IIT/Jee-2012: How To Prepare For Physics And Chemistry

This article details the mechanism of how better to prepare the chemistry and physics subjects for the forthcoming IIT/JEE entrance Test to score higher. Hope the article will prove helpful for the candidates preparing for this examination. If the factors dwelt at length herein are taken into consideration by the aspiring students, they could certainly hope to perform better off.

Remember the points being detailed below before preparing for chemistry and physics to score better in the coming IIT/JEE Entrance test viz:-

IIT/JEE-2012, Physics

  1. The time of examination is too close by. Therefore, study only the selective and scoring topics first.
  2. If you find confuse with in any question, give much stress upon the questions of the similar type.
  3. Whatever you have studied through the whole day long, recall them all before going to your bed.
  4. Keep your self confidence in tact during the whole time round of the examination. Never get perturbed if you are finding yourself unable to solve some problems.
  5. Restrain from committing human errors while solving the easy looking questions. Read carefully the instructions given in question paper and only then set out to start giving the answers to them accordingly.
  6. Pay extra attention to the questions containing higher marks.
  7. Revise repeatedly only those questions now which you already have studied before. Don't study new subject at all.
  8. Always make preparations along with enthusiastic friends. Keep yourself at a distance from the pessimistic lots.
  9. Take additional care of speed and accuracy while solving questions.
  10. Make it a note of solving one model question daily.
  11. Solve the question papers of preceding years and look for the topics/ questions which have been repeatedly asked.
  12. Please save yourself against the calculation errors.
  13. Look into the formulae and see to their applications well in the question.

IIT/JEE-2012, Chemistry

  • Keep repeating important facts that you have noted earlier while studying.
  • Study only in accordance with your mental and physical capacities. Repose full confidence unto yourself and work with sincerity. Very simple questions are asked from the topic of applied chemistry. It's comparatively simple to score high in this.
  • Try to clear off the conception of invection mechanism by dividing it into parts.
  • Do not try to rote parrot a topic in the normal sense of the term but give emphasis upon their concepts.
  • Don't solve hard questions in the examination hall first but do solve those questions which you feel you can answer easily. After this only, start solving the harder ones. This will enable you not only in saving your precious examination hall time but the harder questions too shall get the ample chance to b answered in a satisfactory manner.
  • One should not keep long hours during the night awakening and studying all along.
    Pay specific attention on the topic you find yourself weak in.
  • Read only as much as you wish but never read against your will. It's quite futile to do so.
  • What routine you have prepared should be strictly adhered to.
  • Read right from the 8 days before the commencement date of the examination packed in an examination like environs. Solve daily one set of topic within a given time. It's the speed and the accuracy that is going to matter in the examination hall.
  • One should develop and hone the skill of giving examination.

An overview: If you succeed in solving up to 60 % of questions, understand yourself to have succeeded.

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