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How To Control Low Blood Pressure?

Generally people don’t take hypertension (low pressure) seriously. They have many misconceptions also on this count in their . But when not treated well on time, low blood pressure can give invitations to several disorders. Hence it is necessary to keep the low blood pressure under the leash. This article tells you how blood pressure can be controlled.

What is low pressure

Normal BP measure is 130/85. A slightly up or down to this reading make no difference. But when the blood pressure goes down below 85, this is a low blood pressure condition.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

  • Fatigue,
  • Weakness,
  • Spinnig head,
  • A foggy eye sight,
  • yellowish skin,
  • Body getting cold,
  • Frustration or depression,
  • Feeling nauseated,
  • Thirstiness,
  • half and incomplete breathing in a faster pace,, etc.

Causes of low BP

  • Shortfall in water or blood,
  • Vomitting,
  • Dengue,
  • Malaria,
  • Heart problem,
  • Infection,
  • Excessive bleeding from body,
  • Lungs attack,
  • Heart valves becoming defective,
  • Several types of medicines,
  • Internal blood haemorrhage in body,
  • Paucity of nutritional foods,
  • Maintaining a faulty dietary habit,
  • Sudden trauma,
  • Viewing a dreadful scene, or hearing a bad news.

All the conditions mentioned above form ground for becoming victim to low blood pressure.

Who else could also be a victim to low BP?

  • Females aged 15-40 suffer low BP owing to estrogens and progesterone hormones, but this is not treated low because this happens due to hormones. The BP could be 100/60 or 100/65 in such women. The possibility of the BP remains high in those women due to after the menstruation and the menopause because formation of these hormones slows don at that age.

What must to eat?

  • Eat spinach, methi (fenugreek), p umpkin, tinda and green vegetables. Eat in fruits pomegranate, guava, apple, banana, seetaphal, chikoo, and grapes.
  • If cholesterol level is normal, you can eat ghee, butter and other milk products.
  • Eat foods prepared with keshar (saffron), curd, milk and milk products.
  • Eat pethas prepared of murabba, apple, carrot and bael with silver foils wrapped around. Use sendha salt in place of common salt.

Domestic treatments

  • Put 5 almonds in water to soak water through the whole day long. Take a piece of it in the morning empty stomach and put it in your mouth together with 1 black pepper. Chew it properly taking all the time until 2-3 minutes. Follow suit with the rest of left 4 almonds also. You could take your breakfast afterwards.
  • Tea or coffee could be taken. These substances bring the low BP back to the normal levels.
  • Salt, sugar and lemon juice sherbet could also be taken to normalise low blood pressure and to bring it to the normal level. Electoral powder could be taken up also.
  • Take milk with ½ spoonful of turmeric powder any time in day to get relief from it. When you feel cured, quit taking this.
  • Take a quarter kilo of goat milk, two spoonful of cow's ghee, 10 buds of black pepper and 10 gm of mishri and boil it. Put 1 spoonful of honey in it and during it both the morning-evening times. Sugar patients should refrain from taking honey and mishri.
  • Take 1 tsp of butter, mishri as per your taste and silver foil morning-evening for some days
  • Along with the cow milk every day, take 2 singhara (water fruit) to get benefits fom the problem.
  • Prepare the kheer of rice, milk, ilaechi, chiraunji and almond and eat it to be relieved from this vex.
  • Leave 20-25 gm black gram and 10 kismish for the whole night longer to soak water. Agter the toilet, drink the water and chew the kismish and gram. You can take tea or coffee after ½ an hour. Sugar patients should drink water chew the black gram without kismish.
  • Eat anjir soaked in water for a whole night long in the morning to get relief from this complication.
  • Boil the water after putting in it a few of big ilaechi and drink this water after it cools off or by boiling the big ilaechi in tea.

Yoga for Low BP

The following yogic postures are immensely beneficial in low BP:
  • Anulom-vilom,
  • Bhastrika,
  • Ujjaini,
  • Pranayam,
  • Katichakrasana,
  • Pawanmuktasana,
  • Naukasana,
  • Mandukasana,
  • and mock cycling lying down on your back.


Squeeze towel or any other cloth after soaking the water in it, make a 4 inch of sheet, and spread the sheet on a mattress and lie down on it until 10 minutes at the least. Remember the wet sheet should be as much wider and longer that it covers the bones of your spine in length and not the whole of the waist. This asana is best for the low as well the high blood pressure. This brings the BP back to normal within no time. You can do this any time during the day or in the night. But it's far better to do this at the times of going to sleeps. This could be one in any season. Doing it for continually for 45 days cures the BP for good.

Health alert

  • When the BP beme low due to heart attack, don't give sorbitrate type of medicines to be put below the tongue (talu) because the BP from such medicines can slide further down. Give despirin tablets only at that time. Low BP could occur also by taking painkillers and anti depressant medicines.
  • Taking Viagra tablets along with nitrate based sorbirate medicines could dangerously slide down the BP.
  • It's wrong to say diabetic causes low blood pressure.
  • If both the parents have the problem of low BP, the symptoms of a high blood pressure among their children wouldn't be noticeable even up to 170 mg or beyond levels. Testing is imperative in such circumstances.
  • Beware the diabetic and the anaemia patients against the low BP.

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Guest Author: Ritu31 Mar 2014

My father is suffering from several problems like Parkinson, heart disease low blood pressure, and diabetes. I am worried he had become very weak and doesn't have much mobility. He is also suffering from depression can you please advice how to balance his health and what kind of things he need to do to feel better.

Guest Author: Raman Muthuswamy23 Apr 2018

As the above guest author Ritu stated, my wife, aged 75+ is down with Parkinson + LOW BP and our family Dr. is treating her with Nimbu/Lemon juice + a one-time drip for giving her strength + increase the water levels. Due to the PD, the legs have a sort of wooden stiffness and even 2-3 people are unable to make her walk to the bathroom. Can any Dr. advise me as to how to go about treating her for both, PD + Low BP? I will be immensely grateful.

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