Short term course an overview

Read this article to get the overview of short term course, and also advantage as well as disadvantage of short term course. And also to obtain details of various course represent various category. This article will also give you guide line about choosing a short term course.

Short term course

Short term course is defined as the course that can be completed within a short interval of time. It can be done as a part time course or regular course. It can be done as an additional course with your regular academic course. There are so many short term courses available in the educational field, which will give long term benefits for the student. The short term course can thus create a multiple profile for the student in the job field. The course will cover mainly practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

Advantage of short term course

The best advantage of a short term course as the name suggests, is that it can be completed within a short interval of time. We can acquire a skill in the respective field in a small interval of time. The importance of doing short term course is that during the graduation years we never get enough time to study the topic deeply. By doing short term courses we can nullify it. Modern companies demand people with skills in more than one field. By doing a short term course a job seeker can increase talents and skills. Variety of short term courses are available which will give you a chance of getting skilled in the respective field. The other benefits of short term course are that the people can get a job even if they are only doing some short term course.

Some of the main advantages of short term course are listed below:
  • Effective use of free time: By doing a short term course you can use your free time in an effective manner and utilize it beneficially. There are so many short term courses in a specific field. You can choose any one of the courses according to your interest. You can see the short term course as your hobby too. Spoken English classes are one of the major example for effective use of free time. By doing this course you can utilize your time well and also gain good knowledge in English and also get some more personality skills.
  • Makes you competitive: In present days it is very difficult to get a job with only a degree. There are so many competitions for getting a job. By doing short term courses, it makes you a good competitor for the respective job field. In present day times, the short term course helps you to survive among the fittest.
  • Short duration and ease of study: The best feature of a short term course, as its name suggests, is the duration. Short term course can be completed within a short interval of time. You can gain practical knowledge within a short interval of time. The syllabus for the study is easy compared to that of main theory portion. People get interested to do short term course more than that of the major courses. The students in the main degree courses also perform well in the short term course.
  • Gives multiple career option: Short term courses provide you multiple career option. That is, there are short term courses under various fields. Like hardware and networking courses, software courses, editing courses, spoken English courses, civil engineering courses, electronics engineering courses etc. A company may want a professional with multiple skills. These short term course help to create a multiple career profile for the professional. For example, if an Electronics based engineer has programming back ground he can perform well in both fields. This is not only helping the company but also helps the professional to get more knowledge. We can see that most of the students from various engineering branches mainly goes for IT jobs. These kind of short term courses make them fit to that job sector too.
  • Provides good knowledge: Other benefits of short term course is it provides good knowledge. There are various category courses. It will give you good knowledge in the respective field. For example for a history teacher it was difficult to know about computer programming. But by doing short term course in the computer program will provide them a good knowledge in that field too.

Disadvantages of short term course

Actually there is no such disadvantage for doing short term course. But the disadvantage occurs on the place you choose to study. There are so many institutions which offer different kinds of short term course. But some of them provide an invalid certificate for the course. You can get the benefit only when you get a good and valid certificate. The other disadvantage is that some of the institutes do not provide good coaching for the respective field. Also, there may not be experienced faculty to take the class. This will cause lack of knowledge for the student. Sometimes the student gets only a certificate, but it may not make him perfect to the respective field. Majority of the training centers make their student as teachers of the future students. The other disadvantage of the short term course is that the student gives more preference for the short term course rather than that of the academic course & thus they fail in academic studies. Sometimes the institute provides only short knowledge about the course. This will affect them badly in an interview. When the interviewer asks about something related to the course you study, and you are not thorough with that, they feel you are not fit at all for the field. So better to choose a good training institute that will give you good knowledge about the respective course.

How to choose a short term course

Choosing of short term course depends on the personal interest. You have to choose the course that is on the area of your personal interest. Then only you can study better on the course since you have chosen something you like. The next point to consider while choosing a short term course is that, by doing such course, how it affecting your career in the future. The other thing is that how it is related to your basic degree, and how is it helpful for you. You should choose the course according to the goal you set. You should choose the course to fulfill the complete profile that is needed to achieve your goal. The selection of course should not be entirely different. Both of the courses are interrelated in some sense.

Areas related to short term courses

There are some main sectors which offer short term courses in terms of job-orientation. That is to say, most of the short term course are focused on how the course helps to get jobs in the specific field.
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Home Science
  • Computer Science

Most of the students and professional mainly go for the course related to IT. In recent days most of the job opportunities came on this field. That is why they focus mainly on this field. It is difficult to survive for an employee without computer knowledge. So it has become mandatory for a employee have knowledge in computer.

Different types of short term courses

There are wide varieties of short term courses available in the field in different area.

Computer related short term Courses

There are so many courses available in this area. Most of the short term courses are arising in this field. Some of the computer related courses are listed there:
  • Computer basics
  • Computer programming
  • Course on Ms Office
  • Basics of C and C++
  • Computer language
  • Web designing
  • Data entry
  • Basics of IT

Electronics related short term courses

Electronics is the classic branch of engineering field; there arise lot of short term courses which will help to impart thorough knowledge about the respective field. Some of them are listed here.
  • Basics of Embedded system designing
  • Robotics
  • Matlab
  • VLSI
  • Networking

Personality development short term courses

There are so many short term courses which help to develop the personality of humans in one or another way. Some of them are listed here.
  • Spoken English
  • Dancing classes
  • Song classes
  • Cooking class

Agricultural related short term courses

Agriculture is the primary job from the era of our ancestors. There are so many courses available for in this field for the modern student. Some of them are listed here.
  • Diploma in Spice Crops Management
  • Diploma in Horticulture Management
  • Diploma in Fruits & Vegetable Crops Management
  • Diploma in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Management
  • Diploma in Floriculture & Landscaping Management
  • Diploma in Plantation Management

Some of the Major attractions in short term courses

  • Hardware and networking course: Hardware and networking courses are job oriented courses related to computers. It deals with various hardware and installation of that hardware and also the networks related to it. There are so many major certification courses is available in hardware and networking course. Like CCNA, MCSE etc. CCNA is the course for the professionals who design and develop custom business solutions with Cisco routers and switches. MCSE is the course for the professionals who is skilled in windows server system. A MCSE certified professional deals with installation, configuration and troubleshooting of networking systems.
  • Software programming: Software programming courses are the major job oriented courses in recent days. Most of the professionals like to go for short term courses related to programming. In recent days most jobs are arising on the field of IT. Short term courses related to programming is get high attraction because of the high salary for the respective professionals. The course includes C + C++ Advacne Excel + Oracle -SQL + PHP & MySQL + Microsoft SQL Server + HTML + + + Java Development Kit + JDBC & JavaBeans + Java Servlet + JSP.
  • Cad courses: Cad courses are available for mainly civil and mechanical branch students. It is deals with drawing by the use of software. The major course in this is AutoCAD. Through this, the student gets good knowledge in drawing the plan for the building and apartments. This course will enable students to get basic knowledge in civil drawing. The student gets job by doing this short term course, even if they don't have any degree in civil field.
  • Accounting courses: There are so many courses available in accounting. They are give a good background in job field in the accounts area. This will help to grab a good job in many companies. Most of the business enterprises deal with accounting. So, by doing the accounting short term course, people are provided good opportunities for the students.
  • Multimedia and animation course: In recent times, multimedia and animation programs are the fast emerging and higher career option. To become an animator you should have diploma or other degree in 2D or 3D animation. There are so many specialization programs under this field, they are specialization in creating animation characters, creating two- and/or three-dimensional shapes, special visual effects, video game programming, game art and so on. The basic requirement for this course is you have to have an inborn talent in artistic drawing. This will help you to perform in this field.


Short term courses provide so many good opportunities for the students. These courses provide multiple profiles for the students when they approach a firm for a job. This will give a priority among the applicants because of knowledge in multiple fields. So choose better short term course along with a basic degree. This will help you to get a good background and also to yield a good profession and thus grab good salary.


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