Six Tips For Easy And Effective Time Management

This article contains some easy tips for time management. Time management tips can be very useful if you have a hectic life schedule and if you cannot adjust enough time to do all your activities. Effective time management is possible only through organisation and planning. Read on the article to know more.

What is time management?

Today's life buzzes with activities, and we find it difficult to do all the activities we want to do in a day. We try to put in as many works as possible into a day, yet, in the end of the day, some work remains undone. Only effective time management can solve this problem. Time management refers to the art of finding time for every one of your activities in a day in such a way that it does not put much pressure on you. This article contains some effective time management tips for you.

Some easy tips for time management

Time management tip 1: Wake up early

Just imagine you wake up every day at 7. Even if you forgo just 2 hours of sleep, that is, if you wake up at 5 am, you can find time to do a lot more than you usually do. Yeah, you will be sleepy and tired all morning, so you may not be able to do anything productive. But you can use this time to do works like reading newspaper, checking out emails etc. They don't need much physical activity. That work will get finished. So here is tip number 1: wake up early for effective management of time.

Time management tip 2: Make a to-do list every night

How many times have you just remembered something to be done before going to sleep. You must have thought of doing it in the day, but you might have remembered it only after going to bed. You curse all the free-time you spend lazily in the day, thinking about the work you forgot to do. To avoid this, you must make a to-do list for tomorrow before going to bed every night. You all know how to make a to-do list. Just list out the things you need to do tomorrow and order them according to importance. Ta-da! Half the work is over.

Time management tip 3: Organise everything

Organisation is a very important word. How to organise our life? We all ask this question. Organising everything actually can be simple. First of all, de-clutter your room and arrange things in such a way that you know where to look for a thing. Then try to maintain it. Whenever you take something for using place it back in the same place. You have organised your room. Now organise your activities. Try to make sure that you have a particular time to do a particular task. You have now organised two important aspects of your life: space and time. Everything will follow.

Time management tip 4: Find a routine

Making a routine is very difficult for many. But if we think of it, it is very easy actually. This is closely related to organising your time. Anyway you go to your office/college at a particular time. Say 9 – 5. All you need to do is to mould further activities around this time. Wake up at five. Finish daily routines, newspaper reading and a little pending work from yesterday in the morning. Go to your institution. Come back. Allot a few hours for study if you are a student and household chores if you are a worker. Then a couple of hours for relaxation. Finally take a shower and go to sleep. This is only an outline of how to find a routine in your life. You can add more of your activities in between these outline. Tip 4 done.

Time management tip 5: Multitask

I have already written an article about multitasking, where you can find detailed tips on multitasking alone. Multitasking can be very effective in time management. Doing two things together means finishing twice the work in half the time. However do not multitask to such an extend that you are at the edge of your wits. Pair a work needing less concentration with a work needing more concentration – reading and travelling is a good example. Make maximum use of free time like the travelling time, waiting time etc.

Time management tip 6: Meditate

Many think that meditation or in simpler terms relaxing is a burden to the heap of works you already have to do. But this is a total misconception. If you meditate for a few minutes a day, you can easily increase your concentration through meditation and finish works faster than usual. Usually you may take 2 hours to study a topic. With increased concentration, you can do this within one hour. Just imagine the difference. Plus, the work you do will be more accurate and better. Double benefits.

All these are some simple tips, easy to follow if you speak about time management. Take two-day break from your work to organise everything, find a proper routine and finding a suitable meditation technique. Then start working with your newly found vigour. You are sure to make a difference in the course of your work through successful time management.


Author: Jagdish Patro28 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Time management is necessary in everyone's day-to-day work. Self discipline and determination to adhere to the principles would help you to manage your time properly. Otherwise, one is bound to become lazy which in turn leads to health hazards like getting hypertension, mental sickness etc. Meditation would help you in establishing more concentration and there should be some space in your time management. If you are a grown up one, morning walk and related warming exercises would give you some mental relief and one has to adjust his timing for personality development. Proper time management helps in our personal growth.
The author has narrated the topic very well.

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