacea from all the diseases. Of course water is essential for our body, it constitutes 60% of our body fluids, so of-course it is very important. But it is not a magical drug here are some reality checks on some well known water myths.

Should not drink water while in between your meal

It has been well believed that you should not drink water while you are taking your meal since it is bad for digestion. However there is no scientific proof regarding that it will affect the digestive process. At the most, it will stuff you and you will eat less besides that there is no problem with drinking water in between your meal.

Eight glasses of water a day keep diseases at bay

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a popular myth. However scientist says there is no direct relation between good health and sipping water all day. Doctors recommend drinking water only when you are really thirsty.

Drinking more water can be harmful

Recent surveys suggest that drinking too much of water can be potentially harmful. Excess of anything is bad same applies to this. Excessive consumption could be a peril in that it lowers the concentration of salts in our body. Kidneys get over-worked and became unable to excrete excess water as urine it can lead to a life threatening condition by mixing sodium with blood.

Water removes toxins

Kidney filters out the toxin. And the myth is that if you drink more water then it will clean toxins form your body, but the truth is excessive water will make kidneys unable to work properly.

More water implies glowing skin

It is a common norm that if you drink more water then you will have a healthy and a glowing skin. However there are no evidences regarding this but a healthy skin depends on many other things like the kind of food we consume, exposure to pollution and our genes.

Water can help to shed your extra pounds

As I said earlier water can reduce your intake but it won't aid to lose your weight. So it does not directly help you in shedding extra pounds.

Drink hard during a workout

It is believed that during a workout you dehydrate, so the myth says you should drink more during exercise. But dehydration starts only when you have lost 2% of your pounds. Now, it is highly unlikely that a normal work out will make you lose 2% of your pounds. Just make sure that you are well hydrated always. But do not drink so much during a workout.

These are some facts about water which not everyone knows.

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