How To Climb Those Success Ladders In Your Office?

The zenith of success in your office could be reached by honing up the skills inherent in everyone. This article suggests you ways just how could it be done. In today’s times, being equipped with technical knowledge and keeping continually abreast with the latest developments are of paramount importance. How to practice the art of keeping the skills adequately whetted enough to climb up the success ladders in office and coping up with pressures is what forms the subject matter of this discussion.

My friend Aniruddha has been working in an IT company for the last 2 years. He tries to do his work very diligently and laboriously, completing every task assigned to him within the given time frame. No mistake has ever been found in his works. But excepting the increment, he hasn't gotten any promotion this year in lieu of his hard work. Though, his boss gets every confidential work done through him because he reposes his confidence much on him.

Aniruddha performs well with full dedication in office whether his boss is present or not. He leaves no stone unturned lest he has to listen to the complaints of his boss. It certainly rankles hic mind him that his other colleagues also receive salary and perks equivalent to him, but his works and expectations from him and his responsibilities and duty are far more in comparison to others. Other colleagues at the end of office hour slip out of the office after looking at their watches but he can't buzz off from his office either on stipulated official working hour or before it even when he wants to. What is worse, there is no reward whatsoever for his good work and full dedication. Nevertheless, despite being labouring under these grievances, Aniruddha doesn't let it interfere with his official performance and always work with full dedication. He works harder and remains more alert in his works when his boss particularly when his boss is out of office either on leave or in fields during office hours.

What to do under the frustrating office circumstances?

Since the rapport of Aniruddh with his boss is fine, he should hold on to his patience in place of living dissatisfied. He should try to be happy looking at the present sordid affairs of state positively. He should be happy that he has got the opportunity of becoming the confidante of his boss which is rare for his other office fellows. As for the question of promotion, he should further try hard to prove his skills and worth to get noticed by his boss and the company he is working for.

Expanding technical knowledge to climb up the success ladders

In this world of advancing technology, it's quite essential to augment your technical know- how and keeping abreast with the latest technological developments obtaining in your area in a faster pace. Your thinking should be that if you don't familiarise yourself with all the newer technological developments now, it would be difficult for you later in future to climb that next ladder in your career path.

Suppose you are working in a 6 member team of a corporate cell and you are a good employee. Everybody has targets of his own which have to be reported to the boss. In such a condition, when you aspire for the position of your boss, not only should you be familiarised with the better tools of the corporate sales but should also possess the skills of the team management which is a technical knowledge. If you don't achieve this, it would be difficult for you to reach up to the position of your boss.

Raising your worth a notch up to become upward moving in office

In order to move ahead in the direction of honing up your skills to better worth, first of all you will have to learn your work perfectly. Attain the expediency in your work so much that no one can fool you around. Then begin helping the newer members coming into your team so that whenever some difficulties befall, they may come over to you for your valuable suggestions. In the next phase, convince your boss and request him to hand over the reporting of one or two newer members of team directly to you. Just convince your boss by telling him that it would be responsibility of yours to get the targets of those newer members achieved apart from fulfilling your own targets. Your boss wod have no reason to deny your requests to you as it would sound genuine to him.

Here the point to be noted specifically is that it's not easier to handle team members. It takes up too much times. For this, you will have to be prepared to do additional labour shedding your sweat to walk those extra miles on the lines.

Observe your office boss to learn the tricks

As long as you are junior, your boss helps you in every matters and act as a shield for you. But sometimes when the target is not met, or for any other error, the boss very efficiently manages the senior executives and the impasse in the day-to-day official conducts of affairs. Now that, since you are in his position, just think how you are going to handle similar situations? The reply to this is- ‘you observe'!

The former Australian captain and commentator ‘Richie Benaud' writes in his autobiography that every cricketer should watch carefully his captain in action thinking always that one day; he too is going to be the captain of the team. Every player of the cricket team should carefully analyse every act of his captain as to what were the good decisions taken by him and what best could he have done to better the decisions taken.

Facing up to the peer pressure/challenges in office

When the goal is 1‘Z', facing up to pressures becomes easier but when the goal is 10‘Z', the pressure too enlarges up correspondingly to 10 times over. Just how are you going to assure your company that you shall be coping with such challenges/pressures in future and handle it too? This also is a technical skill and this art could also be learnt by observing your boss.

Growing up in entirity to increase official worth

To sum up, if you want to become the boss, you will have to make efforts from all possible angles to become bigger in your size- bigger an inch or two in height than what your actual height is. You do not become the claimant for the promotion in office by merely doing your duty from 9 to 5 at the dot of the needle of the cloak. You will have to walk that extra mile and be proactive and innovative in your working style bringing in improvisations in the existing official working methods and not merely working passively on what just you are asked to do but going far beyond that.

Any company, for that matter thinks of giving a raise/promotion to an employee only after judiciously evaluating his all round performance and his contributions to the company's growth and profit.

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