How to do a short term radio jockey course?

This article gives complete informtaion on how to do a short term radio jockey course and all the useful information about the same. You will get details about the radio jockey job, nature of the job, how to land a radio jockey job, salary of radio jockeys, information about radio jockey training course. Moreover, the duration of the course, eligibility factor for the course, syllabus for the couse and its fee structure is also included in the resource.

Introduction on radio jockey course

Just a few years back if you would have asked a child what he/she wants to be in future you may have got the traditional reply that he/she wishes to be a doctor or an engineer. The catch is that if you ask the same question now do not get surprised if the child answers that he/she wants to be a radio jockey. The reason is simple that the generation Y is now interested in careers that are interesting, challenging and a bit different from routine jobs. Yes, careers like radio jockey or radio announcers are interesting and fascinating. But to be a radio jockey it is neither as simple as A, B, C nor as difficult as pushing a wall. You need to be well informed about the radio FM world. Hence, let's have a brief knowledge about the radio FM channels.

The road from radio announcer to radio jockey

Before the second world war a radio announcer had no identity of his own as he is not allowed to reveal his own identity on the air. But after the second world war things changed noticeably. Now radio announcers were allowed to reveal their identity. This provided the radio announcer the perfect platform to get recognized as other radio personalities. After the evolution of radio FM channels, the profession of radio announcers are termed radio jockey. For the view point of a common person, radio jockey means a profession where one needs to converse in the air. But if you try a bit to get into the details about the profession you will find how little you know the profession.

Nature of the job

First, let me brief you about the fact that this is a profession where people will recognize you more by your voice than your look and name. The main tool which you must have in your kitty is your crystal clear voice. But believe me that it is not like any other 10 to 5 routine office jobs. You need to be flexible with your timing and either in the morning, afternoon, evening or night you need to organize shows. You need to converse and host shows which stretch around for two hours. According to labor laws anyone who is in this profession needs to work for eight hours. Though this duration of eight hours of work is pen and paper only do not think that rest of the time you can relax and have a fun. You may do overtimes but, at present, there is no provision to get you paid for the same. Finally, to be in this creative world of radio jockey one thing that you need to do is to compromise with your timings.

How to land a job in radio jockey

In big cities, auditions for radio channels are held quite often and advertisements for the same is printed in different newspapers. You need to keep an eye for such an opportunity and make the most of it. There is another alternative to this. You can ring to the offices of radio channels and speak to them or you can physically go there and drop your C.V. in the reception. Moreover, in different magazines and radio channels RJ hunts goes on. You can try your luck on these mediums too. Once you are through you will get free grooming and training. Finally, you can also do a short term crash course of radio jockey from different institutions and private channels. In All India Radio two months in house training is given to those candidates who have successfully passed the audition selection test.

Salary for radio jockeys

Now-a-days, there are so many FM radio channels including the private ones. A fresher could earn around rupees 10,000 at the end of the month. For those who have the prior experience could even earn a salary of around 40 thousands to 50 thousands per month. But once you are in this profession, you need to perform and the performance and commitment from your side, will determine your success in the future. Moreover, a radio jockey can also earn by doing back ground voicing in advertising. You may also get better offer from other FM channels once you have some experience on this profession.

Information about radio jockey training course

There are many institutes which provide short term radio jockey courses. These courses are useful to those who are presently working and wants to enhance their knowledge in the field and to those who wants to pursue a career as radio jockey. You may choose a radio jockey institute on the basis of your physical location of your state in the internet though a Google search.

Duration of the course: The duration of radio jockey course varies among different institutes. The normal duration of the course from three to six months. You can also have the option to choose from full-time to par-time course as the case may be.

Eligibility factor: Though higher qualification is mandatory and an added advantage for any profession field but to be a radio jockey you do not need the same. A candidate who has passed his higher secondary could opt for this course. However, if you are a honors graduate it will definitely help you in the future. Certain added qualifications will always act as a boon for your cause. You need to be a good analyzer and have the ability to conduct shows in a way that suits your audience mentality and nostalgia. The next important quality is that you should have a clear and attractive voice. Finally, you need to have good mastery on the language in which are opting for the course.

Syllabus for radio jockey course: The syllabus of radio jockey course include basics of verbal communications and phonetics. You will also be trained on the art of proper articulation and pronunciation. Besides, the idea of writing scripts, radio presentation, voice projecting, public speaking, personality development, sound accents etc are also taught in the course.

Fees structure and placement: The general structure and fees varies among different institutes. The fees for the course varies from RS 18,000 to RS 25,000 as the case may be. There are certain training institutes, which guarantees 100 percent placement assistance after the completion of the course. These institutes also provide certain basic facilities like campus hostels and transportation facilities.

Conclusion on short term radio jockey course

When you switch on your TV sets you find reality show MC and anchors. Some of them are also a part of radio jockey and vice-verse. Hence, choosing a radio jockey as a career might elevate you to another platform of popularity and fame. You, on your part, need to realize your talent and goals and work out accordingly. You also need determination and will power to excel in it. Choosing a radio jockey as a career will unfold many other career options related with it. You just need to stick around in this profession for sometime. Finally, at some stage in your life, you will find yourself where you can give proper shape to your career because by that time you will not be only a radio jockey but a radio jockey cum celebrity.

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Guest Author: Md Tarique Anwar20 Jan 2015

Your article is superb. Thanks for providing such information. I have a query: I am planning to do an RJ course in the coming years. Will you please provide me with some information on how I could develop a clear voice and sharpen my spoken skills?

Guest Author: teja latha reddy01 Mar 2015

superb description over all im planing to join in radio jockey training culd u guys plz suggest me the institutions for training and fee details thank you in advance

Guest Author: mousumidey26 May 2015

I am searching some institute which will provide full time radio jockey course. Can you help me?

Guest Author: pushpraj27 Nov 2015

I have taken training in Radio Jockeying from an institute in Delhi. This article is totally correct.

Guest Author: Swetha18 Feb 2016

I completed 10+diploma and engineering (incomplete). I am very much interested in radio jockey and anchoring jobs.
Please refer some institute where I can pursue a course for the same.

Guest Author: PRERNA PATIL29 Feb 2016

I wish to know how to become junior radio jockey. Are there any short term courses and training classes conducted by any institutes? Also I would like to know how juniors/kids start their career in this field. I have heard of chota/ chocolate radio jockey where kids get chance to work at early age in this field.

Guest Author: Ankit. Bhargav11 Jul 2016

I completed MBA and I want to be a RJ. My voice quality is good and I can also sing well. Please suggest me the best institutions in Delhi.

Guest Author: Komal07 Mar 2017

I want to know whether if there is any summer camp for a 10 year above who wants to learn more about Radio Jockeying.

Guest Author: Varsha12 Apr 2017

I had appeared my first year exams in Bachelors of Mass Media. Can I now do diploma in radio jockeying? Suggest me institutions in Mumbai.

Guest Author: RJ jitesh24 Jun 2017

Its a wonderful article on radio jockey and how to one can start radio jockey career. I am also radio jockey and at that I was really aware of such blog post and article which could help me to become a radio jockey. So in-short its good and very useful for the people who want to become a radio jockey. Thanks.

Guest Author: Shivendra20 Apr 2018

Thank you for this article about RJ courses. This article has genuinely taken my confusion away. I will certainly try to increase my skills.

Guest Author: Palak Patel25 Jun 2018

I have completed my radio jockey training from NIMCJ.

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