Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship 2011, Directorate Of Minority Has Announced The List Of Selected Student

This is to inform that merit-cum-means Scholarship 2011-2012 has been sanctioned for all the states of India and the list of approved students, both fresh applications and renewals, is put up in state wise pattern. The list of selected students cannot be found on the official website and therefore this article helps you find the list of corresponding states. Please find the link for details about applying for merit-cum-means scholarship online for the year 2012-2013 below.

UPDATE: Applications invited to register online for 'merit-cum-means scholarship 2012-2013' from moma, Government of India.

Merit-cum-means Scholarship 2011-12

Ministry of minority affairs(moma) Govt. of India started this program of 'minority welfare scholarship system' in the year 2007 to help students from minority communities pursue their professional courses by helping them financially and thus encouraging the students who wish to pursue professsional courses but could not, due to financial problems as the fees is usually high.

Since its start, every year an addition of 20000 fresh applications are reserved apart from those who have already been receiving.

Apart from scholarship to merit-cum-means scholorship for professional courses, they also provide pre-metric and post-metric scholarships(which includes from 1st standard to 10th(matriculation) and post-matriculation courses apart from professional courses, are bsc, bcom, ba, bca etc) and the same has been sanctioned for the year 2011-12 for both pre-metric and post-metric. The links for these courses will be published shortly.

However, due to difficulty to locate the 'link' for various lists of selected students from different states, I thought of sharing those hidden links which I could find only on google search and could not do so directly from the official moma website. The lists are made state wise and hence there are separate links for every state. I won't be providing all the links since several external links are not allowed to post in ISC. I will provide with two links of the states Maharashtra and Karnataka. You can find out your own states list by a small change which I will be mentioning below.

Selected students for merit-cum-means Scholarship 2011-2012 Karnataka

Selected students for merit-cum-means Scholarship 2011-2012 Maharashtra

Please click the link above to open it as a new web page. The page that opens will have a link(web address)on top of the page. This is where you need to make some changes which is explained below.

The above links are only for Karnataka and Maharashtra. So how to find the link for your particular state? Its very simple, you just need to 'change the number of the state code' in the url(web address)
The first link of Karnataka students list has stateCode=05 in the web address of new opened page upon right clicking) and the second link of Maharashtra has code=08. Start changing the code from 01 to until you get your state code.

For renewals

Another important thing to notice is there are separate lists of scholarships for freshers(applied for first time) and renewals. So you need to change one letter in the url(web address) in order to get correct list, ie, fresher or renewal. This is a simple job, just open the above link and locate the last 'letter' of the url address. For example in the first link above, the link ends with stateCode=05&freshRenew=F. Here the last letter is F which denotes Freshers list and if you want to check the list of renewals then just change the last letter of the url F to R.(Letter should be big R and not small r)

To make things easier, I have given below the codes of few states. Just find the code of your state and replace it with the above link.

States Codes

Tamil nadu 1
Punjab 2
Andhra 3
Kerala 4
Karnataka 5
Bihar 6
Assam 7
Maharashtra 8

If your state and code is not mentioned here, then please change the codes starting from 9(since we already know the codes till 8) and after you find it kindly mention the state name and its code in the comments section below.

Those not familiar with URL/web address

A URL/web address denotes a unique address of a website which starts with 'www' or 'https://www' can be seen on top of your browser starts with

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