Best free educational websites for children

Are you looking for free educational websites with practice tests, coloring pages, puzzles, projects and other educational material for your children? In this article, I will introduce an amazing educational website for kids and students, which offer a lot of free services.

You can find a lot of educational websites for children. However, most of them are either paid services or offer some free services with a large number of misleading advertisements and other promotions. Kids could get easily distracted by such Ads and it may not be advisable to use such websites unless they are accompanied by adults all time when they use the educational sites.

There are several factors to consider while you choose the educational websites for your kids.

1. Age of the kids
Not all sites are suitable for all kids. Smaller kids need much simpler content and navigation whereas big kids expect a bit more sophisticated and advanced topics and features.

2. Graphics in the site
If your kid is less than 10 years old, graphics are an important factor to keep them motivated to use the site. Elder kids may not give the same level of interest for graphics, they are pickier on the content. It will be very hard to keep a 12-year-old kid on a site unless he/she like the content on the site.

3. Navigation of the site
It should be easy for the kids to navigate through various features on the site and find what exactly they need. Kids should be able to reach various sections and features in the site in as low as 3 clicks.

4. Games and Fun in the educational sites
It is a good idea to have some fun after long hours of study. No kid will be interested to spend all the time in front of the computer just for learning.

If you can find an educational website that allows kids to play puzzles and brain development games for a short time after some creative activity. It will be ideal if the time duration for games can be set by parents or if the site allows a specific period of gameplay after successful completion of certain educational activity. StudyVillage is designed to provide this kind of activity.

5. Cost and subscription fees
Many educational sites require a pretty big amount as subscription fees to access the educational material Try to find a site that offers unlimited access to educational material at a nominal cost.

There are a large number of free educational sites like, but it is hard to pick the best one. Most of those sites have very limited content or are supported by advertising. You will never know when an adult Ad appears on those sites which could easily confuse your young one. - an amazing free educational website

StudyVillage offers free educational material with no intruding advertisements. This is a website built by 2 parents who spent a huge amount of time preparing educational material for their children and later decided to share it with the world through this website. A lot of professional content and educational material is added to this site.

Some of the free features in StudyVillage include:

1. Thousands of colouring pages and pictures - free to download, print and distribute

2. Hundreds of Educational resources

3. Projects with step by step instructions for kids.

4. Free Puzzles and Quiz programs

5. Make your own puzzles like Cross Word, Word Search etc.

6. Practice Test - kids can take tests for various classes/grades like UKG, class 1 up to class 10.

7. Practice Tests in all major subjects that help children prepare for exams and improve talent

8. Various talent development programs

To take advantage of the free services in this free educational site, visit and join today.

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Author: Thamaraiselvi24 Mar 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Yes. The right article for kids and for parents. Now the study methods are almost change. This is a competitive world. So the students need more knowledge if it is in the fun way it is more easy to understand. This almost simplify the workload of teachers, parents and of course students.

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