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‘Heart Surgery’: Newer techniques and robotics has made it fully safer and easier

There has been miraculous development in the field of heart surgery of late. During the course of a few years past, whenever the topic of hear surgery was broached open, people’s mind used to be engulfed with great fears taking a gargantuan form. The string of this fear is still continued for want of awareness towards it. This article tries to remove this fear on the face of the latest developments taken place in the field of heart surgery.

The types of heart diseases are numerous. Some of the types of the heart diseases could only be treated through surgery. The surgery of late has become extremely safer. . This could be performed through applying a micro incision. The credit of this position should be certainly given to the latest development of the Minimally Invasive Technique which means a surgery performed through a micro incision in the chest. Besides this, several surgical methods and robotics (surgery performed with the help of robot) have also given a new dimension to the surgery of heart.

Heart diseases by birth

Some heart diseases crop up by birth which in the medical parlance is called congenital heart diseases. As for instance, there could be holes in the different parts of the heart. As a result of this, the oxygenated blood and the oxygen-less blood mix up with each other. Apart from this, there could be by birth defects between the heart and the great vessels emanating out of the heart. Obstruction in blood vessels is also possible. The different valves of heart could be under developed.

Above all the factors mentioned above, there also could be several other disorders by birth such as absence of some portion of the heart or it being not fully developed. Among these, many diseases in the nascent stage could be life threatening. In the majority of the cases of the heart disorder, treatments need surgery. There could of course be a difference in timing for doing the surgery on the nascent depending on his physical state of health. This surgery could be performed on the nascent 1 week after his birth or within his 1st year. If a child needs a surgery, this should be performed before the time he begins going to school.

Defects of valves of heart

Surgery is required in case of defects of valves of heart. Due to the rheumatic heart disease in the country it is very common for the heart's valves to become diseased. Valves could either get narrow or there could develop some seepage into it. The repair of the diseased up valve is also possible from the surgery. But in the majority of the cases, the artificial valves are transplanted. The latest modern valves are extremely reliable which function like the natural valves for several decades together.

Heart arterial diseases

In the old age, the risks of coronary heart disease increases. The artery gets clogged up in this disease. If the proper treatment is done within time, danger of heart disease boosts up. Angioplasty technique is being used since the last two decades to remove the clogs of arteries. Despite this, there is no alternative to surgery in the various cases of arterial clogging.

In some of the situations, in comparison to the angioplasty, the selection of of the option of surgery has its own special benefits. For example, if there are several obstructions in the arteries, if the left main artery is clogged, if the area of obstruction is bigger, then in such a situation, surgery could be preferred. Whereas, there several such matters wherein both the angioplasty and the surgery is possible giving to the patients the option of both. The heart specialists arrive at the decision after discussing the matter with the patient and his family members.

Surgery is the only solution of many heart related diseases

There are several other hear related diseases in which surgery is the only treatment. As for example, in case of some patients, the film present near the heart which is called pericardium begin squeezing and clamping the heart after growing thick. Under this situation, the membrane (film) requires to be removed. TB in our country constitutes the common reason of producing the problem of the pericardium.

Similarly in some patients, the main artery called aorta abnormally enlarges up or the wall of this artery is damaged In this circumstance, aorta is repaired with the help of surgery or its replacement is resorted to.

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