How To Become A Paraglider

The following article is about paragliding. It talks about the requirements of paragliding. The article also throws light into pursuing paragliding as a career. The trend of adventure sports has begun and paragliding is surely here to stay.

The joy of flying

Who does not like to fly? Who is not jealous of the birds that can fly from one place to another? We all love flying but not all of us can join the Air Force and fly the jets. However, if one really has the will and determination to fly then there are a huge range of other activities that one can indulge in and even pursue them as a career. Flying holds a certain fascination for human beings. Man has been trying to fly like the birds since the age of the early man. Paragliding is one of the methods through which one can experience the joy of flying.

What is paragliding

Paragliding came after parachuting, para-sailing and para-jumping. Paragliders are much more lighter and portable than hand-gliders. It is an adventure sport of flying paragliders. It has seen participation by competitors as a competitive sport and is also seen as recreational activities. Paragliding does not require any other equipment than the paragliding gear unlike parachuting where it needs an aircraft to take parachuters up in the sky. Para-sailing also requires a vehicle to pull the parachute. Sky-diving can also not be complete without an airplane. The only thing paragliding asks for is the strength and the will to walk towards high ground where vehicles cannot reach. The paraglider then just has to let the wind help him to literally fly from the mountain tops or slopes. For adventurers who believe that there is no better method than jumping off a cliff of a mountain paragliding is the best option. The kit needed for this sport is light and portable enough to be carried by mountaineers which makes it likable by mountaineers and trekkers. After reaching a their destination they simply adorn themselves with the gliding kit and reach down in no time.

When did paragliding start

Like most of the adventure sports that started in Europe and North America, paragliding started in the 1950s. People started to paraglide in the Alps in Europe and from their it spread to other mountain ranges including the Himalayas. Paragliding started in India in the 1990s and has found a lot of takers in Nepal too.

Where can one go paragliding

Paragliding is not possible on plain ground or lowlands. It requires high ground and high hills or mountains are ideal for the adventure sport. Therefore, any area that has mountains is suitable for paragliding. Steep valleys are also not very favorable for paragliders, however, broad valleys are considered idyllic.

How to become a professional paraglider

As of now, there are not many institutions that provide training in paragliding. There are also no stipulated standards to start schools that teach gliding. Training centers are not many and do not follow any specific standard. There are organizations in the European countries and North America that help in regulating the standards of paragliding but not much has been done about it in India and Nepal where there is a huge potential for recreational paragliding and tourism. Adventurers who wish to make a career out of it have to have the skills and experience to paraglide. An experienced paraglider and an adventurer can start his own paragliding club and operate in areas where the scope of paragliding is tremendous. He could also work as an instructor under the owner of any gliding club. There is not a lot of money in paragliding but money in the recreational activity generally comes through people who paraglide for recreation. Training paragliders is also a huge source of income for the paragliding industry. This adventure sport helps in aerial photography too and it is the best means for photographers who cannot afford to sit on an airplane every other day to click.

Up in the air

Paragliding as a sport or recreational activity is physically very demanding. It cannot be learned in one day. It needs patience and a lot of courage.No matter what you learn in theory your first flight has to be in tandem with an experienced paraglider. It is one air with your guide that you will learn the fundamentals of paragliding. People who like to take joyrides have to have an experienced paraglider with them. Learning to control the paraglide while on air is very important for people wanting to pursue paragliding as a career. Taking videos and clicking photographs can be a great sense of uplifting elation while on air. Even the first time joyriders are given basic training before their flight up in the air. It is also essential for paragliders to keep calm in spite of strong winds while flying or gliding.

Basic requirements to paraglide

The prospective paraglider should be fit enough to walk uphill to the mountain tops or hill tops. One cannot paraglide if he weighs less than 35 kilos or more than 100 kilos. As I mentioned earlier there is no standards to paragliding and some schools do not allow people less than 15 years to paraglide. One should wear clothes that allow free movement of the body. Sometimes when there is no air blowing then it becomes impossible to paraglide. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Early summers and autumn seasons are considered best for paragliding as the wind during these seasons are apt and storms are less frequent.

The popularity of paragliding is increasing more and more. It has seen an increase in popularity as an adventure sport and recreational activity rather than of competitive sport. There is nothing better and ecstatic as flying with the birds in their avian world. If you love flying then paragliding is definitely for you.

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