Risk Factors for Heart Diseases

Changing lifestyle and added has made people prone to heart diseases these days. They range from the young to the old. More factors are junk food, stress and sedentary lifestyle. In this article I will discuss the factors that aggravate heart diseases in people.


Our health is associated with our lifestyle. These days junk food has taken the place of healthy diet and stress has replaced peace of mind. People are unable to sleep because of stress and tension. All this has a direct impact on your heart as they disrupt hormones and raise cholesterol. This is the reason why we see an alarming number of people getting prone to heart attack these days.


High blood pressure is another leading cause for heart disease. High blood pressure is also caused by bad diet and lack of exercise. It can be controlled by diet, yoga and exercise. If spicy food and salt intake is controlled, blood pressure can be controlled.


High stress has become a part of life among the people today. Everybody is striving to excel in the highly competitive environment of today. The desire for better marks, doing better at one's job etc increase stress levels and this leads to heart diseases. This is because stress also causes hormonal imbalances which creates heart problems. These imbalances in the hormonal levels increase the bad cholesterol in the body and reduce the good cholesterol.


Obesity not only looks bad, it is also the leading cause for many diseases. It can lead to high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol and diabetes. These four things can increase heart problems too. Junk food is a triggering factor for obesity. Unfortunately these days both the young and the old enjoy junk food. What happens is that if you eat too much, especially junk foods, the amount of bad cholesterol in the arteries increases. This greatly increases the chances of a heart attack.


If diabetes is not in control, the chances of many diseases increases including heart attack. Most of those who die with heart attacks are diabetics. This is because diabetes weakens all the organs in the body. This disease has the most impact on the heart.


If there is a history of people with heart disease in one's family, one gets an increased chance of developing it. In such a case, heart associated problems can be avoided by taking necessary precautions and regular check ups.

Growing age

As one grows older there is a tendency for fat to get deposited in the arteries. The only precaution is to take proper safety measures like exercise, diet control and yoga as one grows older. All men above 35 and women above 50 should take the necessary precautions.

Precautions one can take

Obesity and smoking are the primary causes for heart attacks. Try to avoid these. Cigarette smoking is a risk factor not only in men but to a greater degree in women who also smoke. Doctors say that one should keep getting regular check ups even if one shows no signs of a heart attack. Some times symptoms are barely visible, and one tends to ignore them, but they should not be overlooked. If one has the slightest pain in the heart one should go to to the hospital immediately. One should follow a balanced diet without any junk food. Exercise and yoga should also form part of a healthy lifestyle. Excess tea and coffee should be avoided.

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