Significance Of Time Management In Life

Time is the most valuable factor in our life. Once it is lost, it is lost for ever. Nothing can substitute this valuable resource. In this article I will explain about significance of time management to achieve success in life. Article also discusses about methods to manage time properly.


Time fascinates man mainly because he is not able to define it. If some one is able to define time he will be the most intelligent man in the world. Primitive man found that everything in our nature is periodic. Rising and setting of sun and moon, alternate occurrence of day and night etc promoted man to think about an unknown factor that leads the rhythm of life. He named it time. Later he found methods to find time. For convenience he divided time into days and weeks, months and years and in many other ways. Shadows, hourglass, and many other equipments were used in course of time. Now in this computer world man has realized the the importance of accuracy in calculating time and he has invented cesium clocks. We know that tough we know all these facts twenty for hours are not enough for us to complete all the tasks. From small kids to elderly, time is not enough. This is not due to lack of knowledge or ignorance alone, but inability to manage time. It is a serious problem. No one in this world has achieved any thing without proper management of time. That makes time management the crucial factor that determines success of life.

Reasons for lack of time

In order to finish a job in a span of time is impossible without time management. People who were succeed in life were alert about time management. So lack of time management is the primary reason for lack of time. We cannot store time like money or something else. In this modern world we have all technologies. Still we do not have time. Lack of involvement is the secondary reason for lack of time. We must be dedicated towards anything that we are doing. Otherwise we will not be able to find time. Time is the most valuable currency note. Way of spending time depends on the value that is given to it. This is the last and tertiary reason. People do not think that time is valuable. All the other reasons that arises in your mind while reading this article are the derivatives of these three reasons. Last two reasons are told by lazy people alone. For others major problem is inability to manage time and this is a major but easiest problem to solve.

Methods to manage time

According to Ivy Lee there are three methods to manage time. They are as follows
1. List the duties to be completed on the next day.
2. Follow order of priority.
3. Use minimum time to finish them.

If we follow this method even if some tasks are left they will not be the important ones. In order to do tasks as mentioned above they should be divided into three criteria and they are
1. Tasks to do daily.
2. Tasks to do within short span of time.
3. Tasks to do for a long span of time.

There should proper planning and order of priority for all these. These may be different according to people with different profession. Some of them will not be applicable for all. For a student these methods can be followed thoroughly. If some one is not able to manage time properly he is not doing his job properly. Those who are busy are lucky. Dividing the job into smaller portions is applicable for all groups. If we feel that some tasks are tedious then divide it into small portions according to small time span. Do not postponed our duties. It will make even simpler jobs tedious. If possible do it in groups. If members of family cooperate house works will not be a burden for working women. Proper use of technology also helps us a lot. Communication through computers, email, mobile phone etc helps us to save a lot of time. If not used properly things that are mentioned above will be a curse for us. Elimination of unwanted information is important in time management. Do things that are necessary. Sparing time in unwanted things spare considerable amount of time. Increasing ability to concentrate is the most suitable way to do things without lagging. This is applicable mainly for students. By following these simpler methods proper management of time is possible.


In this competitive world time management is very significant. Ability to perform is the criteria that determines our quality. In order to shine in any field we must be able to complete the tasks that are undertaken within a limited period. Otherwise people will overtake us. We will be pushed backward. It should not happen. We should be their in forefront in any field that we are involved. Our attitude towards time should be changed first. Then success will come in our way.

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